Fast List Growth plus Profits

Fast List Growth plus Profits

I signed up with 5iphon a year or so ago but never put much thought into it. It was like a lot of other sites I’d signed up to and forgotten. I’m not the first to do that, nor will I be the last, but recently I had a reason to be redirected to the site and i was reminded of what it could do for me and it goes beyond fast list growth.

Primarily 5iphon is an opt-in email fast list growth multiplier site as people who sign up under you for free will send people to their link. However, the first 5 people who they send and sign up will go onto your list. If they sign up and take up the paid membership of $20 per month you will get half of their monthly membership every month, so you win either way. The site converts extremely well as the offers are attractive and the options are well presented. Also, once you are a paid member you have the option of sending new free sign ups to the 5iphon paid membership or to a page of your choice – an affiliate offer of course.

The site integrates with Aweber and Get Response (obviously since you are list building, you will need an autoresponder) directly, so people will go straight onto your email list. To keep them on board make sure to remind them to send traffic to their own 5iphon affiliate link (provided immediately for them, along with pre-written ads and headlines). You can also remind them that their first 5 sign ups will go to you unless they take up paid membership (in which case half their membership money goes to you instead).

Now an ideal way to get started is by sending solo ad traffic to your 5iphon link and an excellent source of solo ad traffic is Safe-Swaps. Again, it will cost you nothing to sign up with them although there is a paid membership option you don’t need it to buy traffic. Pick someone who has a good reputation (lots of thumbs up) and always over delivers (usually by 10%-25%). For 100 clicks this will cost you between $25 to $40 but there is every chance that you will get 30 to 50 sign ups from your 120 clicks (based on average over-delivery) of which 6 to 10 will probably become paid members (maybe more. The offer converts very well). If you (in your first few emails from your autoresponder) convince them to send traffic to their links via the same method I’m laying out here or by any other method (AdWords, FB ads, safelists etc) you will get their first 5 signups (if they haven’t paid for membership) or (if they have paid) they will see the growth in their lists and happily remain a paid 5iphon member (which means you get half their monthly membership fee).

Another source of solo ad clicks is Solo Master Pro. This site is unique in that you can buy clicks from this site for as little as $0.31 each and resell them at whatever price you can get. This is very handy if you want to sell more clicks but don’t have a list of your own or one that would support that many. Your first order each month is also matched (up to certain limits) so you will get an extra tranche of clicks free, each and every month. The clicks are 70% tier 1 (a good percentage) and can be sent to any free offer.

You only need 2 paid members to cover your 5iphon membership and then 3 more will cover your solo ad cost. Of course anything then sold through your list emails is a bonus to you. You should break even from your first solo ad sending each month and then make $40+ per hundred (after solo costs). How many solo ads you send per month is up to you. Also free members might sign up to paid membership later, so don’t give up on them if they don’t buy immediately. Keep giving them your support and encouragement, as well as the odd freebie every now and then.

Once your list gets to a decent size (500+), you can then take a paid membership to Safe-Swaps and start selling solo ads as well. You might have to start at the cheaper end and gain a reputation, but once you have a few solo sales under your belt you will be sought after and be able to charge accordingly. There are sellers who ask for  (and get) $100+ for 100 clicks if they have a tier 1 guaranteed buyers list. (Tier 1 are people from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK – English speaking, high income).

If you are going to sell to your new subscribers, I would suggest Clickbank or JVZoo products in the list building niche.

So the resources are:

There are people turning in a regular profit just through 5iphon alone, let alone what they are adding by selling solo ads and affiliate offers. This is an easy and fast way to grow your list and the offer converts well from the beginning because it starts free and the benefit of being a paid member is also good and explained well.

There’s only one thing left to do… GET STARTED.

Do you have a good traffic method for a free offer that you care to share? Have you found similar schemes that you think are worth telling the world about? Do you have ideas for fast list growth? Let me know in the comments section below.

