Affiliate Marketing – What It Is and How to Get Started

Affiliate Marketing – What It Is and How to Get Started

Affiliate marketing is one of those things that is easy to explain, and even easy to carry out – in theory, but causes so many people so much grief when it comes to the practice.

As explained in the video below, Affiliate Marketing is the practice of selling other people’s stuff for a share of the sale price – a commission. This can be as low as 2% if you’re selling Amazon products and as high as 100% if you are selling ‘Make Money Online’ digital products. Most affiliate commissions fall somewhere in between.

affiliate marketing

Products are made available to affiliate marketers in a number of different ways. One way is that an individual product creator (or vendor) has his own affiliate scheme and arranges for affiliates who have made sales, to be paid. It sounds like a lot of extra work for the vendor, but online based software can make it easy to manage.

The most common method is to use a third party company, known as an affiliate network. The vendor provides a product (or series of products) and the affiliate network deals with bringing in affiliates, taking payments from buyers and sharing out commissions. In return, the affiliate network takes a small percentage or fixed fee from each sale. No one minds a few pennies, but for the network arranging thousands of sales per day, the pennies soon add up.

Now many buyers wonder if the product would cost a bit less if the affiliates and networks were not involved, in a similar way that offline you buy directly from a warehouse or the manufacturer. In theory, you’d think so, but many vendors do not do much selling for themselves and prefer to let affiliates do the work of advertising to get the customers in. The system works pretty well for everyone.

Watch the video below for a bit more information on affiliate marketing. (The video will stop around the 1 min mark. Scroll down and click the button, then come back to the page when complete and click the X at the top of the video).


So now you’ve seen what affiliate marketing is about and grabbed a free ebook into the bargain. Browse through this site for more information on various aspects of internet marketing or go along to Marketing Mentor Steven to grab a lot more free stuff to help you get started with affiliate marketing, including products you can sell for yourself (or get affiliates to sell for you).

If you need specific advice, please feel free to email me via the ‘Contact Me‘ page.

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Marketing Funnel – Why and Why Not?

Marketing Funnel – Why and Why Not?

Everyone says (well gurus anyway) “Set up a funnel for your products”, but do you know why you should and sometimes when you shouldn’t set up a marketing funnel?

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First of all, what is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is when a person is taken from being a prospect – interested in buying, through an initial purchase all the way up to walking out of the store, fully loaded (he hopes – that he now has everything he needs). The example most people use is that of MacDonalds – when you walk in to buy a burger, but sit down with a Big Mac, a large order of fries and a drink, possibly with an ice-cream as well.

You look at ordering a burger, but the slightly larger one looks better value for money, the server offers you fries and a coke as part of a meal deal, then for a little more money, you can ‘go large’ on both of those items. You decide that since you’re now looking at all that food that you might as well have a dessert too.

That is the sales funnel at work. For just a bit more money, you have been upgraded far beyond what you walked in for – and it’s the same in any form of marketing. What can the seller offer you to make you spend a bit more and sometimes not a little, but a whole lot more money?

Three white funnels

Internet Marketing Funnel

In internet marketing, the sales funnel often starts with a free gift. Why is that? It’s to make the recipient feel obliged to give you something back and in this case, marketers generally ask for the email address. The marketer knows now that you are interested in the topic of the free gift.

A well-presented free gift may offer a single question on a particular problem and provide almost all of the answer too. Crafty, that. Almost all of the answer! It may also hint at some other problems around the topic (or niche).

Fortunately, the seller has the complete answer to the original problem as well as (almost complete) answers to the other problems mentioned. Problems that the prospect may not have even been aware existed – but he knows now! The seller now has the opportunity to turn the prospect into a buyer by allowing the purchase of a solution document – at a small price.

The buyer (out of curiosity or fear) pays the price and takes the  solution. The seller then says “Would you like to go large?”, effectively anyway. The buyer is then offered an upgrade package – perhaps the written solution but in video format – because more is explained and people find video easier to absorb.

The buyer parts with a little more money.

The seller will then offer more and more, asking for a bit more money each time for each upgrade until the buyer says “Enough!”, in which case the crafty seller will offer a slightly reduced package at a lower price, just in case the buyer still feels like buying.

Do You Have a Marketing Funnel

And that is a marketing funnel. Sale after sale of related items, presented in such a way that the buyer is actually glad to buy them.

So the ‘why’ of a marketing funnel is quite obvious – it is to make as much money as possible for the seller and providing the most complete solution to the buyer that he can afford.

Are there times when a marketing funnel should not be used?

I can’t really think of any. If you have some ideas I’d love to hear them. Either email me directly or comment in the box below.

