Mindset Over Money – Total Money Magnetism

Mindset Over Money

Are you aware that you NOT making money with internet marketing might have very little to do with your products, your advertising or even many of the big things you do, week in, week out, to try to improve your business?

What if I told you that the problem is more likely to be much closer to home – and I’m not talking about an unsupportive spouse (one who says that “all internet marketing is a scam” and  “you’re wasting your time”).

The problem might actually be within yourself. You may just be unconsciously telling yourself that you don’t deserve to be rich, that success is not there for the taking for you or that it only ever happens to other people.

Frank Herbert wrote in his book ‘Dune’ – a litany that a mother taught her son that starts – “Fear is the mind killer” – and indeed it is in many parts of life. We get afraid of failing at something, so we don’t do that thing and forgetting that, not taking action, is a failure within itself.

So what can we do about it?

We can start with some positive affirmations. Here’s some I created and put up on YouTube:

Many successful marketers keep a list of this type of affirmation videos and audios and listen to them at the beginning of every day before starting work. They don’t consider it a waste of a few minutes. They look upon it as getting their mindset in place to start a new working day.

However, they have a head start in that they know they are already successful. For mere mortals like the rest of us, who are still pushing to get our big break, a deeper harder start might be what’s required.

In another existence, I have been a hypnotist and one the most famous hypnosis teachers in the world is Steve G. Jones. He charges up to $25,000 for a 2-hour session and even at that price, they are queuing out the door to see him. Why? Because he gets great results for his clients.

What do you think he could do for you?

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend the best part of a year’s wages to meet him. He will come to you for a lot less than that.CLICK HERE for more information.

Imagine if you can be put into a frame of mind where you not only want to make money, know that you can and what’s more, that you deserve it. Money is yours for the making. That’s what Total Money Magnetism is all about.

If your attitude is what’s holding you back CLICK HERE and change that attitude. Now.

Productive In A Non-Productive Way

Productive In A Non-Productive Way

Are you the sort of person who does productive things that later, when you think about it, weren’t really adding to your bottom line? Do you create squeeze page after squeeze page – but you don’t drive traffic to them? (My number one sin). Perhaps you write lists of ideas for articles that never get written. You’ve collected a tonne of PLR with the intention of at least preparing it to give away or re-sell, but it remains unused, to gather digital dust on your hard drive.

Worse still. Do you create ‘to-do’ lists that you never start on? Productive, Image from page 125 of The pathway of life Intende…

Is it because you’re overwhelmed because you know you have so much to do, that you don’t start any of it? That seems to be the usual cause in my experience. I know, I’ve been there myself all too often. I start a number of projects – usually unrelated to each other, then fail with all or almost all of them.

Everything seems to be required at once, but perhaps you can break it down into smaller, easier to look at, pieces and also, make everything a bit more related – so that you can see a coherent plan coming together.

One of the worst things, I find, is buying and studying new products before I’ve even finished looking at a previous product. Shiny Object Syndrome. The cure for this is to not buy or use anything unless you can really see an immediate use for it, WITHIN YOUR CURRENT PROJECT.

If it’s of no immediate use, then don’t look at it, buy it or even take the time to consider it. I’ve been on a purge through my Inbox recently and I have unsubscribed from about 30 or 40 lists, just to stay away from temptation. It’s very cathartic and also reduces the distraction of checking emails. Almost all of the lists I unsubscribed from were only making daily, different affiliate offers and not adding any real value. If I have a need, I will search it out myself and not because it has been waved under my nose.

Now we have reduced a distraction, let’s get on with really being productive for ourselves.

First of all, is one of your projects directly involved with increasing your business? If so, that is your priority. If your business is affiliate marketing, we’re talking here about a blog post or review page based around the product you’re offering. If it’s a new release then you probably have a deadline of the release date, so there you have a target time to be finished by.

Of course, if you don’t already have a marketing blog or website, then you should work on that first, so you have somewhere to put your review. If you have trouble setting up that sort of thing then consider outside help – an expert friend or maybe Fiverr.com.