If you like this method, feel free to use the social media share buttons to tell the world all about it.

Get Response Special Offer

Get Response Special Offer

Many of you may know that I use GetResponse as my autoresponder. I’ve nothing against any of the others, I had to pick one and GetResponse was it. I don’t need to go telling you why you need an autoresponder for any more reason that I’d need to tell you why you’d want to build an email list or why you need to communicate with them regularly. If you’re an internet marketer, you just know these things. However, if you’re just getting into marketing or (for some reason) you don’t have an autoresponder yet, I have a Get Response special offer here that might just tempt you.

This is a Get Response special offer available from 3AM EST on February 11th 2015 and it’s only available to the first 1000 applicants or until 3AM EST on February 14th 2015. It’s such a huge offer that I’m going to list it out below, just so you get the good points.

  • A massive 50% discount for the first 90 days you are a Get Response member. That’s off any plan you select. The plans vary in price depending on how many subscribers you want. The lowest price plan is $20 a month for 2000 subscribers and you can move up as you grow.
  • A 90 day tutorial that will teach you how to grow your subscriber list to 10,000 people. Emailing offers to your subscriber list is the most reliable way to make money on the internet and each subscriber is worth (on average) between 50c to $2.00 per month. (That doesn’t mean that each subscriber will buy that much per month – just on average). That means an income between $5k to $20k per month, just for staying in touch with people who have asked you.

So what do you have to do to take advantage of this offer?

Click on one of the banners or on this link Get Response Special Offer and join up. Remember, it’s only for a limited time, so don’t hesitate, get in there quickly. The tutorial is fantastic – arranged in easy to follow short videos with supporting pdf files. Everything only takes an hour or two each day and you will start to see results very quickly.

Get Response has a great support team and offers online help as well as live support at no extra cost – this support is extra special when you have problems.

You know you need an autoresponder and Get Response is one of the best. With high deliverability of your emails as well as the ability to host your squeeze pages (so you won’t need any hosting), it is an all round favourite with many of the world’s top marketers. And me.

No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Review

No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Review

One of the frustrating things about beginning with Internet Marketing, in fact, any business, is that you need money to make money, which puts quite a few people off of even starting. Along with putting money in, there’s also a lot to learn and even that is constantly changing as ideas update along with all the other things around us that change. The learning requires time and often more money too. It seems like any sort of online earning takes a fair amount of money outputting first. There was a great product that helped the newbie or even experienced but non-earner through the maze. It was called No Cost Income Stream, and for the price it was very good.

However, that was a while ago and as I pointed out above, things have moved on. Enter now No Cost Income Stream 2.0. The original course only gave you one idea to follow through, perhaps on the basis that it’s less likely to distract you if you try to follow up multiple ideas at once. The new course now provides with 5 ideas, spread over 89 videos (up from the original 39) with all the supporting documentation you will also need, and all at no extra cost. Every bit of marketing, every tool you need to use, from keyword research to the autoresponder is all provided for you at… No Cost.

No domain name or hosting (they cost money). No telling you to buy expensive and dodgy solo ads. All the traffic methods are free. There are also bonus products galore, at no extra cost that provide you with everything you need to start attracting customers, building email lists, selling solutions and problem solvers to the needy and all at no extra cost above and beyond the original price of the course. Some of the bonus items teach you even further how to use the free tools and you have resell rights on these tutorials too.

As usual, when I find a product I like, I do tend to get carried away and I’m sorry if this sounds more like a sales spiel than a review, but I can’t believe the content that has been piled in to this package in order to help you really get started with making money online. The No Cost Income Stream 2.0 product is one of those things that you wish had been available to you years ago. It would have saved so much frustration.

