Automatic List System by Lemy Yu – review


Well here we go again with another product review. This time it’s Lemy Yu’s Automatic List System which as you might guess from the title is a tutorial on list building. I’ve been given a preview copy to look over and comment on, but don’t expect an ‘all praise’ review. I don’t like doing that unless a product is really worth it, and I’m a demanding reviewer!

First thing to start with is Lemy Yu’s written English is a bit broken at times. You can see that he knows the language although his grammar and sentence construction / choice of words looks a little strange at times to my British English eyes. Once you get past that though, the content is actually pretty good.

So what do you get for your $9.95? Provided for you is a relatively short 22 page PDF file, within which are links to 3 rar (not zip) files and a text file, so the first thing you know is that there’s not a lot to read, the contents of the rar files are done-for-you add-ons including a tell-a-friend page and a presentation for you to customise for your own needs. Good stuff but not outstanding when compared to many WSOs out there. Obviously  I can’t reveal the content, otherwise you’d have no need to buy it! {grin}. There’s nothing startlingly new in the PDF although Lemy Yu’s enthusiasm does shine through and he does give you a lot of encouragement to get on and do for yourself.

There is a single one time offer of ‘The Magic Squeeze Page System’ for $19.95 but I can’t make any comments about that as it wasn’t included in my review copy.

What Lemy Yu gives you in this course will work, as indeed it has for him as he states in his back story and he does offer you to contact him if you have any questions. He responded to me within 24 hours so I know there is support there.

Is it worth the money? Yes, I guess it is. Too many people are selling themselves and their products short because they think that cheaper is better and will sell more. The value of this course strikes a good balance between the cost of putting together the information and making a realistically priced product. The support behind it is there and it does come recommended via Alex Jeffreys (it was pushed to me as a JV through his list) and his team will have checked out the quality before releasing it.

So there you have Lemy Yu’s Automatic List System If you buy it and need help you can contact Lemy Yu or myself through our respective links in the product or through my Contact page respectively. Comments welcome below as always and if you have a forthcoming release you’d like me to review, either privately or on here then please let me know.

The Newbie Launch Formula–Preview

What Is The Newbie Launch Formula?

In August 2014, Jani Gmoney decided to do a 30 day LIVE case study.
He took on 63 students, and showed them LIVE via a daily webinar, the process of him creating and launching his own product.
The plan was for him to make $100k in 30 days. BUT he ended up making $206k after just 10 days of starting the case study. and after 30 days he broke $250k.
Now he’s releasing the recordings of every webinar.
Your customers will get to watch the process he went through from going from ZERO to over $250k in 30 days by creating and launching his own product.
They get to learn the exact steps that THEY can take, to launch their own product and make 6 figures in 30 days.
Even if they have never done anything like this before.
Jani Gmoney show them how to:

  • QUICKLY create an info product
  • Create a complete sales funnel…
  • How to plan out their launch properly
  • How to get BIG JV’s and thousands of affiliates
  • How to write HOT sales copy
  • Hot To Create a Killer sales video
  • and much much more…

This looks to be one of the most exciting launches for this year. The main product will be recordings of live webinars where Jani Gmoney shows his students how he creates a product from scratch, writes pre-launch and launch copy and videos, gets big name JV partners on board and then totally smashes the launch.

Now the potential of this program puts it firmly in the $497 category as far as sales price goes and it would be well worth it just to have all of this information at your fingertips and you’d only have to do one fifth as well as Jani to get your money back, but it’s not going to be $497, nor even half that or a quarter. In fact it will be $47.

But here’s the real kicker. It’s only going to be available for ONE WEEK! This implies that Jani is going to put in some personal time and he needs to limit the number of people he can help, so when the Newbie Launch Formula goes live, that means you need to get it as soon as you see it because waiting isn’t an option. You will miss out big time if you don’t take immediate action.

I don’t often get excited about pre-launches like this but the evidence is there and it is going to make action takers very happy. You can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be one of them, but due to the limited release time there’s very little point in me writing a post-launch review, hence this post now.

The one thing I haven’t told you is when all this is happening. It all goes LIVE on 30th October 2014, so I’ll be posting more updates as I get them – including videos, so keep coming back to find out more.

Lightning Fast List Building by Arbab Khan

Lightning Fast List Building by Arbab Khan

This is a nice gentle introduction to list building, although it doesn’t follow up with ‘what to do next’. Perhaps that’s for the next book. Of the two tricks revealed, the second is very common and well known, but the first it less known and puts all of the value into the book.