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Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course – Part 5

Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course – Part 5

Well, we have come to the final lesson in the Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course. I sure hope you have enjoyed your lessons and learned a lot about how to launch your own successful and profitable information product.

Okay, over the last few days we have gone through the basics related to research, product creation, pre-launch, sales and delivery, now we need to focus on one of the most important aspects of launching your new information product and that is marketing.

Today we are going to jump right in and talk about some basic marketing techniques that you can use to effectively promote your new information product for maximum profits.

There are many ways that you can go about marketing your new product. Some are free, some don’t cost much and others can be quite costly. Today we’re going to focus on some of the free and low-cost methods that you can use to get the word out about the launch of your new product.

One of the most important things about marketing your information product is to create a solid marketing plan and stick to it. You’ll want to focus your efforts on reaching your target audience as quickly and effectively as possible. To do that you need to concentrate your efforts on niche specific channels where your target audience can be found.

Here are a few good places to start:

– Social Networks

When it comes to promoting your product via social networks, direct promotion is not always the best option. It’s better to participate in the community by providing helpful information. However, you can and should promote the content from your blogs and websites on social networks and use it to pre-sell your readers and lead them into your sales funnel.

One of the most beneficial reasons for using social networks as a marketing platform is that your information is often shared, which can have a viral effect on your marketing campaign.

– Press Releases

Think sending out press releases is old fashioned? Well, it’s not, as a matter of fact they are still one of the most effective advertising methods available for product launches. You can create online and offline press releases. You should do both for every product that you release because due to the nature of a press release sometimes the newspapers will not only print your story, but they will often make it available for online outlets.

– Product Reviews

Ask friends, associates and especially people with authority in your target niche to write a review of your information product for you. While this may not be as easy as it sounds it can be an extremely effective way to get a large amount of traffic to your offer.

One way to get people to review your product for you is by offering them a free copy along with other enticements in exchange for their time. One such enticement could be offering their customers a nice discount or free sneak peek of your product, which will be a win-win proposition for both of you.

– Popular Content Sites

There is no doubt that articles are an excellent marketing tool and by publishing articles specifically written to showcase the benefits of your product on popular content sites and article directories you can develop a nice stream of targeted traffic into your sales funnel almost effortlessly.

While writing and publishing articles requires a lot of time and effort it is well worth it, simply because once your article is published it will continue to work for you over a long period of time without any further attention from you.

– High Traffic Blogs

While it’s extremely important to blog about your new information product on your own blog, it’s even more important to post comments on other high-traffic blogs closely related to your target market. some people take blog comments for granted however they can be a great source of incoming traffic for your sales funnel. This is because every comment you make can and should include a link back to your product offer.

– Guest Blogging

Even better than comment posting, if you can become a guest blogger for high traffic blogs in your market you will be able to quickly establish yourself as an authority in the marketplace and when it comes to attracting more targeted leads for your new product there is no better place to be.

– Affiliate Marketers

One of the best ways to promote your information product is to have an army of affiliates promoting it for you. As we briefly discussed in your last lesson you can use one of the many payment gateways available to set up an affiliate program for your new product. Be sure to provide your affiliates with plenty of promotional tools, such as graphics, emails, newsletter information, and offer a good commission.

You can also offer an affiliate contests. By offering incentives and prizes for affiliates who make a high number of sales you can attract super affiliates and inspire them to work hard for you.

– Advertising Networks

When it comes to paid advertising a pay per click networks like Google, and Facebook can be a great option for promoting your new information product, allowing you to get up and start making sales almost immediately. A pay per click campaign can be very successful even on a tight budget, depending on what market you’re trying to target.

If you’ve never run a pay per click ad before you will definitely want to spend some time learning how to run a successful campaign. Pay per click advertising has a bit of a learning curve, but it can be a very profitable when utilized properly.

So as you can see when it comes to marketing your new information product there are many options available and it really all boils down to finding the method that works best for you.

As we close this final lesson I would like to thank you again for joining me and I sincerely hope that you have learned a lot about how to launch your own successful and profitable information product!

Even though this short course has come to an end, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions related to launching your next information product. I will be glad to answer them the best of my knowledge! admin(at)

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Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course – Part 4

Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course – Part 4

Well we’re winding down to the end of this short course, but we still need to go over a few things if you want to learn how to successfully launch your own profitable information product.

Today we are going to talk about some of the best ways to deliver your finished product into the hands of consumers, including how to accept payments and automate the entire process, for hands-free profits.

Once your brand new information product is complete it’s time to get out in the market place and ready for delivery, but before that can happen you have to choose the proper distribution method and set up a reliable payment gateway.

