Big Ticket Affiliate Sales. Is It Really That Easy To Do?

Big Ticket Affiliate Sales. Is It Really That Easy To Do?

Why would you go for big ticket affiliate sales? Surely it’s easier to sell low priced items?

It becomes obvious after a short while that you’re never going to get rich merely by selling $7 products. Sure, it will help you build a reputation. By offering good support you will certainly build up your ‘Know, Like & Trust’ factor. To achieve to $5000 a month, a figure that seems to be many people’s target (at least initially), you have to sell an awful lot of low-priced products, day in – day out.

Let me demonstrate.

$5000 a month is $167 per day or 24 $7 products – assuming 100% commission, of course.

To get 24 sales, chances are you’ll need to send between 240 to 500 clicks to the sales page assuming a conversion rate between 5% to 10%. Still sounding manageable so far?

With an average click-through rate of, let’s say 20% (that seems common these days) on autoresponder emails, you need at least  2500 people to open your email. Still do-able.

If the open rate of your emails is 10% then you’ll need a list of around 25,000 people to do this. How big is your list?

(Do your calculations backwards, like this, from the results you want. Start with the end in mind).

And this is each and every day, remember. If you’re sending sales emails at that sort of rate, you’ll have a high rate of unsubscribes so you’ll also have to consider how you’re going to replace those people. Chances are you’ll use some sort of paid traffic system. This will eat into those profits that you’re hoping to make.

Of course, these calculations do not take into account the (high) probability of sales of products further up the funnels where you could be making 50% of $17, $47 and/or $97sales  from some of the buyers. These sales certainly make the target figure more achievable, but it’s still a lot to have a go at. And bear in mind the list size needed to do it.

Are big ticket affiliate sales the golden ticket?
Are big ticket affiliate sales the golden ticket?

Make more by working less

There is another option, though. Setting your sights on making big ticket affiliate sales. Big ticket affiliate sales, in this case, means products and services of over $1000 where you will be taking 50% over the whole funnel. A funnel where the back-end products probably roll in at $5k to $10k. One good customer means you’re good for a month! Two to three sales a week suddenly makes the whole task of $5k per month look a lot easier.

The really good news is that it need not be any more difficult to make big ticket sales that it is to make small-ticket ones. Sure you might need to look in different places, but the techniques of selling will be no different and, as an affiliate, you probably won’t be closing the deals yourself. You’ll be handing them onto an experienced, professional sales team.

In all honesty, in isn’t even that difficult to find these big ticket affiliate sales products. There are several websites that specialise in checking and reviewing them – usually, of course, with their own 2nd tier affiliate links feeding you into the top paying systems.

2nd tier, in case you need to know, is when you get paid a commission for introducing someone into the affiliate system. Obviously, the commission is less – usually 3 to 5%, but introduce enough people who then introduce buyers to the product and you have a great source of passive income.

Denis Becker and Big Ticket Affiliate Sales

Now that you know a little about big ticket affiliate sales, I’m sure you’d like to know more. Fortunately, I have a great source of information for you. Even more fortunately (for you, that is), it’s not a big ticket product.

Take a look at Denis Becker’s (Creator of the 5 Bucks A Day system, for affiliate beginners) Big Ticket Selling – $12k in 12 Days and consider it your bible into the world of big ticket affiliate sales.

Big Ticket Selling – $12k in 12 Days, contents include:

  • How to identify high ticket offers in the market (even ones most people don’t even know exists).
  • How to earn commissions from these high ticket offers even if there is no affiliate program for them.
  • How to get prospects who already want to buy high ticket items and are actively looking to buy right now.
  • How to find services in your niche people already spend a ton of money on.
  • How to find secret and hidden offers and service providers nobody knows even exists.
  • How to strike Joint Venture deals left and right and become the hunted.
  • How to funnel through people and find the ones with big money and are ready to spend now!
  • How to filter out tire kickers, and refunders and pretenders and find the ones who are movers and shakers and are ready to spend a lot of money now!
  • How to negotiate deals.
  • How to structure campaigns that produce consistent sales and customers.

So there’s plenty of information to get your teeth into. Denis also runs the 1k a Day membership site, so he knows how to make good money.


Even if you don’t run your whole business around big ticket affiliate sales, you’re going to want to investigate supporting it with a few big-money items. $12k in 12 days is a great way to help you get started in this lucrative side of online marketing.

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