Automatic List System by Lemy Yu – review


Well here we go again with another product review. This time it’s Lemy Yu’s Automatic List System which as you might guess from the title is a tutorial on list building. I’ve been given a preview copy to look over and comment on, but don’t expect an ‘all praise’ review. I don’t like doing that unless a product is really worth it, and I’m a demanding reviewer!

First thing to start with is Lemy Yu’s written English is a bit broken at times. You can see that he knows the language although his grammar and sentence construction / choice of words looks a little strange at times to my British English eyes. Once you get past that though, the content is actually pretty good.

So what do you get for your $9.95? Provided for you is a relatively short 22 page PDF file, within which are links to 3 rar (not zip) files and a text file, so the first thing you know is that there’s not a lot to read, the contents of the rar files are done-for-you add-ons including a tell-a-friend page and a presentation for you to customise for your own needs. Good stuff but not outstanding when compared to many WSOs out there. Obviously  I can’t reveal the content, otherwise you’d have no need to buy it! {grin}. There’s nothing startlingly new in the PDF although Lemy Yu’s enthusiasm does shine through and he does give you a lot of encouragement to get on and do for yourself.

There is a single one time offer of ‘The Magic Squeeze Page System’ for $19.95 but I can’t make any comments about that as it wasn’t included in my review copy.

What Lemy Yu gives you in this course will work, as indeed it has for him as he states in his back story and he does offer you to contact him if you have any questions. He responded to me within 24 hours so I know there is support there.

Is it worth the money? Yes, I guess it is. Too many people are selling themselves and their products short because they think that cheaper is better and will sell more. The value of this course strikes a good balance between the cost of putting together the information and making a realistically priced product. The support behind it is there and it does come recommended via Alex Jeffreys (it was pushed to me as a JV through his list) and his team will have checked out the quality before releasing it.

So there you have Lemy Yu’s Automatic List System If you buy it and need help you can contact Lemy Yu or myself through our respective links in the product or through my Contact page respectively. Comments welcome below as always and if you have a forthcoming release you’d like me to review, either privately or on here then please let me know.