No I will say that No Cost doesn’t mean No Work. In fact, the opposite. You will always pay one way or another and your time is a cost, but at least it’s your time under your control. If you can blast 8 – 16 hours over a weekend you will start to see results faster than someone who only does a couple of hours on days when he feels like it. However, you are guided and encouraged to put in solid effort and the sooner you see results for your efforts, the more enthusiastic you will be to put in more effort again.

As always with these types of courses it’s all digital downloads although there’s no push to get everything at once. There are also links on where to get your free tools where they are generally available, however if you already have them, then you’re not adding to the space taken up on your hard drive.

Now the guys who put this course together value it and nearly $2400 for everything they’ve included and it certainly looks like it to me, but the whole point of  No Cost Income Stream 2.0 is that it costs nothing to get started (beyond the cost of this course itself) and so they decided to aim it at the beginner, the guy who needs to know how to get started. You.

So it’s only $37. Not a lot really when the information that’s in it could mean that you can quit your job and start to get a living wage from the internet. No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Putting you where you need to start from. Pointing you at where you need to end up. This is a must buy if you are a total loss when it comes to making money online. So don’t hesitate. Go now. Click the banner below.

No Cost Income Stream 2.0 Review



My Entry Into Video Making

Video Making with Powtoon

For some time now many people have been saying that video marketing is the up and coming thing. How long has something got to be up and coming before it becomes an accepted practice? Not all of us are comfortable in front of a camera or even behind a microphone so we need a good alternative. It’s all very well if you’re good with PowerPoint or other presentation software that can save slides as picture files, which you can then insert into a video, but what if you want an easier start? There may be other sites that do this, but I’ve found Powtoon, and it’s great fun as well as useful (and it’s free as well). is a flash based website that lets you make your own cartoons, with little bits of animation on a static slide background. You can introduce characters, let them play with props and have them appear, disappear as required along with text blocks that can come in as required too. Very easy to do, if a little frustratingly slow at times. Here’s one of my early efforts:


OK so the animations are a bit basic although with a bit of ingenuity you an make it look a bit more sophisticated than it is.

There are 3 levels of membership. The free level is more than adequate although access to the tools is limited (there are many tools that are not available, including some better animations), you are also limited as to the length of videos (5 mins) you can produce and the resolution of the end product. Also free video producers have a 4 second ad for Powtoon at the end of each video, which can only be removed by having one of the paid membership levels. Your only ‘download’ choice for free is to have your video put up on YouTube or Wistia video sites. However, with the aid of some free plugins it’s easy to download your videos into a convenient format if you want to edit them yourself. Another good thing is that Powtoon saves all of your creations (even after publishing them) so you can go back and edit them later or work on them in fits and starts, if that’s all the time you have.

By paying up for one of the two upper levels of membership (monthly or annual subscriptions available) you get to make longer videos (15 mins or 60 mins), have access a larger range (18 or 24 sets as opposed to the 11 free sets) of actors and props and be able to save them in higher (High Definition, Pro Plan 720p, Business Plan 1080p) resolutions as well as allowing downloading an MP4 to your computer and removing the advertorial tag. Also the paid plans allow you to make your videos private if you wanted to make them part of a paid tutorial. However, none of the limitations of the free membership are insurmountable if you are willing to do more work off the site.

I like Powtoon. I can produce short (1 to 3 minute) ads, instructions or introductions very easily and they go straight up onto YouTube with a good title, description and keywords. I can then use to get some views and likes and Fiverr to do a backlink pyramid to the video. I also edit the video description to remove the 150 words or so that Powtoon also adds to it but at the moment I am leaving them their outro. As stated earlier, I could download them, remove the outro, join 2 or 3 together, do a voice over (or buy one on Fiverr) and all with software easily available (Windows Movie Maker will do all of this and it’s free).

So I can thoroughly recommend this site. Even if you never do more than produce half a dozen short clips pointing to your squeeze page, you’ll be getting into video marketing. However, I’ll bet you find its ease of use addictive and you’ll think of quite a few ideas that you can promote your sites with. A 2 minute video can be made in under an hour (including the learning curve that I’m still on) and once it’s up, it’s a constant free pointer for you.

