WP Optimizer review – WP Optimiser A WordPress Speed Plugin – My Results

WP Optimiser (WP Optimizer) review – A WordPress Speed Plugin

Does the world need another WordPress speed plugin?

Someone seems to think so, hence the release of WP Optimiser (WP Optimizer if you spell it the other way) and of course, this WP Optimiser review. There are several speed improvement plugins kicking around, some free, some not, and of varying degrees of effectiveness.

So what makes WP Optimiser different to all the rest? WP Optimiser

First of all, it claims to be a ‘more-in-one’ solution (I won’t say ‘all’ because there’s bound to be something else).

By the time you’ve added plugins that shrink images, cache pages, tidy up databases, it can add up to a fair few. I should know.

This site had 4 plugins that were specifically dedicated to doing varying things that should have done things to help the speed and a couple of others that should have done at least a little, but it still takes between 10 and 15 seconds to load the first page (cleared browser cache first).

So would WP Optimiser make any difference?

Installation of WP Optimiser

Chris Hitman, the ‘sales face’ of WP Optimiser, let me try it out for free, so the best thing to do is to let you know how I got on, rather than me quoting figures from their sales pages. The plugin itself is the usual simple WordPress install and after putting in a registration key, I gained access to a small number of options.

The first 3 are all about images. Lazy Load only loads images as they are about to be seen, so that saves some page load time. The other 2 are about optimizing those images.

The first selection enables new images to be shrunk as they are uploaded. The second, bulk-shrinks existing images already used on the site.

I was told I had 425 unoptimized pictures. Grabbing a TinyPNG API key only takes a few seconds (link provided) and it’s on its way, crunching 30 images at a time (I’m on shared hosting and this is the recommended figure).

Now I already had an image crusher installed so it surprised me that this needed doing at all, but I played by the rules and allowed it to run. This is not a quick task but you can do other things while you’re waiting for each batch, so it’s not a big problem.

Images and Database optimization

The TinyPNG service also lets you do 500 images per month for free, so I won’t be pushing any boundaries there either. If I did have more images, I could pay for an extended license or sign up for another free API with a different email address.

Next down the menu is a database optimizer. Again, I already have one installed but again, I let WP Optimiser do its thing as it all counts towards the end results.

The last two WP Optimizer menu items are a server health check and a speed check. The former warns you of anything that your web server might need updating as well as its memory space and/or processor time. It’s not really fair to run this while you’re crunching images (but this is a review and you need to know).

I tried anyway and got a server error. That’s fair enough as image crunching takes a fair amount of processor time and network resources.

My database was already working pretty much up to scratch and just needed clearing off some old revision data (you know, when you make changes to a post. Some old ‘saves’ needed clearing).

I thought my existing database-cleaner-upper would have done that but it was only a few k of data in a multi-megabyte database, so no panic there.

The health check also didn’t tell me much that I didn’t know. That I use too many plugins and I that was nearing my storage limit. No real actionable recommendations there.

The final speed check also was no great surprise. My excessive number of plugins was the biggest downfall, with the biggest being YARP – Yet Another Related Posts plugin, which is good for internal SEO and worth keeping despite the lag it induces.

WP Optimizer in use

I suppose to be fair, I should have used the speed check before I started but I was keen to see how WP Optimizer would get on with this site and I already knew it was slow.

Finally, everything was ready and I cleared the browser cache for a subjective test of loading the front page. I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting miracles – the sales page offered tables that showed loading times cut from over 6 seconds to less than 2 seconds, which is very good going.

Would my results be similar? Could I get a sub 5-second load time?

A-bloody mazing (excuse my language). The speed test told me it was down to 4.8 seconds and subjectively it felt much quicker too. I cleared the browser cache and tried again. Matched it!.

Pleased? Damn right I was pleased.

The next thing to do would be to try the speed test again but with the other ‘speed tweaks’ disabled.