Lightning Fast List Building is written in very clear language, possibly slightly at the expense of not injecting some of the author’s personality into the writing. I’m not saying this is a dry read, it’s not by any means. There is certainly no waffle or filler, the links that could have been affiliated are not (always a good sign of an author confident in their product and how much they’re already making).

Arbab Khan gives us a little of his back story without going into detail. Here’s a guy, like many of us, who have tried things, had the rug pulled from under him by Google banning his AdSense account when things were going reasonably well, tried many other things and pulled himself back up again.

There’s also a little bit of self-help encouragement in the early pages. We all need this sort of thing from time to time and this is done very well, without (like pretty much everything in this book) being rammed down our throats. A good call to pull our socks up and believe in what we do. Self belief can be our biggest downfall when it fails and our biggest lift when we have it, so this is a well written timely reminder.

So would I buy this book, Lightning Fast List Building (I have a review copy, generously given directly by Arbab Khan)? Yes, I believe I would. There is no hyped up language, no overpowering calls to action, not even a warning that if you do nothing, then nothing will happen. The facts are laid out for you, the tips given are easily workable by anyone in any niche and as Arbab points out, the tip cannot get over-saturated with high use.

A recommended short read with a valuable idea.

As far as I know, this will be a WSO – but this is pre-release review so the link doesn’t take you to the product as is not an affiliate link.

A review of How to Make $80 Per Day Without A Website

Hi there once again. This is my review of ‘How To Make $80 With No Website’, an affiliate product available from

Low cost marketing products sometimes turn out to be low value products too, although there are significant exceptions – After all, Alex Jeffreys specialises in releasing low cost (sub $20) products that are actually well worth far more and then he’ll throw bonus items on top of that too. However, this is NOT one of that Alex’s products.

We’re all in it ultimately for the money. We write, we advertise and we try to do a bit of selling. We know that people who constantly advertise eventually get ignored and become part of the 95% who fail. The internet marketing buying crowd want information too and mostly they want it for free where they can and cheap if they must. There are those who will dig deeper once they know a mentor and his / her reputation, but they first want to build trust and belief in the marketer they’re buying from. So there is a market for low cost products that provide good value. The other side of the same market are the people who think “It’s only a few dollars. I’ll risk it” and will maybe look at the product and maybe not. The one’s who‘ll say, “Tried it. Didn’t work”, when they are the ones who didn’t work!

But on to the review. What do you get for your low outlay? Well the disappointment is that you don’t get instant access to your purchase. You have to wait until the vendor, Alex Malave, has sent you a username and login for the site. This could have been done automatically but wasn’t, for reasons best known to Alex. Instant access to products is taken as a given these days and I suspect this may have led to one or two of the refunds I can see on the affiliate site, before the product has even been seen.

When you do get in, you are faced with an introduction and a menu of 11 options (including logging out), 3 of which are the main meat of the product, one is a ‘done for you’ upgrade, one is an out of date competition and the remainder are extras associated with the main product. You can’t call them bonuses because they are close to essential although it’s not a deal-breaker not to have them, if you see what I mean. The competition may be on-going each month but it doesn’t read that way. It may just be a good idea to fill in the form anyway. There’s nothing to lose by it and maybe $300 of solo ads to gain.

When I was perusing the site prior to actually looking at the course, I feared that the course was a thinly veiled disguise for the vendor to sell his own solo ad business but once I got into it and started reading, I was pleased to find it wasn’t. I won’t give away the main premise of the training except that the title is 100% accurate and it also fills many of the other criteria that a marketer would be looking for. 1) It’s simple to implement, 2) It’s scalable, just rinse and repeat as often as required, 3) It works in any niche and is not limited to the IM market. Also, although you don’t need a website, there’s nothing stopping you from implementing it with one. It’s a simple one page job, if your web page building skills are up to it.

There are no big surprises for anyone who already does this sort of thing and I would say it is value for money if you haven’t seen this trick before or need to be reminded of it. There are email swipe files to help you publicise your money making page, as well as some copy and paste templates to use as ‘P.S.’ in your follow up emails. Also if you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll find the 1st level pay-out to be quite generous.

There are a couple of one time offers and an upsell, none of which a very pricey as these things go. The upsell is an offer of tutorial videos to go with the course and a bit more ‘done for you’ stuff including case studies. The offers are for other products by the same vendor and are still available through the training site, as are the step-by-step videos, so you don’t need to grab any of them straight off the after-sales page.