Some last thoughts. If one video can do wonders for your site’s SEO, think what half a dozen or more could do. This could also be a profitable micro jobs (Fiverr etc) business that could easily pay for a subscription to the site. (Higher payments for HD videos and longer times). In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if someone wasn’t already doing it.

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Free $688 a day tutorial by James Scholes

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

What is it with enthusiastic Brits and Internet Marketing? Here we have another one – James Scholes and his long standing and still best selling product Evergreen Wealth Formula. For a start you have to think, it’s well established and still selling well, how can it still be fresh and up to date? The answer to that is easy – there’s an enthusiastic Brit behind it. James keeps sending out information, keeping it fresh and what’s more, keeping it real. He doesn’t claim multi-million dollar per year sales, with a huge back-end crew jumping to his whims, but he does tell us that he uses this system himself and pulls thousands per month, keeping him more than comfortable whilst working from a  small room in his home.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is based around a simple 3 step plan, niche, squeeze, traffic – nothing more complicated than that. It’s not a push button, buy this once and draw in all the money but James does guide you through each step and provides you with the tools you need or tells you where you can get them from, so that you can get started quickly and easily. Then once you’ve done it once (or twice if you’re a slow learner) with hand holding, you can then rinse and repeat, or in other words, do it all again for more income.

Video based course

The course itself is solely video based which may be a bit off putting to anyone who’d rather read a manual (me included), and James is a very enthusiastic talker although he never runs away from a point, nor does he belabour it to stretch out the content. He provides a great video for free which he uses as an introduction to the course and you can get a great deal from watching it. Of course, you’ll have to sign up to the squeeze page to watch the video, but believe me, it is worth it and James does not bombard you with daily or hourly emails demanding you buy his next latest and greatest.

James also adds regularly to Evergreen Wealth Formula so it’s not a static tutorial. It grows as techniques change so you are always kept up to date.

Evergreen Wealth Formula is one of those products that it’s easy to really believe in. James’ email support is great and he does it all himself – how many other product support networks will do that? There are live calls and as much hand holding as you need to really get yourself going, so if you’ve failed at so many other ‘systems’ either because you lacked the self belief or you were left cold by a total lack of mentor support, this should be the last course you’ll ever need to buy. Because this one really works.

The cost is one-off and there are no upsells, so once you’ve paid your $97 you’re in. James does offer personal tutorials for a mentor sized sum (not unreasonably), but you do not have to join a hugely expensive inner circle to make Evergreen Wealth Formula successful for you.

If you’ve had bad experiences with a lack of support, why not let everyone know in the comments below. If you have to name names then I will have to do some research to verify what you’ve said and if I cannot find anything then your comment may be removed. After all, this is an information blog, not a rant site. Speak up and inform your fellow marketers.

Product Creation For The Terminally Terrified


Product creation, Colored pencils

Product Creation For The Terminally Terrified

Product Creation for the Terminally Terrified is an ebook I wrote earlier this year as an introduction to creating your own e-products – books, videos and audios, in a way that made it easy for beginners and novices to understand why they needed their own products and how to go about it and (me being me), how to do it as cheaply as possible. For those of you who might have missed it, its available at and although it does ask for a sign up, you are getting for free, a great introduction to product creation. However, as with all things squeeze page-ish, there is another offer on the download page (the address of which you are sent immediately by email). This offer is for a more advanced product creation course and is an audio series from the master of product creation – Sean Mise.

Now because this course is MP3 audio, you can put it onto your portable player, smartphone or tablet and play it anywhere. There’s no special drivers to load (like with some video courses, especially on portable devices) and the ideas being put over are not the sort that need complex diagrams and mindmaps so beloved of many more visually based mentors. They are based on a series of calls made to Sean’s students so when he answers questions they will be very similar to questions anyone might have especially at the beginner stages.