And there is an idea for anything you are stuck with, haven’t got around to yet or don’t have the expertise to begin with. Outsource it! A few dollars spent on a job will probably be more productive than you spending time learning how to do a job that you may do only once or once in a blue moon. Fiverr has a section where you can request a task, so if someone isn’t already offering to do what you need, then at least you can ask.

Don’t be afraid to outsource one-off jobs. You will get more done and you will free up your own time to do something you can complete.

What jobs have you got outstanding? Is there something that someone else could help with? Perhaps your expertise lies elsewhere. Why not find a friend who can do that job, and you do one for them on a ‘quid pro quo‘ basis (You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours).

Make a real to-do list, with only 3 tasks on it. Any more than that will bring in despair as it will look like too much work. Do not consider making another to-do list until those 3 tasks are complete enough (not perfect) to use. Perfection is as much a time-killer as activity on the wrong things. If you really must tidy things up later, schedule it for later, but ‘imperfect now but earning’ is better than ‘perfect but not used’.

Procrastination is also something to be avoided. Doing ‘research’ on Facebook or YouTube might not be anywhere near as productive as you think. Limit yourself to real facts on real websites rather than time-wasting distractions.

CLICK HERE for a great to-do list template. It’s so much more help to avoid doing the things you shouldn’t be doing.

Finally, if you need external motivation, why not ask for that too? Find someone in the same line as you, at roughly the same stage and act as motivation buddies for each other. Share your to-do list and stay in touch – asking each other how you’re getting on. You don’t have to work on a project together, just be supportive and motivational. It will be well-worth the 10 or 20 minutes you spend talking every few days.

Spend the time though letting me know if this article has helped you. Add a comment below or email me via the contact page. I want to hear from you.

Marketing Funnel – Why and Why Not?

Marketing Funnel – Why and Why Not?

Everyone says (well gurus anyway) “Set up a funnel for your products”, but do you know why you should and sometimes when you shouldn’t set up a marketing funnel?

Want to know more about having your own marketing funnel? Take a look at this free ebook [CLICK HERE] which shows you the steps you need to take to get you to $10,000 or more each and every month.

First of all, what is a marketing funnel?

A marketing funnel is when a person is taken from being a prospect – interested in buying, through an initial purchase all the way up to walking out of the store, fully loaded (he hopes – that he now has everything he needs). The example most people use is that of MacDonalds – when you walk in to buy a burger, but sit down with a Big Mac, a large order of fries and a drink, possibly with an ice-cream as well.

You look at ordering a burger, but the slightly larger one looks better value for money, the server offers you fries and a coke as part of a meal deal, then for a little more money, you can ‘go large’ on both of those items. You decide that since you’re now looking at all that food that you might as well have a dessert too.

That is the sales funnel at work. For just a bit more money, you have been upgraded far beyond what you walked in for – and it’s the same in any form of marketing. What can the seller offer you to make you spend a bit more and sometimes not a little, but a whole lot more money?

Three white funnels

Internet Marketing Funnel

In internet marketing, the sales funnel often starts with a free gift. Why is that? It’s to make the recipient feel obliged to give you something back and in this case, marketers generally ask for the email address. The marketer knows now that you are interested in the topic of the free gift.

A well-presented free gift may offer a single question on a particular problem and provide almost all of the answer too. Crafty, that. Almost all of the answer! It may also hint at some other problems around the topic (or niche).

Fortunately, the seller has the complete answer to the original problem as well as (almost complete) answers to the other problems mentioned. Problems that the prospect may not have even been aware existed – but he knows now! The seller now has the opportunity to turn the prospect into a buyer by allowing the purchase of a solution document – at a small price.

The buyer (out of curiosity or fear) pays the price and takes the  solution. The seller then says “Would you like to go large?”, effectively anyway. The buyer is then offered an upgrade package – perhaps the written solution but in video format – because more is explained and people find video easier to absorb.

The buyer parts with a little more money.

The seller will then offer more and more, asking for a bit more money each time for each upgrade until the buyer says “Enough!”, in which case the crafty seller will offer a slightly reduced package at a lower price, just in case the buyer still feels like buying.