Not such a huge gain 4.63 seconds – as could be expected. I was only disabling a few plugins and none of them were particularly big time-hogs. Disabling YARP could have gained me another half a second and finding a faster theme could shave another 10th of a second, but I was happy with the base result.

WP Optimizer Conclusions

It works and works very well. I can chuck a couple of plugins away and hold an internal debate about a few more. Halving the load time is a damn good start though. Knowing the stats is interesting and helps you to keep an ongoing eye on things too.

Why do we need to optimize for speed anyway?

People are impatient and search engines serve people. So a site that loads quickly is given more kudos in search engine eyes.

There are all sorts of quoted figures but it boils down to this: The faster a page loads, the more people who will stay and read the site. People staying longer on a site also help to rank it higher, so it’s all interconnected.

Sites that take longer than 15 seconds to load get very few visitors who stay and let’s face it, that’s what we want – Visitors who stay. Sites that load faster than 5 seconds get a much higher retention rate – over 50% higher.

Also, Google will be rolling out another update soon (July 2018) where slower sites will be penalised even further, especially if it affects mobile users, so getting the speed up is important. With a WP Optimiser agency license, you can offer a service to slow WordPress sites to speed them up.

So you could say that site speed is vital to future search engine rankings that want to avoid this Google slap.

Will I carry on using WP Optimiser?

WP Optimizer reviewThe good news is that WP Optimiser didn’t clash with any of my existing plugins of which I have a good variety. There’s a few I consider essential and most of the others add some functionality I like to use.

I can’t say this will be the same in your case, but I know I have some odd ones and that WP Optimizer didn’t cause me any problems.

If you do have problems, disable all of your plugins and reintroduce them, one at a time, to see where the problem lies.

Even if there had been no or little overall gain, I would have been tempted to keep using WP Optimizer as it is one plugin and I can lose 4 or more. As I have over 40 active plugins, being able to reduce the number is a good thing.

As it stands, WP Optimiser has been well worth the time it took to install, set up and review. My speed gains may not have been as large as the test site results. However, I feel better for having told you my honest appraisal and the real-life effect that it has had on my site.


I’m sure one or two of my other WordPress sites will also benefit from having this plugin installed.

To see what else WP Optimiser can do for you, please watch the video or go along to the site – WP Optimiser.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the form on this site or emailing steven@stevenlucasmarketing.com

P.S. I know I keep swapping between the spelling of WP Optimiser and WP Optimizer. I know the former is the correct spelling but I also know that some may search for the other spelling. Speed isn’t the only SEO factor (grin).

The Drive by Kam Fatz – Review of The Drive – Membership Sites

The Drive by Kam Fatz – Review of The Drive

I’ve known Kam Fatz for a while and I’ve always liked what he’s put out. He’s not all slick and polish, he’ll be the first to admit that, but what he does bring you is high value information and The Drive is no different.

Kam Fatz (Jennings) made his money online running a membership site and has always made a big thing of encouraging others to do the same. It’s a great plan, gets people in for a longer haul and gives you more opportunities to offer real value to the people who have found you.

It’s very much the ‘Know, Like & Trust’ that I and many others go on about so much. A membership site can increase that a lot and very quickly too. If you have good content, people will see it frequently and know that you are someone who can help them go even further.

The DriveKam’s latest offering to the world is called ‘The Drive’, purely because much of it is Kam talking to his camera while he drives around. It makes things very relaxed for both the presenter and the viewer and even if Kam loses his way round what he’s talking about sometimes, it’s no less entertaining for it. And bear in mind that products are as much about entertainment as information.

When were you last entertained by a course you bought?

Now just because Kam’s delivery is informal doesn’t mean the content is the same. The advice given is spot on and there are assurances that delivering content does not have to be as complicated as it appears. Kam has a very Keep It Simple approach in The Drive and his suggestions for running a membership program could include people with almost no budget at all. At least in the beginning. Any decent membership site will start to bring you regular income and can then easily almost promote itself.