When it comes to delivering information products to your customers, traditional shipping methods often do not apply, unless you decide to create a physically shipped product by putting it on a CD, DVD or USB drive. However we’re going to focus mainly on digitally delivered products.

One of the best things about creating digital products is that they can be delivered digitally as well. This means you can set up your payment and delivery system one time and it will automatically accept payments and deliver products to consumers on autopilot. All you really need are a couple of web pages and an autoresponder to create a seamless buying experience for your customer.

There are a variety of different platforms that you can use to set up your sales funnel, so that it will automatically accept  payments and deliver products. Let’s quickly go over three of the most popular payment gateways used to accept payments and deliver digital products:

– Clickbank

Clickbank is an payment gateway that makes it easy for people to sell their digital products online. Additionally, selling your information product on Clickbank allows other people (affiliates) to promote your product as well. Once your product is added to the ClickBank marketplace it will literally be visible to thousands of potential customers and affiliates, making it a very good option.

The ClickBank platform works like an online shopping cart and payment processor that takes care of delivery, provides tracking, sales reporting. It also manages your affiliate program and automatically pays out commissions, so you don’t have to.

When you first sign up to sell your own products there is a one-time fee of $49.95 plus a 7% sales commission on every products you sell. The one-time fee is good for life and allows you to sell an unlimited number of products in multiple categories.

They provide complete set up directions. However you’ll need to set up a sales page, download page, and a thank you page to host your products on. You can find out more about selling on ClickBank here:

– PayPal

PayPal is possibly one of the most popular and widely used online payment processing services on the internet today. They make it incredibly easy to setup and accept credit cards wherever you do business. They provide everything you need to accept sales online including invoicing and your customers don’t even need a PayPal account to make a purchase with their, bank account, credit or debit card.

When you are ready to setup your product in PayPal you simply login and go to the Merchant Services area. From there you can quickly create a payment button to add to your sales page as well as a link that you can use in your e-mail campaign. Whenever a customer clicks on that button they will be prompted to complete their order and then PayPal will automatically direct  them to the download page that you specified while creating your payment link.

PayPal integrates nicely with the most popular shopping carts, including E- Junkie, Pinnaclecart,  Eventbrite and more, giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to selling your products.

You can find out more about selling with PayPal here:

NOTE: While both of these services makes it possible for you to accept payments and deliver your digital product to your customer, you will still need to set up a sales page and download page on your own website, so that your customer will experience a smooth ordering process.

– JVzoo

Is a fairly new platform that allows you to sell digital products online. They also make it easy for you to run an affiliate program and pay your affiliates. Much like the ClickBank, when you and your products to JVzoo they will be included in the marketplace where they will be exposed to thousands of people looking to buy and sell products online.

What makes JVzoo a little bit different from PayPal and ClickBank is that they allow you to upload and host your products directly on their platform. They also give you the ability to create instant sales pages, thereby eliminating the necessity for creating a sales page and download page on your own website, however I do strongly recommend that you create them as well, just for safetys sake!

With JVzoo there are no out of pocket costs to become a seller. You can add as many products as you want into the marketplace and create as many buy buttons as you need without worrying about extra fees. As I mentioned above JVzoo is still a fairly new platform and they are constantly adding new features to make the selling process extremely functional and easy for digital marketers making it a great option for selling your new information product.

You can find out more about selling with JVzoo here:

Please keep in mind that these are only three of the many reliable online payment processors available that can be used to sell and deliver information products. There are many more and you can find them by performing a simple search online for “online payment processor”. When it comes to choosing the right online payment processor for your venture it really depends on what type of features matter most to you.

Just be sure to do your research before making your final decision, so that you can be confident that your sales process will be smooth and painless for your customers.

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Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course – Part 3

Her we go with your third lesson in the Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course

I hope that you enjoyed your last lesson and that you now have a better understanding of how to research and create your own profitable information product.

Today were going to be talking about creating a buzz for your new information product before it’s finished, so that you’ll have a list of eager, potential buyers awaiting its release.

When it comes to successfully launching a new product the pre-launch phase is often overlooked, but it can be a very important factor in whether or not your product will be profitable.  Pre-launch is usually started sometime during the creation of your product, you slowly around 2 to 4 weeks before the official launch day.

During this phase what you are doing is warming up your target market so that they will be excited and predisposed to buy as soon as your product is ready for purchase. When done correctly the pre-launch phase can literally create a buying frenzy on launch day.

When it comes to creating a good pre-launch buzz there are several things you can do; for instance you can set up a pre-launch web page. On this page you can and should offer some type of a free report that acts as a teaser and helps you capture leads for your upcoming product launch. These leads will be a list of potential customers as well as affiliates that can help you make more sales.

