Turbo Tweet Multiplier – Reaching Out Further

Turbo Tweet Multiplier – Reaching Out Further by Getting Retweets

We all know that social media sharing is a great way to get a message out way beyond our normal reach. If we can ask, convince or bribe someone else to share on their page then we have an extra number of people who will see our message and there is also the implied endorsement of the person who has shared. One of the best platforms for encouraging sharing is Twitter using retweets.

Of course, retweets can get retweeted again by other people and so the message can go viral, but these have to be a special kind of message – something that really grabs readers attentions and says that “I want you to see this too”. Think about Ellen DeGeneres’ all star photo from an awards ceremony. Retweeted around the world several times and now famous, just for that fact let alone who else was in the picture.

How can we, as marketers replicate that sort of interest in tweeting our message in the first place?

Simple – we add a reward to the person who does a tweet for us. They get their reward immediately after the tweet. Then we use their details to retweet the message daily for the next 20 days. That ensures that pretty much everyone on their Twitter feed will see that message and if they see it repeated so much then they will be sure that it is worth while following up. They come to your page, decide they want the reward as well. They also tweet for the reward for the next 20 days to their followers. Can you see how this would send even the most ordinary message to a state of viral awareness?

What to choose as a reward? Well your visitors should know what they’re coming to your blog for. You came here for marketing tips and you’re specifically reading now about Twitter marketing, so if I were to offer a reward then it would be social media marketing related and I would find a report or video that gave you more ideas on that topic. If your niche is different then you would select something else, but related to your niche.

Turbo Tweet Multiplier – WordPress Plugin

By now, you’re probably itching to know if there is a miracle piece of software that can offer a reward in return for tweeting about the page and then retweeting it for the next 20 days and of course there is. It’s called Turbo Tweet Multiplier and it’s a WordPress plugin. It installs as easily as any other WordPress plugin and only takes a bit of configuring before it’s ready to go. There is an instructional video and written instructions are included as well. You merely add your giveaway and put a shortcode in the appropriate place of your post. People will click on a button which pops up a ready written tweet for them and they hit the Tweet button. They return to the original page to find a download unlocked for them. They collect their reward and leave happy.

Meanwhile, for the next 20 days, the plugin will retweet the page on their behalf – much the same as many websites already do – ensuring that they are doing their bit to share your message which will bring in more people to you page to do it all again.

Now you might think there are already plugins that do this, like Social Locker which locks part of a page until a social share has been made, but they only share once. Turbo Tweet Multiplier does it 20 times, vastly increasing the reach of your message and the chances of it being seen.

The price of Turbo Tweet Multiplier is only $10 which, I’m sure you’ll agree, is a very low cost for something as powerful as this. It doesn’t have to be used for marketing either. Use it for any post you want to share. You’re rewarding sharers and they are helping you. It’s a win-win situation.


Do You Want Commissions of Greater Than 100%?

Do You Want Commissions of Greater Than 100%?

Of course you do. These days there are plenty of people who will offer you 100% commission on the front end product of their funnels, knowing full well that they will make more further down the funnel and, of course, on sales further down the line. This principle, known as The Super List, has been expounded by Alex Jeffreys in one of his previous products. Now he’s taking it several steps further and telling you about his new set of ideas – The Super Product…

Now Alex does get a bit excitable, but that’s just his way. He does tend to ramble about his humble beginnings but he has made it now. So despite all the usual Alex sidelines – he does know his stuff and he knows how to put it over so that you’ll understand it.

The Super Product is going to be a bible to an awful lot of people, so become one of them and get your copy now.

Go to this link here –> The Super Product and see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

5 Top Free Internet Marketing Courses

5 Top Free Internet Marketing Courses

There are a number of free internet marketing courses, or at least places that are free to start, even if they have an advanced course. For the purposes of this article – the course has to be free to join and take you up to a place where a brand new starter, without a domain name, website or clue, could be reasonably expected to start making some money. This means that one or two so called free internet marketing course had to be excluded as they could leave the student hanging at an incomplete point – unless they paid for the rest of the course.

By complete I mean training a new starter to:

  • Get a domain
  • Get hosting
  • Pick a niche
  • Set up a website, either a pre-built template or WordPress (or similar)
  • Optimise the website
  • At least one basic traffic method free or paid

The word ‘free’ obviously does not include the cost of buying a domain, hosting or other essential ancillaries for starting a website (if that’s the way the free internet marketing course was run).