So what do you get for your money in The Drive? Three well presented videos – 2 from the drive around and one in his office. Two PDFs – one a write upof the drive and the other, a printout of the mindmap that Kam takes you through and three bonuses of Kam’s older membership site offerings on PDF – The whole system together being something that should encourage you to strike out and build your own membership system in any niche.


What’s missing? Not a lot really. The two tonnes of filler and BS that so many others feel necessary to burden their buyers with. Definitely none of that in The Drive.


Step by step details on the ‘How’ are not really there, but Kam does tell you short cuts that he has used successfully and because he’s not technical, he does skimp on the technical details. That is far less of a problem than you might think as there’s plenty of help on YouTube and elsewhere to do anything you’re not sure of. And if you think that’s mean of him, you might consider whether you actually have the drive of your own to set up and run a membership program.

Do I like The Drive? I think you can tell I do. There’s not any life-changing revelations in it, but there is a lot of solid information and a simpler way of looking at things when you’re considering a membership scheme.

Click the link here to The Drive and see what you think for yourself.


Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review – Affiliate Marketing, The Complete Training for the Advanced Beginner

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review

Once upon a time, there was a system called Evergreen Wealth Formula, created by James Scholes. The system was good and it guided a number of people onto the online income ladder. In fact, it was so good that it sold for many years and is still on sale now…

…Well it would be except that James has been working on the successor to Evergreen Wealth Formula. Introducing Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0

What do you do if you’ve been trying to ‘do’ affiliate marketing for a while and not achieved much (or any) success?

You know that, in theory, you’re doing everything right, but everything that the gurus say should happen, just isn’t happening for you.

Or, what if you have a bit of online experience and want to get into internet marketing, but you’re not sure where to start?

Now you could buy almost everything in sight, study it all (well some of it, at least) and apply it. In fact, if you’re here from the ‘unsuccessful’ paragraph, it may be (almost) exactly what you’re doing, although probably not all of it.

The usual problem is persistence. People don’t stick to a given system for long enough for it to work.

The other problem is the system being incomplete, even ones declared as being ‘all you need’.

Either way, you can end up spending far more than you expected and not seeing the results you wanted.






Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review

Now there is a total solution. Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 and this review is here to help you.Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review



It starts with creating your own funnel – which is provided.

The ‘front-end’ is there, easy to personalise (with full instructions), the back-end ideas are in place for you too, not even needing your affiliate links and then there’s a total traffic system that, yes, you will have to do some work to set up initially, but once it’s done, it will carry on working for as long as you want or need.

What’s more, if you really get stuck, James is offering one-on-one email support.

You only need to be persistent enough to set everything up once (although you can ‘rinse and repeat’ to increase your income) and because everything you need is in the one package, there’s nothing else to buy, so no need to buy any more tutorial products to try to fill in the gaps.

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 – The good bits

  • All the videos are pretty short, mostly around 8-12 minutes each which means that finding a specific bit of information is pretty easy. There’s one that’s nearly half an hour, but it needs to be to explain the outline of the unique traffic system that James introduces in Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0
  • Everything is explained as simply as it needs to be and no simpler. Nothing is broken down to ‘stupid’ level, so if you don’t understand something like basic web page editing after you’ve been shown in the videos, then give up, because the rest won’t be for you. Most people will not have a problem.
  • There is also very little repetition, a trick that some marketers use to bulk out the running time.
  • From a Brit’s ear view (?) – James’ accent is clear and easy to understand and I cannot imagine that anyone who has a good understanding of English will have a problem following what he is saying.





Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 – The not so good bits (from an absolute beginner’s point of view).

  • There’s a bit more spending required. Most people will have a domain & web hosting already and probably know about autoresponders. A free method around this is pointed out, but a few sales will soon have you earning enough to be able to pay for the ‘pro’ paid utilities – where you will get better service and more functionality.
  • There is also some investment in a software utility for the traffic system, but all being well, by the time the first payment comes around after the trial period, you should be in a position to afford it.
  • It’s ALL video. If you prefer to digest lessons via reading or listening, you’ve lucked out on this one. Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is not unique in this though, so I don’t hold it too much against James.