Now, let’s go over a few more quick tips you can use to help create a powerful pre-launch buzz:

– Countdown

Create a physical countdown to launch clock on your website or blog. This can create a lot of anticipation as well as a sense of urgency. You can find a free script that will do the job for you by searching online for “javascript countdown timer” or visiting a site like

– Sneak peek

Leak sneak peeks to the public, by mentioning certain aspects about your new information product where appropriate on message boards, social networking sites and other places. Be sure to include a link back to your pre-launch web page. You can also offer them a sneak peak at the unfinished product as well. By giving them just a taste of what is to come you can easily pre-sell them.

– Social Networking

Participate on social networks every day. Don’t constantly only promote your product, let your signature line do that, instead answer questions about your topic which can establish yourself as an expert so that by the time you launch people will be begging for what you have to offer.

– Testimonials

Ask the movers and shakers within your target market to look at the product prior to launch. Give them a free copy to review in exchange for their testimonial.

– Webinars

Webinars are hot right now, so host one prior to launch. You can use a slide show and a Webinar service like GoToWebinar and briefly go over what’s in your product and what it can do to help the people who purchase it.  This is a good time to offer a discount to people who act fast. It’s also a good place to get affiliates.

– Create videos

Movies have trailers and so can your information product. You can use a video camera, a webcam, or screen recording software like Camtasia to create a preview of your product. Then place it on YouTube, your Blog, and any place else you can think of so that you can to get the word out about your launch date and your product.

– SlideShare

Create a slide show and place on giving an outline about your information then at the end mention your launch date for the entire information product.

– Pre-launch Specials

When the product is finished don’t launch it yet, have instead a pre-launch, offering it at a very low price to a very select few. Include a file in the launch inviting them to talk about what they think about the product via response video to your trailer that you placed on YouTube.

– Affiliate Contest

Run a contest for your affiliates, making it more worthwhile for them to heavily promote your product. Offer them the chance to win cool prizes and increased commissions. This will inspire them to work hard for you.

These are only of few things you can do to help create a good pre-launch buzz for your new information product, but when done correctly they can have a big impact on sales when you finally launch.

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson we will be talking about some of the best ways to deliver your finished product into the hands of consumers, including how to accept  payments and automate the entire process.

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Easy Information Product Launch Crash Course – Part 2

Easy Information Product  Launch Crash Course – Part 2.

I sincerely hope that you found lesson one informative and have started thinking about and researching the topic you want to create your new info product around.

In this lesson we will go over we are going to talk about finding the motivation you need to complete your product and launch it successfully.

One of the biggest obstacles to creating an information product is the quest for of perfection. This quest often leads to frustration,
procrastination as well an incomplete project. While the ultimate goal is to create a professional product that provides value to your buyers, it’s not important that it is 100% perfect. Instead, it’s more important that you get it done and get it out on the market.

Let’s go over a few techniques that you can use to help keep you on track when it comes to creating your own information product:

– Set a specific launch date for your information product

Even before you begin creating your information product it is a good idea to set a launch date. There are many reasons to set a launch date, but two of the most compelling are:

1. A specific date will help keep you motivated, so that you get the product done in a timely manner.

2. It will also allow you to begin a pre-launch marketing campaign that will help build excitement (buzz) within your target market and have them eagerly awaiting its release with open wallets.

– Create a plan and stick to it

Once you have chosen your launch date you can create a timetable for everything that need to be completed before you can actually launch your product. This includes; researching, compiling, writing, formatting, webpages, marketing etc. So get out a calendar, a whiteboard or use your computer to list all of the tasks that must be accomplished on a daily basis in order for you to launch your product by the date you set.

– Complete your research on the market for your information product

Remember through research is vital to the success of your information product, so make your you block out plenty of time for finding and compiling all of the facts and information you need to begin creating your product. Creating a working file on your computer where you can save all your research can be a big time saver, especially for easy access. Just be sure to back it up, either on removable storage, like a USB drive or online. You can find an online backup service by doing a web search for “free online storage”.

– Create an outline

Creating an outline for an information product isn’t much different from the way you had to create one for class assignments in high school or college. Whether or not you will be creating the product yourself or hiring someone else for you, having a good outline will make the creation process much faster and easier. It will help provide direction, create structure as well as motivation.

If you get stuck for ideas when creating your product outline just do a simple search online and you will find plenty of samples that you can use for inspiration.

– Just start writing

Instead of worrying about how your finished product will look at the very beginning, concentrate on creating the bulk of the content first. If you’ve taken the time to craft a solid outline all you have to do is fill in the blanks to get the first rough draft completed. If you decided to have someone else created for you can pass that outline to a ghost writer and they can take it from there.