It’s one of those products where to tell you more about it would almost negate the need to buy it. Sorry to be so vague but I want to make sales too. Speaking of which, here’s my link again…

Build A List Club review

I’ll be totally honest from the start – this is one of my sites, so I may be a bit biased in this review. Having said that, most reviews on the internet seem to be selling you something via an affiliate link, so they will be biased too. Just as you will be biased when you send an email to your list recommending the next latest and greatest offer. Do you tell your subscribers you have a financial interest in selling something, or do you just assume they will know? If you sell in certain countries you are supposed to inform them each time, but how many really do or do they just bury it in the Terms and Conditions on their site (if it’s even there either!)?

On with the show! Just ignore the bit above please.

List Building is a hugely important aspect of making consistent money online. Having a list of subscribers, who can be potential or existing customers, is the one thing that every marketer should strive for. Whether it’s a few hundred, known to be dedicated, buyers of everything you recommend, or thousands of freebie seekers who might just buy something someday, the list is your real, long-term, income source.

Just how do you go about getting yourself one of these holy grails of marketing?

As in all things internet marketing (IM), the first thing you need is a system to follow. (Good systems succeed, people fail). A system that gives you advice on what works best for attracting visitors to sign up, what you have to do to get them to sign up and how you treat them once they have signed up.

Sign up to what? The List. Where to store the list, how to write and distribute the initial messages as well as broadcast messages.

If you’ve ever been terrified by the idea of using autoresponders, email managers (which is what GetResponse, Aweber and the like really are), the this course at is for you. Join in for the free course and get a short sequence of emails teaching you the very basics. Splash out for a $1  7-day trial (Click Here)and see what the full course begins to offer ($5 a month after 7 days). 3 new lessons every 2 weeks so that you are not overwhelmed. Plenty of information presented to you in an easy to understand format and of course an email contact for any questions you do have.

No affiliate links or prodding for more courses once inside, this is complete within itself. Deliberately inexpensive so that you don’t feel robbed – it’s more to do with your commitment to your success. You have nothing to lose but your fear of list building.

The Money Trigger by Alex Jeffreys – Review Post Launch

It’s now been available for an hour and now I’ve got my hands on the actual product I can really sing its praises. I had some pre-launch stuff to go on before but now I’ve seen The Money Trigger post launch I can honestly say it’s even better than I thought it would be. This is my The Money Trigger review.

The Money Trigger


At $5 it’s a no-brainer purchase anyway since it’s from Alex Jeffreys, but I still needed to experience the product itself, so I got into it about 2 hours before the official launch (because I could) and decided to give it a good look over.

TMT02The topmost video is a typical Alex opener – the Audi R8 he hires whilst he’s in Miami. He’s made the money and he’s not afraid to spend it either.

TMT03It wouldn’t be an Alex Jeffreys product without a terrific set of bonuses. The first one is in the box above. I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you it’s more than $5 worth on it’s own.




Then there’s the main event and it’s over 2 hours of great training, delivered in Alex’s no BS style. No sell of anything else, just stuff you need to know to be a marketer instead of somebody else’s prospect.



Bonuses: There’s 4 more videos. The first is another 2 hours and I haven’t even begun to look through the rest. I just haven’t had time! Alex says they’re quality training and I believe him.

TMT06Finally – there’s one more bonus area, and I can tell you what’s in here – It’s Guru’s Dream, Newbie Nightmare and Guru’s Nightmare. 3 ebooks that are the foundation of Alex’s training. Where he started from and how he’s got to where he is now. These are must-reads for any newbie marketer and even those with some experience can learn a thing or two from them.

So is The Money Trigger worth $5? You betcha. Will I be watching the rest of the videos and bonuses? Try and stop me!

Now it’s your turn. Get yourself over to HERE and get The Money Trigger for yourself. I can’t think of what other encouragement you need. Learn how not to be a failure at internet marketing in ANY niche. Get The Money Trigger for yourself.

The Money Trigger by Alex Jeffreys – Review

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know I’m a student and admirer and admirer of Alex Jeffreys. I haven’t seen a single product of his where he doesn’t over-deliver on not only his main product but his bonuses too. In these days where having a few bonus items is expected – and it’s usually some tacky PLR, Alex tends to give you a whole load of extra stuff created especially for the occasion and it’s always highly relevant and incredibly useful.

If you’re a regular buyer of Alex’s material you’ll know that he shamelessly name-drops some of the gurus of the past ten years and that he is a firm believer in self-investment to further his own education, usually to the tune of several thousand dollars at a time. Even when he couldn’t afford to, he invested $5000 in learning from Mike Filsaime. When he’d squeezed Mike dry of everything he knew, Alex moved on to other gurus, getting every drop of knowledge from them too.

