Alex Jeffreys Product Launch Bible Review

Product Launch Bible

Well it looks like my mentor, Alex Jeffreys is up to his new product tricks again. In fact he’s doing his best to make sure that everyone can be as successful as he is when it comes to product launches by giving us his own Product Launch Bible – the list of instructions and steps that Alex uses and trains his direct learning pupils to use too. Now in the 11 months of this year Alex has launched 11 products and got over 33,000 units sold, so you can guess he does know a thing or two about product launches and how to make them a total success.

Bonus Items

As usual with an Alex Jeffreys product, there is a ton of bonus products, all new and all relevant to the main event. The highlight of these bonus products is an over-the-shoulder one hour long video of a product release. There is also a diagram and examples of the 4 pages that Alex does for each product, a resource guide of the places and faces behind each product launch.


But that’s all by the by. The extras. What about the main event? Well that lives up to Alex’s usual standards too. A 2 hour video (with the audio as an extra separate file) and a PDF transcript of the whole shebang as well. The presentation is done by Alex (of course) in his usual excitable style, which is not necessarily to everybody’s taste but he does help you to believe his message. Some of this time is taken up with Alex’s back story, but not as much as has been usual in some of his earlier products.

Now obviously I can’t talk here about the contents of the Product Launch Bible as it would negate the point of me suggesting that you buy it, but I, as a reasonably experienced marketer, still learned plenty and I’m very sure that you will too.

As always with a good launch, there is also a sales funnel set of offers after you’ve bought Product Launch Bible. The first is Marketing With Alex Live – a recording of a live session that Alex recorded and well worth grabbing too. The second offer is Internet Marketing Mastermind – a monthly membership site with private call sessions with Alex and his team and some great assistance with product creation and anything else you might need. This link is a special $1 introductory price, so don’t share it too far and wide. This program is not full time access to Alex (that comes with his personal training product which is a LOT more money) but there is a great deal of assistance available from the man himself and his team.

And also, because I’m that sort of bloke, you don’t have to just take my word for how interesting Product Launch Bible is, I’ve collected some other people’s opinions too.

Here’s a video review:

This isn’t the only one, of course but I don’t want to bore you with how good I think Product Launch Bible is, I want you to find out for yourself, so, one more time, here’s the link to the Product Launch Bible.