My 5 choices of free internet marketing courses are:

There were a few others but many did not fulfil all the criteria I set, mostly they assumed a website was already in place or were purely directed at only one aspect of marketing (product creation, email marketing, social media strategies etc.). Without further ado – here goes:

Affilorama http://www.sazaz.com

To start with the whole site looks a bit overwhelming. Everything is there in Affilorama, but there is no structured course as such. There are plenty of video tutorials on individual aspects of marketing, along with a transcript underneath and at the bottom of each page there are ‘suggested other pages’ related to the main heading. With over 100  tutorials there is a lot to get through and there is a ‘completed’ box in each corner so that you can mark when you’ve been somewhere.

There are only 2 paid ‘upsells’ (a third is coming soon)and at $297 & $997 they’re big ones but there’s a lot more support including niche researched templates and the full done for you service. People seem to stay for a long time around this site going by the blog entries and there’s a lot of peer support in the free area.

A lot of information but the lack of a structured course lets it down a bit. The best thing is that there is no time limit to complete everything.

Wealthy Affiliate  WA

This is probably one of the best known of the free internet marketing courses. It gives structured lessons helping you to set up a free WordPress blog within their own domain, in a niche of your own choice and populate it with your own posts. You are encouraged to visit other people’s sites and leave comments, as well as giving peer support in the chat forum. There is a bit of time pressure as, after a given amount of time your free blog will be suspended then deleted unless you pay to stay with the group.

Once you do pay you are told how to improve your blog further and given more traffic tips. The fee is monthly and does increase the amount of support you get. The free part of the course is well structured and all the basics are there, so you could easily take the lessons away and start again on your own, or you could do, as a lot of people have done, pay and stay

Shoemoney Shoemoney

Joel Shoemaker is a well established marketer and this course is well thought out. Going through the course reflects Joel’s interest in marshal arts and as you progress you receive belts of various colours. Another nice touch is that you sometimes get financial rewards (albeit small ones) for completing certain sections and for introducing other people.

In the course (as in many other free courses, whether online or ebook form) Joel makes his own money by having his affiliate links in key places – the domain registrar, hosting, autoresponder etc. and with many of them being ongoing payments, he is assured of a small but regular income – certainly enough to pay some of it back with his rewards system.

This free internet marketing course is laid out in such a way that things have to be done in a certain order and you cannot progress until you have entered particular details in a form at the end of certain pages. Things like the Get Response API which forces you to have Joel’s choice of autoresponder.

So the structure is there although the time pressure isn’t and nor is the peer support. Some support is available from the administrators but it isn’t necessarily quick. Everything is there though even if some of the choices are limited.

Neotuts Neotuts

Otherwise known as the 30 Days to Success Challenge this is one of the simplest laid out of the courses but is well structured although not in a forced way. I actually went through the entire course in less than a day (mostly because I had all the basics in place). Again the site owner – Allen Payne makes some income via affiliate links to the essential services, but you’re not forced down a particular route or penalised if you don’t pick a certain provider.

The layout is sequential but you’re not held back until the previous step is confirmed – ideal if you want to work at a faster pace than the day by day suggestions. The course may be laid out to be done over 30 days but you can take your own time over it. Support again is only via the admin team and there is no peer support facility.

I just discovered that this 30 day course was once a $37 WSO, so to be getting it for free now is definitely a good thing.

There are a number of paid for courses on the site but these are not in your face sales and they’re not forced upon you either. You can subscribe for $15 a month or $150 lifetime. Pretty good value, I’d say.

Udemy – An Entry to Website Marketing udemy

If you’ve never heard of Udemy.com then you really ought to find them and make good use of the site. Registration is free and there are thousands of courses priced from free to ‘a lot’ on all sorts of topics and not just internet marketing based. The course I’m offering here is called ‘An Entry to Website Marketing’ and, as all Udemy course are, is video based with files as handouts and extra information.

This particular course has 26 videos and the pre-start notes say it will take around 4 hours to complete and is delivered by Ron Stefanski who is a professor ‘who teaches internet marketing for a living’. I haven’t taken this course yet but I have taken other Udemy courses before and I know they are well structured although the teaching quality is variable. Much depends on the speaking voice of the tutor and him (or her) having a decent microphone. When I do go through this free internet marketing course then I’ll let you know how good it is by updating this post.

