Some Promotions And Activities For May

In my previous entry I told you about a short ebook I’d written that I had put around some document repositories and to go hand in hand with this I had put out a Twitter blast through a Fiverr gig to publicise it, as well as pushing each repository deposit to Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ if the site had the facility built in.

I’ve not had the report back from the Fiverr gig but I have seen a sharp increase in the number of follows my Twitter account has and so have spent some time following back – a necessary evil at the early marketer stage. I’ll count that as a positive sign and as such have done another couple of pushes of the ebook on my Twitter account – Online Marketing Man – @OnlineM54408687 using my Google Drive as a public document store. Apparently Google likes this sort of thing, so I will place other documents there too.

On my AyMayZin blog site I’ve also done a write up for Rent-A-List who I see a a great half way house between the high cost of solo ads and the low quality of safelists. I haven’t actually used them yet, so I guess I’m taking some of it on trust, but they have a good reputation and look to offer a wide range of email and traffic related services. Link to the actual article – HERE.

I’ve also publicised the article to Twitter and written an article for the article on IBOToolbox. Now in case you didn’t know, IBOToolbox is a social site for internet marketers (mostly) and it claims to be regularly indexed by search engines so that articles (they call the press releases) and Wall remarks (rather like Twitter) can be searched and found by non-members although they cannot reply until they sign up (of course). IBOToolbox also has it’s own video site and is adding extras all the time. It’s very social and it’s free to join.

One other place I’ve advertised the AyMayZin article is through a Herculist safelist blast. I’m a member and so can do an email to around 86,000 other members although on past experience I know the open rate on safelists is very low and I think I’d be lucky to see 80 viewers from that source.

Right then. That pretty much sums up today’s marketing activities. There’ll be more to follow very soon. Please keep up with me by putting your details in on the right hand side. You won’t get overly spammed by me and it’s more likely to be marketing information as opposed to sales pitches.

Thanks for reading.

Another Short Ebook Written

I’ve just completed a short ebook – only 2000 words, on Product Creation and I’m going to give this away in as many places as I can, mostly in the hope of it going a bit viral and spreading the word about this site as well as a few of the others that I run. It’s called Product Creation For The Terminally Terrified and it was written specifically to be a give-away, rather than a product to sell.

I’ve already got a few sales products but I didn’t want another one just yet. It’s not there to teach everything about Product Creation, more just a guideline and starting point for those who don’t yet know that they even need to create a product. There’s no glitzy cover and it really is just a bare-bones outline of what I see as the basic requirements.

I got the idea to create a short ebook from my studies of Alex Jeffreys’ Marketing With Alex 2.0 course and the topic seemed obvious to me. As Alex explains, it’s not that we don’t have enough books on a particular subject, it’s more that if there are a lot of books in a niche that means that there is a demand for information – and demands must be satisfied. Product Creation is an ‘evergreen’ niche – it’s going to be constantly in demand, so it’s a good one to run with. What I should look in to now is some saleable products within the niche and write articles for them, probably on my review site, which will enable me to monetise my free ebook.

I haven’t put any affiliate links in the book as I am using it to gain trust in me. The only links that are in it go to sites that are under my control and there is no forced or even subtle selling towards any of them, although they do fit indirectly into the product creation theme.

You can download it here. Get it, read it and let me know what you think of it. Should I write a full course, explaining all the details and go more into outsourcing? You tell me. It would be great to hear from you. Feel free to copy it round your friends too. Pass it on.

Here’s a list of sites that I’ve added the ebook to. Also where the sites offered it I’ve also posted the links to my twitter, facebook, linkedin and google+ feeds each time, so there should be a few mentions of it going around.

Slideshare,   Scribd,   DocStoc

Also on a recommendation I’ve added it to my own Google Drive and made it public. Apparently Google likes that sort of thing and will make the document searchable. I’ve also put it on a few sharing sites although they weren’t ones I’d heard of before, but the idea is push the free document around and see what returns.

How to REALLY Get On With Online Marketing – Use a MENTOR

Loads of people start in online marketing and sooner or later, 97% of them will fail and give up. They’ve bought ebook after ebook, system after system, shiny object after shiny object and got absolutely nowhere. So what have the 3% who succeed got over the 97% who fail? The answer is A MENTOR.

