About Me – Steven Lucas

Hi Everyone,

My name is Steven Lucas and I live near Exeter in the UK. I freely admit to only being a part time marketer (at the moment) and so I’m mostly doing stuff in my spare time, hence the possible scarcity of posts from time to time.

My current job is a flight simulator technician at Exeter Airport which gives me something to do between pay packets. I also write non-fiction books (look me up on Amazon), play guitar and I’m a qualified hypnotist. I also read a lot and together with my wife, go out to the countryside and photograph landscapes and wildlife.

In my time I’ve been in the Royal Air Force, worked in a cinema chain call centre, sold flooring and been an I.T. technician. Not a huge list compared with some, but enough to make a life story. I do know my way around computers and unlike many who give you their rags to riches stories I am a bit techy and can cope with creating basic websites, changing WordPress, setting up autoresponders and some of the other technical details required of being a webmaster.

My online motto is ‘willing to teach, willing to learn’, so if I can help you or if you think you can help me, please feel free to contact me at admin(at)stevenlucasmarketing.com  (replace(at) with @).

Have fun, enjoy marketing and remember, to succeed you must first ‘do’.

Steven Lucas
Steven Lucas

P.S.  There are some other Steve or Steven Lucas involved with marketing, some of whom are less than helpful in their dealings. I am NOT one of those guys.

P.P.S. As a reward for making it this far through my endless waffle, why not grab my FREE GIFT at the other end of this link.

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