– Now make it look good

After all of the content is complete, including proofreading and editing, it’s time to make it look good by formatting it properly. For an ebook or short report you can simply turn it into a secure PDF file, which is a Portable Document Format that allows for easy distribution, printing and viewing on many different types of devices without effecting the layout or design of your product.

Don’t forget you will also need professional looking cover and web graphics, so that your product looks good and can attract the attention it deserves. Creating graphics is a entirely different topic for another course, but I will say that there are many affordable designers available for hire and you can find reliable one by doing a little research online for graphic designers.

As for creating your products in other formats, such as audio or video there will be different methods and software that you will have to use in order to create a finished product, that is ready to sell.

But don’t let that slow you down. The important thing to keep in mind when it comes to creating information products is that every part of the process can be outsourced, so if you ever get stuck you can look for qualified professionals to hire on websites like Elance or

That’s it for today’s lesson. In your next lesson we will be talking about creating a buzz for your new information product before it’s finished, so that you’ll have a list of eager, potential buyers awaiting its release.

Again, I appreciate your joining me for this short course. If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact me, admin(at) at any time.

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Information Product Launch Crash Course – Lesson 1

Welcome to the first lesson in the easy Information Product Launch Crash Course.

In this first lesson let’s talk a little about what information products are and how to go about creating one to sell.

Information products can be classified as anything that contains information compiled in a way that is meant to inform, teach or entertain it’s consumer. They are most commonly come in  the form of articles, reports, ebooks, video as well as websites, graphic packages, audio files and more. Information Product

Creating an information product can be an exciting and profitable venture. it can also be confusing especially if you don’t know how to get started.

When it comes to creating your own info product first thing you’ll want to consider is what type of skills and information you have to share and how you can transform that information into something that people will buy?

Everyone (yes, you) has information that they know that can be written down or recorded in a way that easily be shares with and sold to others.

When it comes to deciding on a topic to create your product around you can make the process easier by making a list of topics that you are knowledgeable about or have a strong interest in.

After you have compiled your list, it’s time to start investigating those topics to find out if people searching for information related them. This will help narrow down your niche and focus on a particular market, so that you can begin creating your product.

– Do your research

Market research is a very important part of the decision-making process. It is vital because if there is no one interested in the topic you’ve chosen for your product it will not sell and there’s nothing more depressing than creating a product that no one will buy.

When you begin researching a good place to start is by looking for problems or questions related to the topic. You’ll want to look for a market that is full of people asking questions, expressing concerns or saying they want something in particular. This will help you find out if there is a large target audience for the product you are planning to create.

It’s also a good idea to look for a market that already has established information products for sale, this way you can be sure that there is a high demand as wells as buyers available when your product is finished.

– Choose a format

After you have completed your research it’s time to decide on a format for your new information product. The most common format is an ebook, which can be created in Microsoft Word or Open Office, and saved as a (PDF) Portable Document Format for distribution. However, you can also create the product in audio or video depending on preference, skill level and what type of product your target audience is most likely to purchase.

Whichever format you choose can also be repurposed into different formats as well. As a matter of fact many people create their information products in multiple formats to increase sales. For instance; you could create a short report or e-book that you can sell on the front end, then produce it in audio or video format as an upsell.

– Create your product

When it comes to creating the product there are many options that you can choose from. For instance; you can write yourself or hire someone (a ghostwriter) to do for you. You can also use prewritten content that can be purchased with private label rights (PLR) which means you can edit it to suit your needs and then claim authorship of it. PLR is a great shortcut, especially when it comes to creating your first product, because it provides you with a big head start.

Another important part of creating an information product is your packaging. Keep in mind that consumers shop for products online just like they shop at their local retail store. Image is important, so you will need to create or have someone else create some type of cover graphics to make your new product look good.

Once your new information product is created you will need a web page or a sales page to promote it, but we will talk more about that in another lesson.

That’s it for today’s lesson. We have a lot to go over in the next few days if you want to learn all about launching your own profitable information product., so make sure you look for your next lesson soon.

Thank you again for joining, If you have any questions or need any assistance please feel free to contact me at any time using the contact information above. I will be happy to help!

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Free WSO – What’s the Point? Discover How The Free WSO can be your friend.

What’s the Point of Selling a Free WSO?

You see free WSO (Warrior Special Offers) quite often if you go in the sales area of the Warrior forum. They are great for collecting the email addresses of known marketers – the very people who use the Warrior forum. For $20 to $40 (they keep changing the price) you can put your ad up and people will hopefully see it before it gets buried under a pile of similar ads. You can bump it up by paying for the privilege and if it’s working for you – getting more than 20 sign ups per pump would probably be a good metric, then it is worth doing. Since Warrior has thousands of visitors daily, you have a good chance of doing some serious list growing business at a reasonable price.