So there you have it – a short bit about 5 top free internet marketing courses. As they’re all free they all have ‘value for money’ and even experienced marketers may learn a thing or two. Why not pick one or two and go through them. You might even pick up a useful idea or two for yourself.

The ShoeMoney Course – Marketing Mentoring Made Easy

The first thing I’m going to start with (and this course will probably get many more mentions) is The ShoeMoney Course. Put together by Joel Shoemaker, this is an inspiring course, with very easy step by step video instructions on how to put together a money making website, and even better, Joel pays you for taking steps along the way, so you will earn while you learn. Nothing is forced or hammered at you and while each of the early videos is only a couple of minutes or so, everything you need to know is there for you.

You can go back through previous steps, if you feel you need to re-experience something you’ve already been taught, but you cannot jump ahead which keeps you nicely in check and stops you getting confused when you try to take in ideas that you’re not so ready for just yet.

Once you’ve started, you can also earn a bit more by introducing other people to the course. All of the visitors you send get registered and any that sign up and complete some steps also earn you some small amounts. The further you go through the course, the larger the percentage you get – especially as you sign up to various things through Joel’s links as do the visitors you send.

The technique of training people, apparently for free, but getting them to sign up through your affiliate links is not new. Just about every free training manual does the same sort of thing, but very few take it as far as Joel and actually return some of their affiliate earnings to their subscribers.

This course is actually best for brand new newbies – Those who have not made any start in internet marketing, since anyone who has made a start will almost certainly have a domain name, hosting and an autoresponder. The stages are laid out so that you cannot jump ahead, which is good, although provided you take each of the steps, you can work at any pace you wish. Fast or slow, you are not hassled by emails telling you to crack on or ease up.

So to round up for you. The ShoeMoney Course is free to join to help you take your first steps in successful internet marketing. You get paid while you play and you will learn what you really need to know to start your online marketing career.

Launch Ninja Review

Launch Ninja Review

This is my Launch Ninja review – is it worth the effort of finding it and what do you do with it.

Why write a Launch Ninja review? I mean, it’s cheap enough that it’s in the ‘no-brainer’ category to start with, but to many people, low cost usually means low value, but this is not the case here. The main-stay of the product is a one and three quarter hour video by the creators, Kevin Fahey & Mikael Dia in which they talk about the necessary steps that go with launching a new product. The first big surprise being – how far in advance you really need to plan! Gurus talk about advertising on the JV launch platforms at least 2 weeks in advance to get the JVs rolling in. They are way off track going with the real planning that is needed.

If you’re someone who hates long videos (and that includes me), there is a PDF transcription of the whole thing, with the different speakers clearly identified and everything written down word for word, so you shouldn’t lose your way. There is also a nice little check-list so you can mark off what you’ve done and see what there is still to do. Finally there is the (obligatory these days) mind map so you can see where they were wenting from as well as going to.

So Launch Ninja is not expensive – which is good. It’s very informative, whether you’ve done product launches before or not. I had and I was very disappointed in myself over what I had left out. I needed this product 2 years ago!

So now onto the upsells. As always with a cheap front end product, it’s basically there to point buyers at the backend. It’s not different to what you’d do with a squeeze page except now you’re paying for the privilege! However, as a technique it works and it’s not unexpected, and as part of this Launch Ninja review, I’ll tell you what you can expect.

The big upsell is for a $0 to $10,000 video course of which the title tells you all you need to know about it. It’s big, intense and should do the job for you if you’re struggling to start.

The 2nd offer is for Mikael’s Online Wealth Academy monthly membership site. It gives you access to the OWA library of videos and tutorials as well as everything else that many of these IM membership sites provide. The basic site looks very good which speaks well for the contents of the paid site. I haven’t seen inside this one but I would bet it is very good given the quality of Launch Ninja.

Are there any downsides that I spotted for this Launch Ninja review?

Well about the worst thing I could say is about the varying volume between the two speakers. Kevin is relatively quiet compared to Mikael, but I’m guessing that it was down to the recording medium or the differences in equipment between whatever the 2 guys were using. It’s noticeable but not so annoying that a good compromise couldn’t be set on my speakers.

