And so into Autumn

Well we’re now on the run up to that dreaded pagan festival nicked by the Christians – the Winter Solstice. Where vast amounts of money are spend on gifts to bribe our family and friends to like us for another year. Yup. I’m in a cynical mood today, which is probably not a good idea when it comes to writing an Internet Marketing blog, but might just be a bit more entertaining than some of the waffle I’ve pushed out lately.

I’ll admit to being lazy sometimes when it comes to writing posts, either digging out old articles or reviews that I did write or finding an informative posting that somebody else did – although I do give them full credit. I might research but I don’t steal! (Research is when you steal a lot of different people’s work at once). So what’s been happening at SLM then?

Not a great deal to be quite honest. The release date for Sales Funnel Mastery has slipped for several reasons – I wanted some good graphics and a guy I was hoping would help has let me down. Time to bite the bullet and move on to someone else. I’ve also been on a few days away and other things of importance needed dealing with. These are all poor excuses, but they’re the only ones I’ve got for today. I’ll research some better ones for next time.

I’ve also been hunted down to do reviews for new products. That strikes me as an honour really. I must be getting a bit of a reputation for  them. Now I’ll admit my reviews can be brutally honest, although I try to be constructive as well. I’m not going to re-write their products for them, but I will say where I think they’re going wrong. I’ve had one or two people who don’t like what I say but for the most part I think (hope) I have given them points to ponder. I would also not be shy of posting reviews, good or bad, on here, so you all will know!

I’ve just finished writing one for a product called Video Mastery by Corey L. Franklin which is not released yet (although real soon, I think) which is well worth a look if you are a beginner to video marketing. It’s more on the setting up of a YouTube account and channel than actual video production although there is some stuff on presentation. Keep your eyes open for it if you think this could be of interest to you. There will be an affiliate link on here once it is released.

My other reason for not doing so much on here is that I’ve been hitting Twitter a lot. A few words of wisdom interspersed with blatant affiliate links and ads for this blog. I’ve actually had a few hits coming from that way and one or two small sales of $80 per day. Nothing to retire on, but an interesting way to market. Bear in mind that no matter how many thousands of followers someone has, not all will see it, care about it or even know that it exists, but nevertheless, it shows that Twitter marketing might just do the business. By the way, $80 per day is a great product to make money without a website. It’s cheap to buy and easy to implement. I’m not going ‘full on’ with it but I can see that it will work quite well. It’s also repeatable, expandable and not limited to any one niche. Well worth buying and trying if you’re looking for funding for another project.

To increase the likelihood of sales I’ve been using a place called and trading my time for retweets, mostly by retweeting other people’s ads and additionally by watching 30 seconds of YouTube videos. It doesn’t take a great deal of time or concentration and is good for pushing a message out. AddMeFast is not the only social media repeater (Facebook likes, friends, shares, Twitter tweets, retweets, Vine, Pinterest and other social sites) out there and they all work on similar principles. Either buy a certain number of credits or earn them by pushing out somebody else’s messages. Once you’ve done that 50 times you get some bonus credits too which quickly bumps up the bank. It’s easy and actually quite fun.

As always, feel free to comment below. All comments are now ‘Do Follow’ and spam ones are filtered. I read them and respond when I can. I still enjoy doing this blogging lark and hope to keep sharing good information with you wonderful people.

P.S: If you’re signing up for info then please use the sign ups on the main pages. A lot of people are creating site logins here and then get emails from me asking them to sign up again through my autoresponder. I’ve tried a plugin that’s supposed to do this for me, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Ironically, I get even more signups at my spammy affiliate site Just a shame they’re not buyers though!