These free WSO are often ‘sold’ through WarriorPlus, an associated site, not controlled by the Warrior Forum, because it makes the whole thing easy to manage and JVZoo doesn’t let you sell stuff without a price tag. The free WSO can be the front end of a managed funnel with WarriorPlus acting as the management system for directing upsells and downsells. All very good for the product creator.

Now these free WSOs can also be of use to you. Don’t have a free product of your own? Build a squeeze page showing the benefits of the free WSO and send your new sign ups to the free WSO offer. If it is at the front of a funnel, then you have a ready-made opportunity. Your actual sales may not be that great as the people will have had to go through 2 squeeze pages to get the offer, but yours was there first, and you can always offer ‘bonuses’ in your follow up emails.

How to find a Free WSO

To find them, sign up with WarriorPlus (if you haven’t already) and 1) go to the Affiliates Tab and 2) select the ‘get links’ sub menu. 3) Next type [FREE_WSO] into the search block and over the other side select 4) Show: All Offers before 5) clicking the orange search button. Ignore the offers highlighted in blue at the top as they are paid advertising (unless they appeal to you, of course).

Here’s some graphical help:

Free WSO As you can see, this brought up 245 items that contain the search term [FREE_WSO]. I can’t promise they will all be gems, but there are often some diamonds of information and just because they’re free doesn’t mean they’re worthless. To request permission to sell a particular item you will need to click a blue ‘Request’ button to the right of the stats. If you already have permission, the button will be green and say ‘Get Links’.

Here’s a video on using your own free WSO to make money:

If nothing else, this will be a great source of information for you but if you offer these to new or existing subscribers, you are giving them another source of quality information and maybe a few sales for yourself. Of course, you could even take it as inspiration to create your own free WSO to grow your list with and for others to promote for you.

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How to build a responsive list with $5 of Bing ads

How to build a responsive list with $5 of Bing ads-

Full step by step tutorial.

addtext_com_MTY0MjE0NTU3ODM Are you getting enough traffic? Have you got a list to make money from? Still spinning your wheels? Want to build a list for 10 cent per click?

If you answered ‘yes‘ then stick around as I am going to show you, step by step, how to build an email list with just a measly $5 a day.

If you want to make money online, escape the 9-5, go on more vacations and live the laptop lifestyle then you need to build an email list.

I am sure you may have heard that ‘the money is in the list’, right? But why?

Well with your own list you own that traffic and you can send that traffic anywhere.

Just grab an affiliate link and some swipes and make money the same day. On average each subscriber is worth $1 per month. if you grow your list to 1000 you could be set to earn $1000 a month.

You should reinvest this money and get 2000, 5000, hell even 10,000 subscribers and make $10,000 a month online

The sky truly is the limit.

Right now, without asking you for a sale or even your email address I will show you, with screen shots, and step by step, how to build a list in any niche with just $5 a day with Bing.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


Monetizing with affiliate marketing!

 So it’s sounds too good to be true right?

Copy and paste email templates and make $10,000 a month, it’s unheard of.

How do you make money this way, I hear you ask.

Well you’re essentially creating a list of leads and marketing digital products and making a commission on each sale.

Big name marketers create their own digital products and give all the profits to affiliates and JV (Joint Venture) partners so they can build their own list of customers. Then they can sell them more products and services in the future

You’ve giving them the leads, they’ve given you some income.

They’re happy, you’re happy. It’s a win, win situation. The best kind!

It’s a great system and it means for newbies you can get started very fast. Just grab an affiliate link and set up a lead capture page (no HTML or technical knowledge needed!). You build a list of leads and sell them that product through your link. Then sell them more products down the line!

Just send them emails with the link in.

Many marketers tell you what to email through ‘swipes’ which can be found on their affiliate pages.

So where do you get an affiliate link and how much to promote?

It’s free and it’s simple.

Just head over to  and sign up, take a note of the nickname (you will need it), then head over to the marketplace, pick a niche. The popular ones are health, wealth and romance.

Sort the results out by gravity from high to low and pick one with between 50 – 100 gravity.

High gravity means affiliates are making a profit, If the gravity is too high, you may have a lot of competition.

Below is a quick screenshot.


Click the link and have a look at sales page as well

Would you buy it? if you wouldn’t, what makes you think anyone else would? Find something that appeals to you. This will also make it easier for you to get enthusiastic about it in your follow up emails (if they don’t buy immediately).

It’s probably best to pick something which sells for less than $20 too. If it’s too expensive people tend to think more before acting. You want to grab them while they’re still grateful for receiving your free gift.