Apart from that, no. If you do product launches, but you’ve not been selling loads, go get this. If you want to get into launching your own products, go get Launch Ninja and review it for yourself. This is evergreen stuff so even if you don’t think you’ll need it now, if you’re into marketing, you will need it in future, so go get it while you can.

It’s not every day you’ll spot a good ninja!


Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review

Alex Jeffreys original Ultimate Profit Empire was a great little product – one of his early full multi-media efforts where he did more than just a 2 hour long video. This Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review will let you know what more he has added to make it even better for even the original buyers as well as newcomers to the product.

Ultimate Profite Empire Reloaded Review

The first thing you’ll notice about Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded is that there’s even more of it. The original PDF has been re-written and expanded, based around Alex’s recent launch experiences as well as further training he himself has taken. Naturally enough, this means that the video had to be re-done too and with this release of Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded there’s an MP3 extract of the audio from the video too. This means that all of the media bases have been covered.

As always though with an Alex Jeffreys product there’s more – much more. There are now spreadsheets to help you with the planning as well as mind maps so that you can see where ideas came from and what lead on from them. But it doesn’t even stop there. it’s been noticeable lately amongst Alex’s regular buyers that he’s started to include videos from some of his other older products, which is great if you missed some of his earlier stuff. This doesn’t mean the info is out of date or useless. Far from it. It’s more inspiration for those who have only discovered Alex recently.

Finally, another recent tradition with an AJ release is adding some high quality PLR to help you get started and Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded is no exception. Unlike many other people, Alex doesn’t throw in the same load of PLR every time. He goes out and gets a fresh load from a high quality source so that those who have no clue can at least get started. As always, a variety of evergreen niches are covered and everything a new marketer would need is there.

Ultimate Profite Empire Reloaded Review

I hope you enjoyed my Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded Review. It’s actually quite difficult to do these reviews sometimes as Simon (Alex’s right hand man) doesn’t release many review copies, so I often have to rely on 2nd hand information or wait until release day, but this time I was lucky and I got to see the site under construction, so I could be sure of what was in Ultimate Profit Empire Reloaded.

Media Buying Biz in a Box Review – Why You Must Buy It Now

Media Buying Biz in a Box Review

It seems the whole world is going crazy for ‘Done For You’ products – and it’s not surprising really. It can be a lot of work finding out something about a subject and researching enough to appear an expert, or even if you are already an expert, putting together a package that has good value can be a time consuming experience. Up to 250 hours according to some people. So here’s a solution.

Dr Amit Pareek has put together this package called Media Buying Biz in a Box and this is my review of it.

Media Buying definition: Media buying a sub function of advertising management is the procurement of media real estate at an optimal placement and price. The main task of media buying.… (follow link for full definition)

Media Buying Biz in a Box is a full training package designed to take someone who knows nothing about media buying or why they’d even need such a thing and turn them into, if not an expert, at least someone who could hold their own in a discussion about the subject. But guess what? It’s not just designed for you, the initial buyer. It’s actually a fully fledged system that you can sell on to others – and you keep 100% of the sale price. In other words, it’s PLR or Private Label Rights.

You do the normal PLR tricks – you rewrite a bit, making sure your name (or pseudonym) is prominent, you redo some of the graphics and you turn the whole thing into ‘your’ product.

Now a specialist topic like media buying would probably be attractive to a specialist audience and specialist audiences tend to pay premium prices for their information, so they would probably think that say… $97 for this workbook, cheat sheet and mindmap would be pretty reasonable, leaving you with a handsome income from each sale. But for you the reseller, there’s more.

A selection of sales pages, complete with sales letters and other necessary blurb. A doodle sales video to make sure your potential buyers know all the benefits they’re getting as well as a ton of sales graphics, both static and animated to catch their attention. There are also a selection of sales letters and email swipes as well as the links to other related products and videos so that you can put a full funnel system in place.

Once you have that Media Buying Biz in a Box funnel in place, you could then put your new Media Buying Biz in a Box product on an affiliate site and have a hoard of affiliates driving the traffic to your sales page – and all the help you need to do that is included too.

About the only thing you can’t do with Media Buying Biz in a Box is resell the entire package including the sales parts. The resale rights as far as you, the Media Buying Biz in a Box package buyer is concerned are purely for the training documents mentioned first, but why would you want to? You’d only be creating competitors!

