Get Response University, Learn List Building Tutorial

Get Response University, Learn List Building Tutorial The autoresponder I choose to use is Get Response. No big surprises here as I’ve said it often enough. It’s one of a well known pair, the other being Aweber. I’m not saying there aren’t others or even alternatives, I’ve looked at some and tried some (ListWire and […]

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Getting Web Traffic To Your Posts And Offers – Blogs & Forums

Getting Web Traffic To Your Posts And Offers – Blogs & Forums The downfall of many an offer, blog post or product has been getting enough people to see it. Without eyeballs on the page, the contents mean nothing, so what are the best ways to get people to see what you have for them? […]

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Affiliate Marketing Is Something Some People Don’t Get

Affiliate Marketing Is Something Some People Don’t Get Affiliate Marketing is one of those areas of the internet that some people just don’t seem to ‘get’. They don’t realise that the ads they see down the side  of many websites are earning money not only for the product being advertised and the website owner, but […]

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Paid Link Tracking

So far I’ve given the whys and wherefores of free link tracking. It has one huge disadvantage in that you cannot track (apparently) beyond the landing page. You can of course, get round this by converting every clickable page link to a link, but this means that you will have to collate the results […]

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More On Link Tracking

Experienced online marketers will generally always make use of link tracking within their websites because they fully understand the importance of it. What link tracking means and how it is implemented is as follows. Whenever a visitor to a website clicks on any link within that site, the information is recorded and stored in a […]

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Product Creation For The Terminally Terrified

  Product Creation For The Terminally Terrified Product Creation for the Terminally Terrified is an ebook I wrote earlier this year as an introduction to creating your own e-products – books, videos and audios, in a way that made it easy for beginners and novices to understand why they needed their own products and how […]

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Domain Redirection

Looks like everything is sorted out now. The domains I want to use have got the information I wanted to add to them. I diverted a couple of nice short domain names to somewhere where they might be useful, so all they need is some promotion, and I’ve decided to get rid of some domain […]

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A recent tutorial from me to a newbie marketer

Recently, a newbie marketer contacted me and asked what he needed to do to be accepted by affiliate providers and how he should make ‘quick’ money. He had looked at a couple of Alex Jeffreys’ low cost systems and wanted to know what the ‘short cuts’ were. Below first is his exact question, followed by […]

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Highly Recommended Marketing Tools That Are FREE!

7 Zip: (free download) An open source, free alternative to WinZip.Audacity: (free download) An open source software used for recording & editing audio files.AVG: (free download) Anti-virus and anti-spyware protection.BrowserShots: (free online tool) Use this site to view how your website look in various browsers.CamStudio: (free download) Lets you record […]

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The Importance of Split Testing to the Internet Marketer

You’ll find no end of mentors telling you, especially when you get to the intermediate to advanced stages, that split testing everything you do, is vital. But what is it and more importantly, how can you carry it out? The first thing you need though is a definition of split testing, which is: Comparing the […]

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My name is Steven Lucas and I'm a part time experienced beginner to Internet Marketing. This means I've dabbled a bit now and again, but until recently, didn't put any serious effort into making real money. Now I am doing so and this blog chronicles my adventures, as well as offering advice and reviews.

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