Do You Have a Marketing Funnel

And that is a marketing funnel. Sale after sale of related items, presented in such a way that the buyer is actually glad to buy them.

So the ‘why’ of a marketing funnel is quite obvious – it is to make as much money as possible for the seller and providing the most complete solution to the buyer that he can afford.

Are there times when a marketing funnel should not be used?

I can’t really think of any. If you have some ideas I’d love to hear them. Either email me directly or comment in the box below.

Want to know more about having your own marketing funnel? Take a look at this free ebook [CLICK HERE] which shows you the steps you need to take to get you to $10,000 or more each and every month.


Big Ticket Affiliate Sales. Is It Really That Easy To Do?

Big Ticket Affiliate Sales. Is It Really That Easy To Do?

Why would you go for big ticket affiliate sales? Surely it’s easier to sell low priced items?

It becomes obvious after a short while that you’re never going to get rich merely by selling $7 products. Sure, it will help you build a reputation. By offering good support you will certainly build up your ‘Know, Like & Trust’ factor. To achieve to $5000 a month, a figure that seems to be many people’s target (at least initially), you have to sell an awful lot of low-priced products, day in – day out.

Let me demonstrate.

$5000 a month is $167 per day or 24 $7 products – assuming 100% commission, of course.

To get 24 sales, chances are you’ll need to send between 240 to 500 clicks to the sales page assuming a conversion rate between 5% to 10%. Still sounding manageable so far?

With an average click-through rate of, let’s say 20% (that seems common these days) on autoresponder emails, you need at least  2500 people to open your email. Still do-able.

If the open rate of your emails is 10% then you’ll need a list of around 25,000 people to do this. How big is your list?

(Do your calculations backwards, like this, from the results you want. Start with the end in mind).

And this is each and every day, remember. If you’re sending sales emails at that sort of rate, you’ll have a high rate of unsubscribes so you’ll also have to consider how you’re going to replace those people. Chances are you’ll use some sort of paid traffic system. This will eat into those profits that you’re hoping to make.

Of course, these calculations do not take into account the (high) probability of sales of products further up the funnels where you could be making 50% of $17, $47 and/or $97sales  from some of the buyers. These sales certainly make the target figure more achievable, but it’s still a lot to have a go at. And bear in mind the list size needed to do it.

Are big ticket affiliate sales the golden ticket?
Are big ticket affiliate sales the golden ticket?

Make more by working less

There is another option, though. Setting your sights on making big ticket affiliate sales. Big ticket affiliate sales, in this case, means products and services of over $1000 where you will be taking 50% over the whole funnel. A funnel where the back-end products probably roll in at $5k to $10k. One good customer means you’re good for a month! Two to three sales a week suddenly makes the whole task of $5k per month look a lot easier.

The really good news is that it need not be any more difficult to make big ticket sales that it is to make small-ticket ones. Sure you might need to look in different places, but the techniques of selling will be no different and, as an affiliate, you probably won’t be closing the deals yourself. You’ll be handing them onto an experienced, professional sales team.

In all honesty, in isn’t even that difficult to find these big ticket affiliate sales products. There are several websites that specialise in checking and reviewing them – usually, of course, with their own 2nd tier affiliate links feeding you into the top paying systems.

2nd tier, in case you need to know, is when you get paid a commission for introducing someone into the affiliate system. Obviously, the commission is less – usually 3 to 5%, but introduce enough people who then introduce buyers to the product and you have a great source of passive income.

Denis Becker and Big Ticket Affiliate Sales

Now that you know a little about big ticket affiliate sales, I’m sure you’d like to know more. Fortunately, I have a great source of information for you. Even more fortunately (for you, that is), it’s not a big ticket product.

Take a look at Denis Becker’s (Creator of the 5 Bucks A Day system, for affiliate beginners) Big Ticket Selling – $12k in 12 Days and consider it your bible into the world of big ticket affiliate sales.