So what’s the price for this amazing Media Buying Biz in a Box PLR package – less than you think. Although it is on a sliding scale – the more that are sold, the more the price of Media Buying Biz in a Box climbs, so it’s best to get in there early. And here’s your link to go to the sales page and check it out for yourself.

Media Buying Biz in a BoxCheck out this Media Buying Made Easy PLR Training package.


Now of course there are upsells available too. The first one actually offers videos, audios and presentations to add to the training material plus some bonuses so you can increase the value of the sale or add it as an upsell yourself. There is a further upsell with 5 more high quality PLR products and one downsell offering the same training material but no bonuses, so you can tailor what you offer to your Media Buying Biz customers.

These upsell and downsell packages are also on a growing price scale, so again it’s beneficial to get in there early if you have real ambitions to use Media Buying Biz in a Box.

So there you have it. A very comprehensive done for you package as described in this Media Buying Biz in a Box review and in a profitable, future proof niche. It is also a niche that would work very well to offline sales where you could ring up a local companies and offer them a full media buying training package. If you study the material well yourself you could even increase the value of the training by doing a live presentation and charge an attendance fee plus a ‘per student’ cost as well, using these materials as your course. Your small investment now could be the gateway to your own training company.

Black Book of Traffic by Jason Atkinson – Review

First of all I had better apologise for doing another review but this is something well worth passing on rather than passing over especially if you’re not making much or any money by internet marketing yet.

Black Book of Traffic by Jason Atkinson – Review

Jason Atkinson is someone who is quite new to internet marketing. He’s a university graduate who could not get a job and saw a future, in his own words, “working in a call centre or flipping burgers” which did not strike him as an attractive prospect. He found his way into internet marketing, as many of us do, as an alternative and after a few failures, discovered Alex Jeffreys and adopted him as his mentor. The Black Book of Traffic is the first result of that mentorship.

Now Jason knows, as do many of us, that web traffic is the lifeblood of any website. You can have the best website in the world, but if nobody sees it, then you are stuck. Jason has discovered a nifty little trick to make a small amount of money first,which then goes into a better system and another and another. The chain of events is logical and easily achievable. Better yet, the initial steps are free to carry out, so this really is a zero cash startup program. In fact, all you really need to get started is an email address and some PLR. An autoresponder would help but is not an essential in the very beginning.

Now obviously, I’m not going to run through Jason’s plan here as I don’t want to deprive him of his income, but I have read through a review copy of the Black Book of Traffic so I do know that it is well worth the low cost of buying the system.

I will warn you that Jason’s punctuation and grammar is a bit haphazard at times, but the content is top class, and it is this content that you should focus on, especially for only $5. There are a couple of upsells which add to the efficiency of the system, but are not essential to getting it going and even if you don’t take them at initial sale time, they are still available to you later.

So if you haven’t really got started yet or if you have got started but you’re not turning over a regular income, I can definitely recommend Jason Atkinson’s Black Book of Traffic. It is a worthwhile investment and it will get you going in any niche. Click one of the links and find out for yourself.

Have you tried any good products lately that you think are worth telling everyone else about? Don’t put links in your comment, as they will just get it marked as spam by my filters. Instead, name the product and what you like about it. If you want to write a review yourself, then contact me and place a guest post on here. It will go out with your links in and will be your opportunity to show the world your writing skills too.

If you need assistance in getting going in the world of internet marketing, especially affiliate marketing, product creation of list building, then again drop me a line at admin@stevenlucasmarketing.com I’m sure we can work together to develop your marketing skills.

My Unfair Advantage – Special Weekend Sale

My Unfair Advantage

Now until recently, I’d never heard of My Unfair Advantage, and I’ll suspect that many of you hadn’t either. It turns out that this is an internet marketing mentor site like no other. Omar and Melinda Martin – a husband and wife team, work hard to make 100% sure to make you a success, and training like they provide doesn’t always come cheaply. Anyone else that provides WEEKLY live coaching calls would be charging hundreds of dollars a month for the privilege of listening to them talking, possibly even without the ability to talk back directly to them to get immediate answers.