Now Alex would never call himself a guru but when he heard about Rich Schefren – often called guru to the gurus, he knew he’d have to take his training too. Alex was so impressed at what Rich taught him that  he invited Rich to speak to his inner circle – Alex’s top group of students, where the question was asked – “What’s the number one key skill required to make money on the internet?”

The Money Trigger is the simple yet effective answer to that question.

The Money Trigger review

Included in the price is an ebook, mp3 AND video tutorials (not upselling extras) – far more than you’d get from anyone else for the price.

So no hesitation – Just GO FOR IT NOW. The Money Trigger is a book that will change you life as an online marketer and if you haven’t heard of Alex Jeffreys then you will do soon, and you’ll like it. If you HAVE heard of him, you’ll know what he delivers, so what are you waiting for? Get THE MONEY TRIGGER now!

SALE DAY UPDATE: The Money Trigger is a 2 hour video full of Alex’s usual high standard of training plus bonuses like you wouldn’t believe. Don’t wait… GET IT NOW.


Marketing With Alex

I’ve finally completed the last module of Marketing With Alex. I’ve had the product for over 3 months now, but there’s so much of it that it really takes time to watch, review and learn from. Then there’s the bonus material. There’s well over 50 hours of video to get through as well as Powerpoint slides of the essential information, separate mp3 audios and a few ebooks of information too.

However, it’s not information overload. Most of the videos are around 2 to 2 1/2 hours, in half hour chunks, each dedicated to a single topic so it’s easy to absorb. What’s made it a long time for me to get through is because I keep getting inspiration and want to go out and write something – either a blog post or an article or the beginnings of another ebook.

Alex’s style is quite laid back whilst he’s delivering his information although he does get very passionate at times. He knows his stuff, there’s no doubt about that and he is honest about what he doesn’t know, what he outsources and what he passes to his team.

It is Alex’s training that is enabling me to take on being a mentor to students of my own – at the moment they’re coming through Alex’s Facebook groups. These are people who have bought something of Alex’s but don’t quite understand it or are held up at the first stage because of too many options – at least in their minds. I seem to have an understanding of their confusion because I am at a similar level to them but have some technical background which gives me a different level of understanding and enables me to pass on the same information in a slightly different way. Teaching them is also giving me the basis for my own mentoring program when I get to make it up as a product.

So it’s not for everyone. I will admit that. If you’ve got a fixed mindset, if you want to make money absolutely NOW, this is not for you. Alex’s methods are long term, the slow build. He does have some spectacular, almost instant successes amongst his pupils, but I would imagine that most of them (who don’t do his personal access training) do so slowly.

I would say if you are fed up of chasing shiny objects, buying product after product, trying everything and succeeding at nothing then this is for you. If you buy through my link you will have my support too. I’ve done a lot of Alex’s training and I can point you at more things to help you and I will guide you and help you and be your accountability partner. In other words I will help you to be the success you want to be.

Now if you follow the link here to Marketing With Alex it will take you to the Warrior Forum. If you haven’t been there before it looks like a confusing place, so to get to the BUY NOW button you will need to find the first  post (#1) which confusingly will be on the last page. At the top of the posts there is a numbered block including the word ‘Last’. Click on that ‘Last’ and scroll down to the first post – this is Alex’s sales letter. Read it if you like. It gives you a ton of information about the content of the course. Somewhere down there is a Buy Now button. Click it and buy Marketing With Alex. You really won’t be sorry. Then follow the course and be prepared to have your eyes opened and then your wallet filled when you start following the information


The Easy Cash Webinar and Me

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, or if you go back through the history, you’ll see that I’m a fan of Alex Jeffreys, his methodology and his products. In fact this blog is a direct result of some of his teachings, although like many others of his students I do add my own touches. Alex is a great believer in useful free offers that actually teach the reader / viewer something genuinely beneficial to their internet marketing life. One of those free offers is the Easy Cash Webinar.

Easy Cash Webinar encapsulates Alex’s basic marketing plans. Obviously there’s not huge detail but if you’re a marketer to any degree, especially if you’re only slightly experienced and need some impetus to get going, then this is ideal viewing for you. Even experienced marketers will learn and earn from the information being freely given.