Pick a product that you yourself would buy and once you’re happy hit the promote button, put in the nickname you signed up with and hit promote again and you will get a link. Copy the top link and you’re good to go :)



You’re now ready to make a commission with that product!

Creating bait in exchange for an email address

Once you have your product to promote. Now it’s time to create content that you can give away in exchange for an email address, in case they don’t buy first time round you can follow up with email marketing.

Now you can actually get done for you guides to giveaway with ebook covers and such.

They are called private label rights ebooks or PLR for short and for the price of getting an e-cover design from fiverr (online store that sells services for $5) you can grab an e-book to giveaway. You may also find videos or audio products, which will seem much more attractive to your potential subscribers.

So where to grab one,

the above websites all have them. (There are plenty more, but these ones are good for starters).

Just make sure before you make your purchase ensure it does say you that have giveaway rights on the rights page (usually scroll down on the product page to see the rights)


Creating a lead capture page

To giveaway the PLR ebook you need an email address and you need to create a web page that collects email address so you can mail the subscriber the report.

For this you’re going to need hosting and domain, as you do for any Internet marketing business. If you’re not sure on how to do this, research it on YouTube. Look up “Setting Up A WordPress Site”.

Then you can download both free or premium plugins to turn your domain into a squeeze page.

First things first… domain and hosting

Head over to Hostgator. It’s cheap, popular and you can download WordPress at the click of a button.

(everything is drag and drop with WordPress)

>>>>> Hostgator and use the coupon code SLM10Discount

(It’s an affiliate link. I’ll get some profit if you buy. I thought I would let you know, I practice what I preach :)  )

For a domain name choose something catchy and related to your niche. If you’re truly stuck just use your name or an easy to remember variation of it,

Once you have your hosting and domain it’s time for an auto-responder, so you can email your leads.

You can start your free month at Get Response

>>>>>>  grab Get Response here

it’s a great service and I have had no problem with them.

Now it’s time for lead capture software to capture them leads.

Lead capture software.

Now you can get it for free by installing a plugin on WordPress. Just click plugins on your WordPress dashboard and search for “wp-landing pages” then press Install Now.


Once it installs click ‘activate’ and you’re good to go :) .  Alternatively, if you want something with a short video background, grab the free Video Optin plugin

Creating the squeeze page

 For a converting squeeze page you need a headline and an email field. Just give the outcome of the freebie as the headline.

Something like:

Free Report Reveals . . . The 5 Simple Steps Anybody Can Take To make $100 a day online by a simple blog”

With wp-landing pages that is all you need it’s a great little plugin. Have a look at this Demo Landing Page  to see what I mean.n Alternatively, if you want  a short movie clip background to catch the visitor’s eye, take a look at Video Optin Page, a free plugin. CLICK HERE to grab your copy.

Not bad for free plugins.

As you get good and the profit comes rolling in you may want to invest in a paid plugin such as InstaBuild 2.0 to get more conversions.

Once you have your link, your freebie and lead capture page it’s time for the traffic :) .

Oh and one last thing… In Get Response, put the Clickbank affiliate link as the thank you page. It is found in settings. So once they opt-in they get  redirected to the product. 🙂 You can deliver their free giveaway in the first email you send from the autoresponder.

Research keywords  

Here is the plan,

We’re focusing on Bing traffic because it’s cheaper than Google, often 10 cents per click or less.

What is going to happen is that you will select keywords that people are searching for. People will put these keywords into Bing and at the top will be a link to your squeeze page.

You will just need to pay a small fee when someone clicks the link.

Because you have a converting product you should make your money back and more with the affiliate product.

There is some really good news for the newbies,

If you have never used Bing ads before you can get a coupon to get $50- $100 of free credit.


The first step you need to is search for Bing ads through Google or Bing and the coupon should be the first link. (you must sign up to Bing through that link)

Create your Bing ad account including your payment details, and contact details etc, then we can research keywords.

If you’re stuck contact support. They are excellent.

The first thing you need to do is go to the Google keyword planner (more in-depth data) and click on the link that says ‘ search for a new keyword using a phrase, website or category’

To do that you need to press ‘skip the tutorial’ offered with a new Adwords account and then go to tools and keyword planner.

You then need to put in a few keywords associated with the niche of the productSo for example if you picked an internet marketing product just put in keywords such as ‘make money online’, ‘affiliate marketing’ etc.

see below


Once you clicked ‘get ideas’, you then:

  1. press the ad group ideas
  2. add them all to a plan
  3. download the plan
  4. copy and paste the keywords into notepad for now.