Big Ticket Selling – $12k in 12 Days, contents include:

  • How to identify high ticket offers in the market (even ones most people don’t even know exists).
  • How to earn commissions from these high ticket offers even if there is no affiliate program for them.
  • How to get prospects who already want to buy high ticket items and are actively looking to buy right now.
  • How to find services in your niche people already spend a ton of money on.
  • How to find secret and hidden offers and service providers nobody knows even exists.
  • How to strike Joint Venture deals left and right and become the hunted.
  • How to funnel through people and find the ones with big money and are ready to spend now!
  • How to filter out tire kickers, and refunders and pretenders and find the ones who are movers and shakers and are ready to spend a lot of money now!
  • How to negotiate deals.
  • How to structure campaigns that produce consistent sales and customers.

So there’s plenty of information to get your teeth into. Denis also runs the 1k a Day membership site, so he knows how to make good money.


Even if you don’t run your whole business around big ticket affiliate sales, you’re going to want to investigate supporting it with a few big-money items. $12k in 12 days is a great way to help you get started in this lucrative side of online marketing.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’ll do my best to help you get the answers you want.

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7 Ways To Make Your Email List Really WORK For You

7 Ways To Make Your Email List Really WORK For You

Do you have an email list or are you thinking of starting one?

Are you aware of poor open rates, lousy click-through stats and generally miserable responses even to opt-in emails?

Would you like to know how to make your emails sparkle, get open rates that others envy, get click-throughs that get eyeballs onto offers – In short – an email list that actually makes money for you?

You wouldn’t? Gosh! I am surprised. I thought you’d be all over this collection of tips and ideas for the email list owner. Guess I’ll just go back to my writer’s desk and work on something else.

Just kidding. Of course, I know you’d be interested, especially when I tell you that this email tips ebook is yours for free, without even an opt-in form in sight.

Here’s collection of 7 great tips for the email list builder and marketer, helping you to better email open rates, better link click-through rates – which lead to more subscribers becoming customers, and what’s more, you’ll help to make them repeat customers. By far, the best kind.

You’ll discover the secret tricks that top marketers use to ensure you want to open their emails. The little seeds of ideas you can plant that makes your readers want to find out what’s at the other end of the link and buy what’s there.

How can you get this email list builder’s ebook? Quite simple really. Especially since it’s free.

No tricks with social media sharing (but please do share if you wish). No other hoops to jump through. Not even a hidden opt-in form that will pop up as soon as you click the button.

Just a straight forward, “Right Click, Save As…” or your favourite browser’s equivalent or left click and open in a new tab.

Just use this button here

7 Ways to Make Your Email List Really WORK For You - Download



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Searching For The Dream?

Searching For The Dream?

Almost everyone offering affiliate products or even their own will tell you that the ‘magic button millions’ system, where you do one thing once and never have to touch it again while it brings the money in, doesn’t exist. There are some ‘minimum maintenance’ ideas out there that will bring in additional income provided you perform some regular actions, but most of them do require a lot more work than that. Email marketing is certainly one example of that.

If you’re on my email list (and if you’re not, please consider joining via one of the links at the bottom of this article), you’ll know I do send some long emails, many of which take me around 30 to 60 minutes each to put together, mostly because I’m wanting to give you value and that takes research and consideration.

It would be so easy to fall into the same trap that many others seem to do – 100 (or less) words saying ‘buy this’, a quick reason and a link, but is that really value? I’ve even seen the argument that finding more products for your subscribers to buy is value in itself, but I disagree with that.

To me, ‘value’ is some actionable content, something thought-provoking in a niche related topic, a different way of looking at things or something else that is useful to the reader – something I try to do on this blog too, just in a longer form.

So if you have an email list, how do you provide value to your subscribers?

If you don’t have an email list and you’re a marketer (in any niche), how do you stay in regular contact with your customers?

I know of many people who are building a list but haven’t even emailed them once yet – mostly through negative thoughts – “I only have 300 subscribers. It isn’t worth it yet” or “What if they don’t like what I have to say” or “What if the unsubscribe or report me for spamming”. These list owners must banish all of these thoughts and stay in contact these people.