At around an hour it isn’t going to hold you in place all night whilst eking out a meagre bit of knowledge in return for listening to a huge long sales spiel. (There is one but it’s not huge, and it is relevant). Alex is also big on presentation rather than hogging the camera for himself so there’s plenty of time to grab screen shots and make notes although of course you can just watch the video again should you wish.


Also in character with Alex’s generosity is the size and quality of the item for sale at the end of the presentation. I won’t spoil the surprise by telling you all about it, but needless to say that if you get it, you won’t be disappointed. It’s big and it’s clever.

So you’re probably asking, where does the ‘and Me’ bit come in?

So am I. It was an interesting webinar and I’d have loved to have been at the original so I could have asked some questions. Alex is usually more than generous with his answers too and the recorded Q&As in some of his trainings are worth as much as the main course itself.

So do yourself a favour. Pop over to Easy Cash Webinar and have a free look for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.


New Facebook App For List Building & Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 review

Busy day! As I said in my previous post, I’ve obtained a copy of Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 and I promised a user report / review and so I shall. First of all though here’s a link to the app itself. One of the pages still needs tweaking but it’s out there ‘in the wild’.

Here’s the link: Sales Funnel Facebook App  Obviously, don’t click the link if you don’t use Facebook or are not logged in.




Facebook Viral Bomb V2.0 (by Nelios dos Reis) itself is a WordPress plugin which links to your Facebook account. The plugin helps you create a Facebook post, a WordPress squeeze page and download page – pretty standard stuff if you know what you’re doing, I suppose, but for me it was a real learning curve. This was not helped by the variable quality of the support material.

On purchase, you’re taken to the plugin’s WordPress site and asked to create login credentials. Once inside you’re shown the Welcome page which tells you a little about the site and how to proceed. The same menu choices appear at the top and on the left. The important ones are the download and license selections. So far so good and no problems. A clean layout and although the text is quite small, it’s legible – even to my poor eyesight.

The problems start (to my mind) when you select the ‘FVB Strategy’ menu. It would have been better labelled as Tutorial just to get the right attention, although perhaps that’s just me. The contents (at first glance) look like they have been well thought out with 3 demonstration links so you can see what the pages could look like when you create them, 3 videos and 3 pdf downloads. The page gets quite long and so may have been better of split into several sub-pages, but I’m reviewing it as it is.

The videos are not great visual quality and the sound is awfully muffled at times – either my sound codecs are poor or the seller’s microphone is not great. The video content is barely more then introductions to the pdfs and do not really add anything to the tutorial, and in places Nelio gets confused as to what he’s doing and there’s a bit of stop / start in the recordings. It’s more sales than tales.

The pdfs are variable in content and quality. The first one is good in the beginning and gives step by step instructions on installing and setting up the plugin – although to be frank if you need that sort of help then you shouldn’t be using this sort of software. Then again, everyone has to start somewhere. The level of detail in other places though presupposes a much higher level of knowledge. The author has remembered his target audience in places and forgotten it in others.

The 2nd pdf spends half of its pages going through a World of Warcraft support site, curating content to create a free pdf to make a giveaway document, including sources of images and editing software to make a cover and other support images. Nice, but way off topic. Only at the end of the document does it get back to actually teaching you how to move onto the next phase of creating your app. Again, if it were me, I’d have made the document creation section a totally separate document and kept the tutorial purely on the plugin.

Am I being picky? I don’t really think so.

PDF 3 though is gold. I mean it is a WSO in its own right. How to use your new app and how to get it to go viral – and quite cheaply too. I could heap more praise on it but it doesn’t need my help. It’s good.

The bonus items are a mixture of reasonable freebies, squeeze pages on other people’s sites and affiliate links. The latter is not really a great idea in a paid product unless you’re getting ‘mates rates’, which I’m not sure that you are.

The OTO is a series of code, backgrounds and buttons for your squeeze pages, some ideas of profitable niches and some more videos. As I haven’t watched them yet I won’t comment, but I don’t have high hopes.

Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 comes in 3 versions – single site, multiple site and developer. The first 2 are self explanatory and the third enables you to create pages for other people. The author suggests using Fiverr, but comments on his WSO thread state they are being created for up to $50 each – which is more reasonable given the work that can go into them.

Can I recommend Facebook Viral Bomb 2.0 – On the whole, YES. It makes an awkward task much easier. The training materials do need a serious re-vamp though and I can see there will be an awful lot of support calls from people unsure because they cannot quite hear things in the videos or understand quite white the author means in the documentation. Certainly once I get my JV approved I will be updating links on this page and (possible ironically – though I’ll not be alone in this), creating FB apps to sell this very product.