A mentor is a guide, teacher and occasional rump-kicker who has been there, done it and is selling the t-shirt. Someone who knows what is currently working because they are still successful now. Someone you can have confidence in and who will inspire the confidence that you need in yourself.

Now. The obvious question is where to find such a paragon of internet marketing virtues? Surely not those people who make offer after offer and expect you to buy ‘product x’ one day and competing ‘product y’ the next? No, of course not. Look for someone who is promoting their own products heavily and has a full system in place, from free give-away ebooks where they reveal a small part of their system through larger audio/visual systems up to personal one-to-one training. If you find someone who puts their own name to every piece of work that they sell, has their own face in the videos and their own voice on the audio then chances are they are preaching a working system and may even be using an expanded version of the self-same system for their own organisation.


How would you find such a mentor? By research, the same as you would research anything you buy (including the next shiny object), by looking around to see what people are saying about the product and its author.

The Warrior Forum is always a good place to start. If you’re not a member and you are determined about internet marketing or any online selling, then you should give it some serious thought. It is  a place where (mostly) like minded people meet in order to discuss internet marketing in its various guises, probably including some you might not have heard of. It is NOT a place to spam peddle your wares (affiliate links not allowed in posts) although there are sections where you can sell your own products (called WSOs or Warrior Special Offers) to the membership.

There are other dedicated marketer forums too, but I will encourage you to research them for yourself.

James Altucher Everything in life is your mentor T…

As for my mentor, well I have decided to follow Alex Jeffreys. He’s a Brit like me and to my mind he talks a lot of sense when it comes to marketing tactics. He talks a lot about his past at the beginning of many of his products and he admits to having a team around him now although he started as a one man show. Look out for his free ebooks called ‘Guru’s Dream’, Newbie Nightmare’ and Guru’s Nightmare’. You’ll have to sign up to his lists to get them or they are available on Kindle through Amazon. You don’t get bombarded with sell, sell, sell emails and you do got lots of great information, mostly in video format. He has a good reputation online and just has the right sort of ‘feel’ to the way I want to approach things. I’m currently working my way through his ‘Marketing With Alex 2.0’ product which is 25 hours+ of video material. Not bad for less than $20! Unfortunately it’s off the market at the moment but Alex does re-release it now and again and I’ll let you know when it does make an appearance.


Alex, of course, does have mentors of his own (he apparently spends over $50,000 a year on them) so when he tells us things, they are coming from a very expensive horse’s mouth and are well worth hearing.

That’s enough from me for now. Do some research, pick yourself a mentor and start to study their material and methods. You’ll be one of the 3% soon enough.

Next Article – A Crtique and The Social Marketer

Welcome and Hello

Well Here We Go

Hi everyone. My name is Steven Lucas and I’m going to document my way in the internet marketing world. I’m going to let you know of things I’m trying, courses I’m making way through and hints and tips that I discover. My intention is to let you know what works and what doesn’t. Whose stuff is good and might work for you and what is bad – so bad that it couldn’t possibly work for anyone, probably including the original producer.

I’m British so some of my trans-atlantic cousins might find the spelling a little different. We are after all, two countries divided by a common language. I’m sure you’ll get the correct meanings though. The concepts are the same everywhere. I will try to avoid idioms and situations that are exclusively British and make sure any explanations are clear and unambiguous.

Apart from that we should all be good to go. If you’re following my journey and trying the same or similar things to me I’d love to know how you get on. By comparing notes we’ll be able to all help each other and bring more success our way that what we may have managed on our own.

This site is a bit of continuous development and so may change themes and sidebars as I see fit or when I get recommendations from others. There will be free downloads that will be of interest to you and obviously when I do reviews and off site recommendations they will be for commission based sales where I will make a bit of money should you buy the product. I can assure you that you won’t pay more by buying through an affiliate link (as these things are known) and that what I do make will go towards other products to review and the upkeep of this and other sites that I look after.

It just remains for me to say, keep coming back to see my updated adventures in Internet Marketing Land, try some of the stuff yourself and if you need help with something do ask. I have a lot of experience with web site building and many other aspects of the World Wide Web and I’m more than happy to help who I can, where I can.

The one last piece of advice I will add is – if you’re going to give this a try then TAKE ACTION. If you don’t do anything then nothing will happen. And we don’t want that now, do we?

P.S.: There’s an About Me page for those of you who want to see my picture and learn about my life up to this point. I’m told it makes me appear more human and the whole thing a bit more real.