But that’s not all you get if you buy Sean’s course. The best created products in the world won’t earn a penny unless the world knows about them, so as a bonus item, I’ve included another some ideas on traffic sources. This is a video course and pdf ebook to teach you about getting traffic to your website(s).

So a complete package for you on instant download – Product creation and traffic generation, and it all starts with you putting your name and email address into the squeeze page at There won’t be hourly emails following it up, exhorting you to buy more products – I do about 3 a week as I don’t wish to be intrusive and of course you can unsubscribe whenever you like.

Give the free ebook, Product Creation for the Terminally Terrified a go and when you feel all inspired and want to do more, go back to the download page and have another look at the Page for Sean Mise’s Content Creation Course. The bonus traffic video course is not mentioned in the sales spiel, but is available on the download page for the main course.

Take another look now and start your new year with some new products – created by YOU.

Social Post Box Review of a Facebook Management Tool

Social Post Box review of Facebook management tool

Social Post Box review

Here’s another great tool I’ve found for getting your message out there. It’s called Social Post Box and is a Windows desktop tool for Facebook wall and group posting, commenting as well as a few other things. It also comes with some high quality training videos based online that really explain everything quite well, so rather than tell you all about it myself, I’ll let you see the introduction video that gives the overall feel to the product.

Now the ability to post to multiple groups at once – very quickly and easily, I might add, is worth the cost of Social Post Box but since you can also monitor your comments, Like comments, post graphics and videos with consummate ease this makes it even better. (Sorry if I sound a bit gushy and enthusiastic about this, but it is that good!). You can also the Post Scheduler to spread your posts out – great if you want to go away from your computer, but still want to keep in touch with your readers.

Now there is a ‘Pro’ version that does include even more features, one of which is a very easy to use graphics creator. Here’s the tutorial video for it:

Now if that isn’t the easiest graphics creation you’ve seen, then I don’t know what you’re using, but you should tell everyone about it.

So by now you’ll be wanting to know how to get hold of Social Post Box and you can get it if you Click Here.

One more bit of exciting news is that you can even get a Resale Rights version of Social Post Box. Your customers will get access to the same software and training videos but you can do a little re-branding and basically make it more your own. To get the resale rights version Click Here.

Whichever version you buy, make sure you keep hold of the receipt that you get emailed to you as you will need it the first time you run the program. Your purchase is verified using this number. It’s a one time only thing and is never intrusive. You will of course, also need a Facebook account.

I have also tested the support site which is first class. Despite being only an hour or so into the launch, I had a quick and satisfactory response to my query. That is really good to see.

Happy posting.

P.S. I forgot to mention… There are two great bonus items included in the price, no matter which version you buy. The first is Spinner Pro which as the name suggests is article spinning software (Again, Windows only). I haven’t tried it yet, but it did sell for a good amount in its own right. The second item is Facebook Ads Ignition – which is a video series of Facebook marketing training – a well thought addition to Social Post Box. These 2 items are probably worth the cost of the Social Post Box software and they are yours a free extras when you buy Social Post Box.

P.P.S. The payment is ONE OFF. This is not a monthly subscription service. What are you waiting for? Go get Social Post Box NOW!

Using Scoop.It to Show Your Site for Free


Scoop.It is one of those sites that you know exist, but you can’t always see how to make it work for you. It is essentially a content curation site which allows anyone to share what others have found. Now at first, this might not sound like it could do anything for you. In fact it sounds more like you are displaying other people’s ideas and products, but you can use this to your advantage.

First of all, content curation is the method of grabbing stories and information from anywhere else and bringing it all into one place – pretty much the same as what a news website would do or the Yahoo front page or BuzzFeed website. The content, in the main, is not re-hosted on the curation site, although a snippet or so obviously would be, and if the reader wants to know more after seeing the snippet, they can follow the link to the original story or article.

