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Recently, a newbie marketer contacted me and asked what he needed to do to be accepted by affiliate providers and how he should make ‘quick’ money. He had looked at a couple of Alex Jeffreys’ low cost systems and wanted to know what the ‘short cuts’ were. Below first is his exact question, followed by my reply.


Get my domain name and web host. I belong to offervault and am registered with clickbank and odigger for their affiliate programs. If I present my website I’m sure I will be accepted into other affiliate sites. Would it be a semi good idea to start. If I get the website can I put the affiliate links on there and have some help from ….. Fivver for example, to drive traffic there? This is one of the things I’m stuck on. The other is finding my niche.


I can see what you’re thinking and I can fully understand it. You want some quick income and you think that putting some affiliate offers will do that for you. I’m sorry to say that it almost certainly won’t, unless you can drive a ton of traffic to those offers. Any traffic you drive will be ‘one off’. You stop sending traffic (which basically is paying for it), your income will dry up. The process that Alex teaches puts the traffic more under your personal control.

The idea is to set up blog – to establish ourselves as experts in a given niche.

Set up a squeeze page – to capture emails. The ‘reward’ or incentive to get the sign up is a free product. Either PLR or something we’ve created.

The emails go to our autoresponder.

The return from the autoresponder sends our new subscriber to a low cost offer – $7 to $47. Hey, they’ve trusted us with their emails, lets use that trust to sell them something good.

The first automatic email from the autoresponder sends them to a thank you page for downloading their free reward and probably another low cost offer.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th emails from the autoresponder are advice, tips and hints with no attempt at sales. This allows the subscriber to get to know us, because we’re not selling they’ll get to like us and because the advice is good and has value, they’ll trust us. These emails should also send subscribers to the blog for more information to expand on the few lines that we put in the email.

After that just keep up a mix of sales and info, sales and info from the autoresponder, usually in the form of broadcast messages which are more spontaneous than the pre-set messages that we loaded into the autoresponder.

Because we are now building an email list, we now have the chance to build a relationship with our subscribers. Subscribers who trust us become buyers and will buy again and again, so long as we don’t lose that trust.

I know it seems slower, it is a long term strategy. But it’s long term because we can sell to the same buyer repeatedly, not just once as would happen purely by driving traffic to somebody else’s offer.

At almost every step above there is a chance for us to use our own products so that we get 100% of the deal if we send the traffic or 50% if an affiliate of OURS brings the buyer. Let other people affiliate our products (because WE then have the buyers details) rather than us drive buyers to other people’s products. Sure we’ll still get 50% of the deal but we can only sell to that person once (unless we capture their details too – possible, of course). Our list, our subscribers.

Make sense?

That is Alex’s training in a nutshell. Sure he will expand on that. He’ll tell you his back story. He will make those couple of hundred words above last a couple of hours, because in many people’s minds, volume equals value. Big products have more apparent value.

Do you know, in the cost of the metal and manpower it costs very little more to build a big car over a small one, but the big car could sell for 2 or 3 times the price of a small one. That’s why internet marketers make hour long+ sales videos, because it looks like value! I’m not knocking Alex for this or any other marketer. Hell, I’ll probably be doing it myself soon and I’ll certainly be encouraging others to too.

If you feel you must go down the ‘advertising affiliate products’ route then consider jvzoo.com, warriorplus.com and paydotcom.com as they all act as intermediaries for affiliate products.


As always, I’d love your comments below. Have I over-simplified Alex’s training? I know he gives far more than the little bit I’ve put over but I don’t want to give away his farm either and I definitely need to keep something back for my own training system.

If you haven’t tried any of Alex’s products yet, I can thoroughly recommend anything with his name on it (I haven’t tried everything yet, but every product he brings out just oozes quality, so I don’t have any doubts even over stuff I haven’t tried). The Secret Affiliate Sniper 2.0 is a great place to start from, whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer and shows how much Alex is willing to tell you, show you and give you for such a small amount of money.

Steven Lucas

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