Now to get more keywords (more is better)

Go to

Copy and paste the keywords from your notepad and get more:


then copy and paste them back into notepad.

How to set up Bing ads

Now you have your keywords it is time to set them up in Bing!

Press ‘create campaign’, then copy as follows


(currency should be in dollars but because I am in the UK it’s gone to British sterling)

  1. Put in the product name as campaign name
  2. Put in the time zone of the country you want to target (US)
  3. Set campaign cost as $5 daily
  4. Set as English language
  5. Select ‘cities, states/provinces, countries/regions, and postal codes.’ for locations you want to target.
  6. Then select tier one countries i.e US, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand. There is nothing wrong with targeting English speakers in other industrialised countries. There just might not be as much response.
  7. In advanced targeting option select  ‘show ads to people in your targeted location’.

Ad copy

Next up is what to put in the ad copy to get people to click the ad. Now to grab people’s attention you need to ask a  ‘yes’ question…

A question that is going to get a ‘yes‘ as the answer!

Below you need to tell them what to do, tell them what they are going to get and why they should get it.

So call to action+freebie+outcome

see below:

bing ads 6

An example:




Add the keywords below by copying and pasting in the box on the left and pressing add, then press save.

Change the network bid to 0.40 (to get those 1st page views).

bing ads 7


The cost per click should be a lot lower, often less than 10 cent per click!

If they are higher then that means the keyword has high competition. Try using more ‘long tail’ keywords, which are keywords with more than three words in them and delete the expensive keywords.

On the next screen press keywords, tick the top left box, click edit and press ‘change current bids’.


Leave this blank and the bid will go to 0.40 per bid for all your keywords.

Enable your campaign and you’re good to go. :)

So there you have it. How to build a list with Bing for just $5.


  • Grab an affiliate link off Clickbank
  • Get a related PLR content
  • Install w-p landing pages to get a free squeeze page
  • Get related keywords from Google keyword planner
  • Set it all up in Bing.

As your profits grow, reinvest and build a bigger list to make more money.

Remember that, on average, each subscriber is worth around $1 per month.

Now you have the traffic going to your squeeze page, you will need to create an email follow up sequence to sell that product for you over the coming days after the subscriber has opted-in. Set up your autoresponder to tell your subscribers more about the same offer, something about you (so that they will know, like and trust you) and about more offers.

Also consider moving buyers off the original list and onto a new list. One that is dedicated to people who are willing to spend their money. Treat them well in your emails, with more information to help them in their efforts. They will reward you by buying higher priced offers from you, so long as these offers are related to the original purchase in some way. It’s no good trying to offer fishing tips to someone who signed up for a dog training course.

Bear in mind though that Clickbank will not send you a cheque (or bank transfer if you set up your bank details with them) until you have exceeded a pre-set amount and it may be several weeks after you made the original sale. This is in case a buyer changes their mind and wants a refund. This is NOT an instant payment system.

To get instant payments, go back to the PLR sites and find a package that includes a pre-built website. You will need to learn how to do the following:

  • Modify the website to add your details (like your name, contact details, etc.)
  • Create a payment button at Paypal and install it on your site.
  • Upload your site onto your domain, either on a sub-domain or a sub-directory.
  • Send your new subscribers to your newly created sales site.

When they buy from it, the money will go straight to your Paypal account.

I strongly recommend keeping at least $100 in your Paypal account to allow for people who want refunds, and to stop Paypal freezing your account so readily.


Now you’ve read through all this, all that is missing is for you to take action. There are other text ad sources you can use that may be even cheaper than Bing. It’s up to you to research them and use them.

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Why You Should Have A Membership Site for Passive Income

Why You Should Have A Membership Site

Every marketer wants income, after all, that’s why we do it, to make income and one of the most consistent ways of making income is to have a membership site. By setting up and running a membership site we will have predictable and regular income, so long as we can keep up a good supply of information so that subscribers stay with the site for a good while. This might seem a lot of effort to keep up fresh content but it need not be so. By using the right plugin a WordPress site can be turned into a drip feed system so that a new subscriber to your membership site will begin at post 1 and be fed a new batch of information at regular intervals.

There are some free plugins that are quite basic and allow a single level of membership and expose everything all at once, whereas a drip feed plugin or one that exposes different amounts to different levels of membership usually have a premium price tag, but for the ease of effort they help to alleviate they are well worth the money.

If you want to find out more about setting up and running a membership site you need to take a look at Monthly Membership Blueprint which gives you all the help you need to set up a monthly payment membership site. Don’t worry, it’s a small one off payment and there is a video upgrade if you prefer to see rather than read all about it. Also included in the standard package is a mind map, check list and resource section to help you get everything started as easily as possible.

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