An Adventure in Re-Hosting

Every now and again, a webmaster gets it into is head to change hosts, although the more websites he has on the host he’s changing, the less likely it is to occur. Sometimes there is no reason other than a change of scenery being required and sometimes there are really good reasons. Mine was the latter. I signed up for iPage without checking what I’d be getting for my money – no CPanel, no built in backups and a strange system for registering new domains, plus a 50% increase in annual fees. Seemed like good reasons to me, anyway.

Most of the story has been told here previously, so I’ll just leave the lessons learned

  1. Check your backups are good before you delete everything.
  2. Check that you remembered where you put your backups.
  3. Dropbox is very, very handy. If you’re not using cloud storage, Dropbox is the best for ease of use, speed and security.
  4. DO NOT – attach your domains to your new hosting until you’re sure the old hosting DNS has released them.

This last point was what held me up the most. I thought I was being clever by pointing my domains to the new hosting – because it takes up to 48 hrs for DNS changes to filter their way around the world I thought I’d be saving time by changing them from one host to another all in one fell swoop. NOPE! All it did was create DNS entries for the new domain before it was ready for them. Fortunately, my new hosting have great customer support as they were able to clear the entries out again so I could do things the right way round.

Rule of thumb here: Don’t take short cuts. They’re never as short as you think.

So everything I want back up and running is now doing so – along with scheduled backups that are not costing me any extra. I can now concentrate back on giving marketing advice, product reviews and occasional sales letters. There is also a new domain in my portfolio – and some domains that are being got rid of as they have outgrown what I wanted them for. If anybody wants, or they’re available for $10 each. You’ll need a GoDaddy or Namecheap account for a free transfer to your name or you pay transfer fees if you’d prefer your own Registrar to handle it for you.

Sign up to my email list to get automatic notifications of new blog posts. Feel free to comment below on your experiences with hosting changes and how good your web host’s customer support is. Name names as all these things help other people too. All links from comments are DoFollow and so have just that little more search engine juice – a good thing!

Steven Lucas

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