Scoop.It Specialist Shirt

Scoop.It allows its members to post this stuff to social media of their choice, within a niche of their choice based on keywords they have chosen. Therefore the curated content will be of interest to them and keeps their engagement level at a high state and helps them to stay interested in what the member has to say. Scoop.It also allows the member to add their own comments to the content, again adding interest for the readership.

Where it gets better is that Scoop.It also allows members to add their own content to their niche selection thus providing more content for others to share as well. This sharing then ensures that your messages get out to places where they might not have been seen before.

For instance, I can write an article for this website and Scoop the URL. This then shows up in other members lists that have similar keywords to my list and lets them have the option of offering something of interest to their readers, but with their own comments. And believe me, it’s easier to write a few words of comments on somebody else’s article than to write one yourself.

At the basic level of Scoop.It membership, you can only select one list of one set of keywords and many of the more advanced techniques like, adding curated comment to your site or WordPress blog, having more than one list are only available when you start taking a paid level of membership and direct linking to your content. However, the free level is great for getting you started and for you to see what is available to you. You can post to 2 social media places for each Scoop that you find and you should try to add 8 to 10 Scoops of your own each day.

As always with this sort of posting, putting value information up is a great way to build trust before putting up affiliate links. It’s a great way to recycle older articles and web posts for new attention as well as providing interesting comment to your social media followers. Scoop.It is one of those great tools that it’s worth learning to use and can improve your web visibility no end.

Here’s a short tutorial on Scoop.It

Alex Jeffreys Product Launch Bible Review

Product Launch Bible

Well it looks like my mentor, Alex Jeffreys is up to his new product tricks again. In fact he’s doing his best to make sure that everyone can be as successful as he is when it comes to product launches by giving us his own Product Launch Bible – the list of instructions and steps that Alex uses and trains his direct learning pupils to use too. Now in the 11 months of this year Alex has launched 11 products and got over 33,000 units sold, so you can guess he does know a thing or two about product launches and how to make them a total success.

Bonus Items

As usual with an Alex Jeffreys product, there is a ton of bonus products, all new and all relevant to the main event. The highlight of these bonus products is an over-the-shoulder one hour long video of a product release. There is also a diagram and examples of the 4 pages that Alex does for each product, a resource guide of the places and faces behind each product launch.


But that’s all by the by. The extras. What about the main event? Well that lives up to Alex’s usual standards too. A 2 hour video (with the audio as an extra separate file) and a PDF transcript of the whole shebang as well. The presentation is done by Alex (of course) in his usual excitable style, which is not necessarily to everybody’s taste but he does help you to believe his message. Some of this time is taken up with Alex’s back story, but not as much as has been usual in some of his earlier products.

Now obviously I can’t talk here about the contents of the Product Launch Bible as it would negate the point of me suggesting that you buy it, but I, as a reasonably experienced marketer, still learned plenty and I’m very sure that you will too.

As always with a good launch, there is also a sales funnel set of offers after you’ve bought Product Launch Bible. The first is Marketing With Alex Live – a recording of a live session that Alex recorded and well worth grabbing too. The second offer is Internet Marketing Mastermind – a monthly membership site with private call sessions with Alex and his team and some great assistance with product creation and anything else you might need. This link is a special $1 introductory price, so don’t share it too far and wide. This program is not full time access to Alex (that comes with his personal training product which is a LOT more money) but there is a great deal of assistance available from the man himself and his team.

And also, because I’m that sort of bloke, you don’t have to just take my word for how interesting Product Launch Bible is, I’ve collected some other people’s opinions too.

Here’s a video review:

This isn’t the only one, of course but I don’t want to bore you with how good I think Product Launch Bible is, I want you to find out for yourself, so, one more time, here’s the link to the Product Launch Bible.