However, Omar & Melinda DO provide this service along with a lot more besides. A really well structured course that takes you from newbie to top marketer, laid out so that you never have to guess what to do next. It’s all there for you. You have to put in the work for yourself of course, it’s not all done for you, but what you need to know is laid out in an easily accessible manner.

And My Unfair Advantage is VERY popular.

The trouble with ‘popular’ is that it could spread the teaching a bit thinly and dilute the results and, like many other mentors, Omar & Melinda limit the number of people they have on their books at any one time at My Unfair Advantage, so that they can provide the best service possible to those they do accept.

My Unfair Advantage is composed of over 250 pages of rock solid content, software tools and video training. Everything that they use to run their daily business. Plus they do LIVE training webinars every Thursday and there are over 200 past episodes in the archives.

The members get access to all of their resources 24/7. They will tap into their PLR product library and hundreds of thousands of articles to create content. The plugins, WordPress themes and even their unreleased proprietary tools. This is the most BAD ASS members area out there, period! My Unfair Advantage is ideal for newbie to intermediate marketers and is geared to get them up to the $1k per day level. (Would you be happy with a quarter million dollars per year? I think you might be!)

From 00:01 EST on Friday 20th March to Midnight on 22nd March 2015 the doors to My Unfair Advantage are going to be thrown wide open to applicants everywhere. The cost is easily affordable, the resources inside are huge and the results are guaranteed (if you put the required work in). So don’t wait or hesitate, go over to My Unfair Advantage NOW and sign up for the path to marketing success and I’ll see you on the inside.

If you have any questions over the weekend I’ll do my best to answer them myself or put them to Omar & Melinda for you. Just pop them in the comments box below or email them to me. Also feel free to share this good news using the social media share buttons below.

This will be one hell of a ride, so make sure you’re on it.

Launch Bible 2.0 Review

Launch Bible 2.0 Review

Alex Jeffreys is at it again, this time with Launch Bible 2.0 and this is my review.

I’ve bought and studied Alex Jeffreys’ products for a good while now. It was one of his courses – Marketing with Alex, that persuaded me to get into internet marketing properly and showed me how a long term plan system would be better than the haphazard approach that I’d been using before. Rather than trip over a product on Clickbank, get an affiliate link and then push it around half-heartedly for a few days, Marketing With Alex got me building a blog, researching ideas and products and then getting out there and interacting with people, especially ones who needed help and where I had the expertise to help them. That is Alex’s aim too – find people who need help and offer it to them.

One thing that always stands out with Alex’s products is the launching of them. He does it in a very organised and methodical way and this led to a product called Launch Bible – which showed everybody how he does it. Now it’s all been updated and Launch Bible 2.0 has been born.

Now included in Launch Bible 2.0 is a simple cheat sheet detailing what needs to be done on the run up to launch day, launch day itself and post launch. It may surprise you how much works needs to be done in order that you can guarantee a successful product and a multitude of sales that should come from a well done launch.


In addition to the cheat sheet there is also 2hrs plus of video and audio that take someone with no experience or knowledge of a launch through selecting a niche, creating the product and automating everything that is required to make the process as painless as possible.

Launch Bible 2.0

Then there are details of case studies, showing how all of the above has been applied by total newbies into successful launches and in several different niches. So far, so good.

Launch Bible 2.0 Bonus Items

But it wouldn’t be an Alex Jeffreys launch without a few bonus items. And these are NOT repackaged PLR. This is all fresh material, put together especially for Launch Bible 2.0.

  • The Paypal “Warning” Document.
  • The Product Launch Survival Guide
  • The Done For You – 3 page cash machine templates
  • Alex Jeffreys Product Launch Black Book
  • Live Group Q&A Sessions
  • Fly On The Wall Video Documentary

Obviously I can’t go into great detail about any of these items since Alex wants you to study his product for yourself, but you can see that with everything that’s included (and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you really don’t like it. But you won’t need it) that it would be huge value for money at a 3 figure sum, but I can assure you that it won’t be that high. Instead if you can scrape together $10 you will find that Launch Bible 2.0 will be well worth the time it takes you to study all the material you’re offered. Don’t wait, go grab it now by following the links.

If you do get the Launch Bible 2.0 and find you need more help after going through everything, you’ll find me more than willing to help and I will offer all the support I can to you. You can offer your comments below so that everyone can benefit from your experience or you can email me personally. If I don’t know the answer, then I do know the right people to ask.