The whole package ends up being a very good tutorial in setting up an affiliate sales-funnel, from introducing the product via a free front end, to establishing yourself as an expert and demonstrating the right amount of ‘push’ that should be done on the paid product. The traffic methods described are unusual but effective and certainly lead themselves to be a springboard to future ideas and products.

James Scholes himself is one of those silent experts. You can find his output if you know where to look, but you won’t find his name plastered all over social media and his only screenshots are something raising a tutorial point, not a display of his income.

Is Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 worth the price?

I would definitely say, absolutely yes. Unlike the all-to-common $7 packages, Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is a complete end-to-end system and paying a bit more does tend to concentrate the mind to a higher degree. The support is there and the system itself is not so complex that no one will understand it, not so easy that people will feel aggrieved about the price.

There’s 28 videos totalling about 3 hours, plenty of links to extra resources and the aforementioned email support (always worth something when you have a direct line to the expert).

Also, there are no upsells, so you don’t pay the front-end price only to be told that the near-essential next package is all you need to complete the tutorial. With Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0, it’s all there out of the first (and only) box.

In my opinion, the only upsells there could possibly be would be the same videos provided in a physical form (DVDs etc) or a live, in-the-room training. You’d still come away knowing the same things in the end though.

All in all, Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 is something that will get you moving towards being a profitable affiliate marketer and at a very reasonable cost.

Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review

20 Minute Results Review

20 Minute Results Review

20 Minute Results by Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick is a system for earning $100+ a day from free and low-cost traffic. The system itself is quite easy to understand and although it is complex to set up the first time you do it. When it comes to the ‘rinse and repeat’ phase, you will understand it totally and subsequent set-ups will go much faster.

The really clever bit is that you make money by ‘not selling’ anything directly. As you might guess, 20 Minute Results is an affiliate sales system. It’s a bit difficult to review 20 Minute Results without giving away the nature of what it’s all about. I don’t think I’ll be giving too much away if I tell you that it’s about setting up niche20 Minute Results websites with integrated ads already in place.

The clever bit is that the sites are pre-made and once you discover the source (it’s not EBay) then there will be several hundred more sites to choose from.

From a personal point of view, there’s nothing revolutionary about the free traffic sources either, but then again, I’ve been around this business a few years. To somebody who’s totally new or not long tried the make money online niche, the ideas in 20 Minute Results may be quite an eye-opener.

The basic package is 9 short, ‘how-to-do-it’ videos. This is something of a trademark for these two guys. They’re strong believers in keeping it short and simple. This is much better than long and repetitive – something I definitely agree with. They know you can watch a short video again and again. There are some tutorials that repeat the same information time and time again inside one lecture, just to make the video longer (and give it more ‘apparent’ value).

20 Minute Results Upgrades

There are 3 upgrades (you cannot call them one-time offers as they are available through the download page) and certainly the first two 20 Minute Results upgrades are definitely worth having. They do more than just complement the basic package, they add to it considerably.

The first upgrade is additional traffic sources. These are valuable to more than just 20 Minute Results and so the package is worth the money if you already have diverse sources of income that you need to feed with visitors.

The second upgrade is a collection of 50 niche blogs and an instant way of setting them up almost ‘ready-to-go’. The only tweaks would be to add your affiliate links to the pre-populated offers. If you’re sensible, you would re-write the included posts, as well as adding a few more. There’s a further trick that is not overtly stated but saves you from the normal big disadvantage of niche blogs – writing continuous, new content.20 Minute Results

The third upgrade is direct assistance from Paul and Mark and not so essential to someone techy like me, but could be invaluable for the newbie marketer.

Another unstated idea is to set yourself up as a niche blog installer. With the basic 50 sites included in the second upgrade to 20 Minute Results, you could have a nice little earner installing these packages for other people. As I said above, you’ll discover the source of these packages and be able to access a lot more of them.

