A review of How to Make $80 Per Day Without A Website

Hi there once again. This is my review of ‘How To Make $80 With No Website’, an affiliate product available from http://www.stevenlucasmarketing.com/dpd80.

Low cost marketing products sometimes turn out to be low value products too, although there are significant exceptions – After all, Alex Jeffreys specialises in releasing low cost (sub $20) products that are actually well worth far more and then he’ll throw bonus items on top of that too. However, this is NOT one of that Alex’s products.

We’re all in it ultimately for the money. We write, we advertise and we try to do a bit of selling. We know that people who constantly advertise eventually get ignored and become part of the 95% who fail. The internet marketing buying crowd want information too and mostly they want it for free where they can and cheap if they must. There are those who will dig deeper once they know a mentor and his / her reputation, but they first want to build trust and belief in the marketer they’re buying from. So there is a market for low cost products that provide good value. The other side of the same market are the people who think “It’s only a few dollars. I’ll risk it” and will maybe look at the product and maybe not. The one’s who‘ll say, “Tried it. Didn’t work”, when they are the ones who didn’t work!

But on to the review. What do you get for your low outlay? Well the disappointment is that you don’t get instant access to your purchase. You have to wait until the vendor, Alex Malave, has sent you a username and login for the site. This could have been done automatically but wasn’t, for reasons best known to Alex. Instant access to products is taken as a given these days and I suspect this may have led to one or two of the refunds I can see on the affiliate site, before the product has even been seen.

When you do get in, you are faced with an introduction and a menu of 11 options (including logging out), 3 of which are the main meat of the product, one is a ‘done for you’ upgrade, one is an out of date competition and the remainder are extras associated with the main product. You can’t call them bonuses because they are close to essential although it’s not a deal-breaker not to have them, if you see what I mean. The competition may be on-going each month but it doesn’t read that way. It may just be a good idea to fill in the form anyway. There’s nothing to lose by it and maybe $300 of solo ads to gain.

When I was perusing the site prior to actually looking at the course, I feared that the course was a thinly veiled disguise for the vendor to sell his own solo ad business but once I got into it and started reading, I was pleased to find it wasn’t. I won’t give away the main premise of the training except that the title is 100% accurate and it also fills many of the other criteria that a marketer would be looking for. 1) It’s simple to implement, 2) It’s scalable, just rinse and repeat as often as required, 3) It works in any niche and is not limited to the IM market. Also, although you don’t need a website, there’s nothing stopping you from implementing it with one. It’s a simple one page job, if your web page building skills are up to it.

There are no big surprises for anyone who already does this sort of thing and I would say it is value for money if you haven’t seen this trick before or need to be reminded of it. There are email swipe files to help you publicise your money making page, as well as some copy and paste templates to use as ‘P.S.’ in your follow up emails. Also if you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll find the 1st level pay-out to be quite generous.

There are a couple of one time offers and an upsell, none of which a very pricey as these things go. The upsell is an offer of tutorial videos to go with the course and a bit more ‘done for you’ stuff including case studies. The offers are for other products by the same vendor and are still available through the training site, as are the step-by-step videos, so you don’t need to grab any of them straight off the after-sales page.

It’s one of those products where to tell you more about it would almost negate the need to buy it. Sorry to be so vague but I want to make sales too. Speaking of which, here’s my link again… http://www.stevenlucasmarketing.com/dpd80/