PushButton SEO Plugin Review

PushButton SEO Plugin Review

Any of you who run your own WordPress blog will know that there is so much to consider when you’re writing your posts. Is the word count high enough, where can I get some related pictures and videos, have I done enough meta bits and bobs – In other words, is there enough SEO on the page to get and retain search engine interest.

My first response to that sort of thing is usually – “Write for people and let the search engines take it from there”, but there are still some things you can do, that are not necessarily ‘people’ things, but will make a difference if grabbing SE rankings is part of your marketing plan. (It’s not part of mine, but I consider this tool vital anyway).

PushButton SEO

Optimizer Tab

PushButton SEO is a WordPress plugin that at least reminds you how much of the above can be done, and does its best to help you do it too. It’s default purpose is to analyse your post and let you know where your SEO deficiencies are. Whether you have a good permalink, if the Meta Title & Description are adequate, are you using Headings enough and do you have enough internal and external links. PushButton SEO will also give you some suggestions as to other improvements you can make – adding pictures and appropriate ALT tags, embedding videos and will critique the length of your article as well. Most of this is ‘eyeball and habit’ stuff but it’s still useful to have this as a reminder for you.

Links Tab

But PushButton SEO doesn’t stop there. By clicking on the LINKS tab in the widget box you then get the option to seek out and add internal and external links to a keyword of your choice. Normally this would be the long tail keyword you are optimizing your page for, so you are getting related links, relevant to your article. The SEO juice is now building up nicely.

Content Tab

Another part of SEO is how long your visitors stay on your page and getting them to stay longer is not just the provenance of how many words you’ve written but also what pictures they can look at and what videos you can get them to stay and watch. Well guess what? PushButton SEO will also go out and find those for you too. The images come from Flickr so you will need to sign up and get a developer API code but don’t worry. It’s nothing more than copy and paste a long alphanumeric string from one page to another and that’s only done once.

Believe it or not, there is a lot more that PushButton SEO can do but if I told you all of it, there’d be nothing left for their sales page to talk about and they do it better than I could. Even better are the training videos that they supply so you shouldn’t be stuck on anything – installation, setting up and use is all covered in a series of short clips designed to get you going with the maximum of efficiency and minimum of fuss.

Here’s somebody else’s opinion of PushButton SEO:

(Guess how I found this video?)

Yes I am a PushButton SEO user although I’ve only recently rediscovered that I had a license (Developers) after letting it gather digital dust in the jungle that is my data drive. To get it going I had to contact support who responded within 24 hours so I have no complaints there and once installed in this and one other WP site I started making good use of it again. Everything is so easy and what’s more, I can go back through previous posts and update them just as easily as new ones. Eventually these improvements will filter through the search engine system and perhaps give me a nice little boost in their eyes.

Here’s an extract from an external site’s opinion (

Quality Content over Super Optimisation PushButton SEO for the Mediator. I bet once you have finished writing your post you start tweaking your SEO to get people to visit your site. Often you have to stuff keywords into your content to get.…

And a clip from a press release (

PushButton SEO Review Bonus for Brian Johnson’s plugin Revealed. PR Web press release A PushButton SEO Review Bonus for Brian Johnson’s plugin answers the question a lot of people want to know Does PushButton SEO work? PushButton SEO is designed to help with their on page SEO. There is a lot more that is involved in SEO apart and more.…

There may be other plugins that do bits and pieces of what PushButton SEO does, but I’m sure there isn’t another in this price range that does all of it. This is the easiest way of content curation you will find. (Remember. Using one man’s work is theft. Using many people’s work is research or curation). There’s a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime support included in the price and even the ‘personal’ edition allows you to use it on 50 sites – hardly a limitation at all!

Finally, as this is a review, there is an affiliate link to the product. I use it and stand by it so I’m very happy to recommend it.Click Here to grab your own copy of PushButton SEO and see what it can do for your WordPress site.

And just for comparison, here’s the link to SEO Pressor which does a similar sort of thing. I haven’t used this one but the back to back specs look comparable.