20 Minute Results Conclusions

The idea of niche blogs is not new although some of the ideas presented are very good, especially the unstated idea (which I only discovered by accident myself) and 20 Minute Results will definitely be of interest to someone who likes the idea of earning by not selling. It’s not totally ‘set and forget’ as you need to work at bringing traffic into the sites, but it’s not dependent on SEO either so you’re never at Google’s mercy. I’m not saying that search engine ranking won’t hurt, but it’s never your sole source of traffic.

It says something that Paul and Mark have sold over 3000 copies of the basic package. It also says something about the buyers that there has not been a major increase in the rate of niche blogs being set up. Too many people buying the product and doing nothing with it, but there’s nothing new in that for any product.

Should you decide to buy and you use my links, there’s my big bonus package to add into the deal. There’s a lot to this package. Some of the content will help you setting up any niche blog and a lot that will help you in other aspects of internet marketing, so there’s something for everyone.

Don’t let this be a ‘buy and forget’ product, though. There’s a lot of good stuff in 20 Minute Results and a lot of value in the upgrades. It’s on a dime-sale which means the price goes up whenever someone buys it, so the sooner you get in there, the cheaper it will be. Don’t delay on your decision for too long.

Internet Selling for Newbies Review & Bonus

Internet Selling for Newbies Review & Bonus

Internet Selling for Newbies is the ultimate starter kit for anyone trying to build a real online business. This product has already helped thousands of people get started online with step by step training videos.

The ISFN course walks each student through the fundamentals of building an online business and explains everything in easy terms. Then the course gets more advanced as the student progresses to learn the components of an online business .


Omar & Melinda teach simple and practical methods that anyone can use to not only make money online but to actually build a solid long term ONLINE SELLING business. The course covers everything from Web Basics through List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Traffic, Funnels and even Product Launches!


There’s an upsell too. It’s called My Unfair Advantage, because that’s exactly what it gives you. The Unfair Advantage over everybody else. Jam-packed with more training from Omar & Melinda.

My Unfair Advantage the flagship product and literally contains just about everything they’ve ever done online. This is by far the most robust membership site I’ve ever seen and it includes training, software, website templates, scripts, tools and so much more.

The best part about being an MUA member is that everyone gets LIVE weekly group coaching! This is something that Omar & Melinda have been doing since 2010! Yes, we are about to do our 300th episode in December! These are actual live training calls where we teach online marketing tactics that are working for us RIGHT NOW.

This is as cutting edge as it gets, REAL coaching, REAL presentations not a bunch of podcasting interview bullshit. The members LOVE this site because it is a community of marketers with everything you need under one roof!

This is only available as a package between Midday 25th and Midnight 27th November 2016, so I will probably delete this review after then. This could be your one and only chance to click one of the banners to grab your copy of Internet Selling for Newbies.


Free Clicks and How to Get Them To Your Links

How To Get Free Clicks To Your Links

Why would you want free clicks?Why wouldn’t you want them?

If you have a website that you want people to see, an offer you’d like them to look at or even just get visitors to a link – and let’s face it, who doesn’t, you need to organise traffic.

Traffic seems to be the most difficult part for people to ‘get’, when it comes to websites and internet marketing. We’re told that there’s plenty of it out there and there are many sources we can go to, but we want to know in advance if a particular traffic provider is any good, whether they provide quality visitors as well as a given quantity.

Now with this source, you can find out for yourself for free and if you sign up, you can get a regular quantity of free clicks to your link.

The provider is Advertyze, and for free, they will send one ad per week until you get 50 free clicks – that’s 200 people a month to any URL you like.

Free Clicks - Click Here
OK. So 200 people isn’t many – but it doesn’t cost you anything except submitting an ad each week. After all, these are free clicks.

You want more? Who doesn’t?

Of course, you’ll have to pay for it but get this… For less than $5 you can get 2500 clicks to your link in 7 days. After that first week, it’s $29.95 a month to send 2500 clicks per week.

