Build A List Club review

I’ll be totally honest from the start – this is one of my sites, so I may be a bit biased in this review. Having said that, most reviews on the internet seem to be selling you something via an affiliate link, so they will be biased too. Just as you will be biased when you send an email to your list recommending the next latest and greatest offer. Do you tell your subscribers you have a financial interest in selling something, or do you just assume they will know? If you sell in certain countries you are supposed to inform them each time, but how many really do or do they just bury it in the Terms and Conditions on their site (if it’s even there either!)?

On with the show! Just ignore the bit above please.

List Building is a hugely important aspect of making consistent money online. Having a list of subscribers, who can be potential or existing customers, is the one thing that every marketer should strive for. Whether it’s a few hundred, known to be dedicated, buyers of everything you recommend, or thousands of freebie seekers who might just buy something someday, the list is your real, long-term, income source.

Just how do you go about getting yourself one of these holy grails of marketing?

As in all things internet marketing (IM), the first thing you need is a system to follow. (Good systems succeed, people fail). A system that gives you advice on what works best for attracting visitors to sign up, what you have to do to get them to sign up and how you treat them once they have signed up.

Sign up to what? The List. Where to store the list, how to write and distribute the initial messages as well as broadcast messages.

If you’ve ever been terrified by the idea of using autoresponders, email managers (which is what GetResponse, Aweber and the like really are), the this course at is for you. Join in for the free course and get a short sequence of emails teaching you the very basics. Splash out for a $1  7-day trial (Click Here)and see what the full course begins to offer ($5 a month after 7 days). 3 new lessons every 2 weeks so that you are not overwhelmed. Plenty of information presented to you in an easy to understand format and of course an email contact for any questions you do have.

No affiliate links or prodding for more courses once inside, this is complete within itself. Deliberately inexpensive so that you don’t feel robbed – it’s more to do with your commitment to your success. You have nothing to lose but your fear of list building.