Compare that to solo ads – even at 30c a click, which is cheap for solo ad clicks, 10,000 clicks will cost you $3000. Advertyze looks like a bargain.

Help Me To Help More Readers

Now they say that if it looks too good to be true, then it might be, but in this case, you can test the quality with a free clicks account. If you don’t like it then don’t upgrade. Just stay a free clicks member and use your 50 free clicks per week. Even with free clicks, you may well get some reactions to your offers.

And that’s the stage I’m at – I’m testing using the free clicks to a squeeze page with a free offer and a low-ticket price item on the back-end.

My criteria is this – if I get less than 20% opt-in, then I’ll stay free. If I get greater than 20% or back-end sales I’ll be signing up for 10,000 clicks per month. At least for a couple of months. If those sign-ups respond to my regular newsletters then I could upgrade further.

So what should you do? Why not try what I’m doing?

Sign up for a free account – CLICK HERE. Test the free clicks to a free link – could be a squeeze page, a CPA offer or even an affiliate offer and see how it goes for you. You might be pleasantly surprised.


An affiliate offer converts at 10% – that means you could get 5 buyers with your free traffic. If the offer only converts at 2%, that’s one sale which is still good for free clicks. One to five sales a week is still more than many people manage!

I will report back on this page to let you know how I get on, and I’d like you to do the same in the comments. This will let other people know whether the source is reliable.

Buy 24 Hour Traffic Machine Review – Paul Nichols

Buy 24 Hour Traffic Machine Review – Paul Nicholls

We all need web traffic and 24 Hour Traffic Machine is a new product by Paul Nicholls teaching us a different and mostly untapped source.

First of all – who is Paul Nicholls? Paul is a Brit from a seaside town on the East coast. He’s gone from humble beginnings to making himself a decent regular income and makes more by educating others. He has more than 2 dozen products on the market and a great training site (of which I’m a member).

Now Paul’s products are normally quite basic looking, but you shouldn’t let that sway you against them as they always have great content. 24 Hour Traffic Machine is no exception. Based around 4 presentation videos, 24 Hour Traffic Machine explores a little-known traffic source that gives higher quality traffic , in any niche, and more importantly, is scalable to whatever depths your wallet can handle.

24 Hour Traffic Machine

Solo ads are gaining a poor reputation, mostly due to fly-by-night scam artists who have grabbed emails from anywhere they can without regard to the quality. Many solo ad providers are also growing their lists from adswaps which basically means that they are grabbing people from someone else’s list – again without regard to the quality.

Quality signups tend to come from pay per click ads where they are basically pre-screened for interest. Only interested people are going to click on an ad. This also makes a squeeze page or offer have better conversion rates – something that impresses potential product buyers as well as JV partners.

Who is 24 Hour Traffic Machine for?

Just about anyone who wants a quality source of traffic that is easily scalable – which is just about everybody. It’s not a free source – where you can trade your time and effort for visitors – if you want that sort of thing, take a look at Curate, Snip Score (one of my products) where I teach you a free traffic source method – obviously requiring some of your time to bring the visitors to your link. It will only cost you a dollar.

Paul’s 24 Hour Traffic Machine does require some investment on your part, but it doesn’t need to be a huge one to start with. You can see what works and then put more in once you know it’s successful.

Now one last thing – 24 Hour Traffic Machine is on a dime sale, which means that the longer you leave off buying 24 Hour Traffic Machine, the more expensive it will get – so your best bet is to buy it as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE to get 24 Hour Traffic Machine from this review.

Kevin Fahey IM Product Launching 2 – Review and Bonus Notification

Kevin Fahey IM Product Launching 2 – Review and Bonus

IM Product Launching can be a long and arduous process – Research a topic., writing the outline, videos for tutorials, web pages to sell it all – including a lot more research and writing, finding JVs to promote it all. No wonder some guys only do it 3 or 4 times a year and promote the hell out of it when they do.

However, if you want to make it ‘big’ in internet marketing, sooner or later you will need your own products, something for other people to promote on your behalf. Something with your name on it to say “I’ve arrived”.

Now you could go to someone considered to be guru and ask for his (or her – let’s not be sexist here) help, but he won’t do that for nothing and you could be parting with between $1000 & $5000 for his advice. You may well make that money back and in one fell swoop if you really do it all well, but it’s still a big hole in your wallet for a while.

Now you have another choice…

Kevin Fahey – a chap who’s no slouch in the marketing field and who has also proved himself well in creating and releasing his own products has created another new one – and it’s all about Product Creation and IM Product Launching!

In fact it’s called IM Product Launching 2.0 and it won’t cost you a month or two’s wages to get it. It will be yours (at least initially) for the price of a couple of cups of coffee or a small pizza.

IM Product Launching 2.0


What’s in it for you?

Over 4 hours of over-the-shoulder training from Kevin himself, taking you all the way from building your early bird page to closing high ticket sales deals (the ones where they really make the money).

He’s broken the IM Product Launching 2.0 course down into 6 simple steps.

  • Module 1 – Setting Up A Sales Funnel
  • Module 2 – Setting Up Your JV Page
  • Module 3 – Your First Product With & No JV Partners
  • Module 4 – Maxing Out Your JV Promotion
  • Module 5 – Closing High Ticket Sales
  • Plus A PDF covering all the required training, a mind map and list of his best resources.

I could put dollar amounts in here on how much Kevin can make off his launches, but you’ll see them elsewhere anyway and you might not believe them… Until you research his name and see how well he does and even better, he’s a genuinely nice guy too (Irishman living in Spain, would you believe).

And now my bonuses

As if getting Kevin Fahey’s tutorials on IM Product Launching 2.0 wasn’t enough, I will be offering my own bonus collection. My own little ebook on the subject – Product Creation for the Terminally Terrified. A few tips (including some that Kevin missed) to help you get started putting your ideas into a saleable product.

Free membership to my Internet Marketer’s Membership Site, where there a host more stuff to turn you into a better marketer.

There’s more to come but I’m just finalising the details as we speak (unless you’re reading this after the launch period in which case – you can find out when you buy IM Product Launching 2.0)

You will also get my personal help (via email) with anything you’re not sure of – including doing a co-launch with me if you really think it will help you.

IM Product Launching 2.0

Final Sales Pitch

As always, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee. Don’t like it or think it’s not for you – just say so. You’ll get your money back. But you will like it and it will help you, of that I’m really sure. So click on any of the links you’ve seen, or the images and go to Kevin’s sales page for IM Product Launching. Let me know and I’ll be writing a review for your product on these pages.

Not interested in IM Product Launching 2.0 ?

I talk to the world about a lot of other things too and if you feel you want to keep listening then just fill in the form below and I’ll stay in touch. I promise not to spam the living daylights out of you – I value you far too much for that. If you decide you don’t like what I have to say (despite all the free advice, ebooks, videos and software I give away) they you’ll have the option to unsubscribe, right at the bottom of every email.

Just give me you name and best email address in the form below and join in with what I have to offer you.

To get more great info from me, enter your details and click ‘Subscribe’

Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops

Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops

Are you one of those poor guys who are not making any money from Internet Marketing yet? You are the target for these 2 new products. Here you go… Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops.
I’ll bet you’ve been bombarded with emails about one of these products already and you’re about to hear a lot about the other.
Two apparently very similar products with identical aims – to help you make money from a standing start. Which one will help you earn more?
Let’s start with what each of these is about.
Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black OpsCommission Black Ops by Michael Cheney was released first of the two and, as usual with one of Michael’s products, it hits hard, letting you know your pains very quickly – low commissions, poor open rates, bad click throughs and what you should do about them. Each section is contained within military terminology, giving it an air of macho, but it all makes sense when put together.
Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops





If Commission Black Ops is tough talking and slightly ‘jingoistic’ (Michael will jump on me for using that word, but it fits what I’m saying) then Affiliate Cash Map by Lemy Yu is the pacifist view of the world. Everything is laid out for you, step by step and done at a pace that anyone could follow.
Affiliate Cash Map starts at the beginning and doesn’t hit pain points but does lead the absolute beginner to the point where they will be making money.
And there’s the point where things get different. Commission Black Ops assumes you have the basics in place and that you need your butt kicking for the things you’re doing wrong. I admit to having a sore rear-end after going through it all. It was also not just a big seller in its opening week… It was HUGE!
Affiliate Cash Map however doesn’t assume a damn thing about you and is definitely the better product if you are a total newbie. There’s no butt kicking and it’s more like being stroked with scented bootlaces. It’s further down the learning curve but it’s none the worse for it, if that’s what you need.
Depends on how you like to learn and what you NEED to learn.
Following the ideas in Commission Black Ops will certainly put more money in your pocket PROVIDED you have done everything in Affiliate Cash Map to get yourself to the point where you can use the ideas.

So what to recommend to you in the battle of Affiliate Cash Map vs Commission Black Ops?
If you’re an affiliate marketer already then Commission Black Ops will be your target – even if you missed the opening offers.
If you’re a new marketer then get Affiliate Cash Map, get set up, then comeback and grab Commission Black Ops because it will save you a ton of heartache and get your earning potential off to a great start.

Affiliate Cash Map review & bonus

Affiliate Cash Map review & bonus

Affiliate Cash Map is a new product produced by Lemmy Yu. As its name suggests it’s all about learning how to be an affiliate marketer, taking from from, point zero, knowing nothing – but having the desire to succeed, all the way through to earning 6 figure, job-quitting money.

First of all, here’s my video review…

Affiliate Cash Map – contents

The main ‘bones’ of Affiliate Cash Map are 9 videos taking you through picking a niche and product, setting up a squeeze page and email list, sending traffic to the list, building a relationship with that list and turning subscribers into customers. Lemy then goes on about how to turn those customers into avid buyers of more of your offers and making the whole thing into a 6 figure a year business.

Affiliate Cash Map + Bonus
Affiliate Cash Map – CLICK HERE

You might think that this is nothing that hasn’t been done before, and you’re probably right. However, Lemy has made this so simple that a total internet newbie could pick up Affiliate Cash Map and run with this very successfully. The reason for this is that after the videos there is a selection of bonus items to help even the newest newbie to get going – especially the Basic IM Guide item. For the newcomer, this is a great course in its own right and even for the experienced people out there, there are still a fair few who don’t know how to put their own pages together so this will help their knowledge too.

The last part of the download section is the audio mp3 extract of the Affiliate Cash Map videos. Having these means you can load them up on your phone, tablet or music player and be able to listen at a convenient time and place. The fact that ALL the elements are individually downloadable is a great bonus really. So many marketers force to you to watch or listen to their stuff online online, meaning that you miss a chance to learn at a time where you might not have internet access.

Affiliate Cash Map – What’s it going to cost?

The best bit of all though is that Affiliate Cash Map costs you less than $10. That’s 9 videos totalling over 90 minutes, 5 ebooks, Basic IM Training, 9 audios plus all the other bonus bits and pieces that are in there. Making it less than 45c per item. Where else are you going to get training of this quality for that sort of price?

So CLICK HERE to get Affiliate Cash Map for this great price. I’m including a huge IM bonus package, including my own resource book and if you buy through my link, I will add my personal email support as well.

P.S. The video above was my second attempt. My first ran to over 7 minutes which is way too long for a review video, even for a product as good as Affiliate Cash Map. You can watch it here…


I am quite pleased to say that by using various techniques I’ve been shown by other people that each of these videos hit the top spot of Google searches (for Affiliate Cash Map and Affiliate Cash Map review search terms), even beating Lemy Yu’s own pages. Whether they’re still there after a while is another thing entirely, but it goes to show that anyone can hit the top spot of you have the right techniques!