It doesn’t matter if your list is only 3 people – start emailing them to keep you in their minds. So what if they unsubscribe? Your ideas don’t fit in with theirs, so it’s best if you part company. They wouldn’t have buyers (from you anyway). The ones who you stay in contact with and that you treat like they are real people (and not walking wallets) are the ones who will buy from you. This also gets you into the mindset of staying in touch, of writing emails, of being an email marketer.

If you like what I’ve put here, or in some of the other articles on this site, please consider joining my list. I do 3 to 5 emails a week, in general, although I have been known to more if the situation warrants it.

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Also, please feel free to write to me admin@stevenlucasmarketing.com if you think I can help you. I will certainly do the best I get to get you on your own road to earning from internet marketing.

A Savvy Buying Public Expects More Than Honesty

A Savvy Buying Public Expects More Than Honesty

Consumers these days are very smart. They are hypersensitive to marketing gimmicks and paranoid about being conned with slick advertisements. This generation grew up with television and the commercial advertisements that literally ruled the marketplace and human behavior. In doing so, they became inoculated to many of the psychological triggers that were a bit underhanded, but powerful non-the-less.

Honesty They also can spot a con a mile away, so that you have to be extra careful to be as honest and forthright as possible. The payback though is that if you are squeaky clean honest, not just with the good features of your products but the bad ones too, people will tend to value your opinions as a marketer more. You will trigger a deep psychological appreciation of your honest behavior in a sea of dishonest merchandisers. That’s why honesty has to be one of the top psychological triggers to implement when you are doing any type of marketing, online or otherwise.

The Strategy

Honesty is similar to authenticity, except it is a tad more straight forward. You can be authentic about who you are and still misrepresent the products you sell based on your spotless image of personal integrity. Honesty, in this case, is to be truthful – plain and simple. We aren’t talking about the truth that you would like to believe, it is about the truth of what the consumer would like to hear. For that, you need to have their best interest at heart, and that’s the role of honesty in your life. You have to take into account that even though selling is about making money, if you sell something that ultimately dupes the consumer in any way, it will come back to bite you in the butt in the end. It may take a while, but it will come back eventually. In today’s social networking climate, the payback may be sooner than you think.

Social networking sites are great sites to establish a presence and start cultivating a bigger contact list. You build a circle of friends that trust you and will listen to your status updates and newsfeeds. You develop more connections in groups. All these interactions need to have a degree of authenticity and honesty. When you post a link back to your site, you want to be sure it leads to an honest way of doing business. Otherwise, the first person on the network that gets scammed will send out a general message to all their friends to avoid you, and then those friends will turn around and do the same. Once your reputation as an honest person is lost on a social networking site, most of your marketing opportunities are gone too. This is particularly true if you seek to increase the number of friends in your list solely to market them.

Honesty There are instances when people send messages or post updates that are viewable by all their friends that certain people are “spammers” and not to accept them as friends. That’s all it takes to get you silently blacklisted even if your account remains current with the host site. So, always seek to add value and bring an honest level of interaction to social networking sites in particular.

When you recommend a product, your product or someone else’s, be sure they understand the relationship you have with the vendor, what you think of it in detail, and let them know if you are an expert or not. If the product has faults, don’t shove them under the rug. It’s more than likely the consumers will pick up on those faults as objections and if you leave them unaddressed you’ve lost the sale. So, always address the faults and either reframe them or make them insignificant. If the fault is major, just don’t sell that product. The choice is yours.



Easy YouTube Marketing Tips

Easy YouTube Marketing Tips

As you probably know, YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine and the third most visited site on the internet which makes it pretty useful for marketers to both show their wares and to pass on free information. But there’s a lot of things that can go go wrong when adding your video – assuming you make a decent one in the first place! Here are some easy YouTube Marketing tips for you.

If you are making a video for marketing, keep it short. Two to five minutes is enough really. Too many people feel like they have to talk for hours but all that does is switch your viewer off and they move onto the next video. If you have a lot to say on one topic, consider breaking it down into 2, 3 or more videos. You then have the advantage of multiple chances of being found.

Put a web link somewhere in the first 2 lines of your description. Although you can write much more (and you should), much of it gets hidden behind behind the ‘See More’ link. Having your link as the first thing people see means it is much more likely to be clicked.

Your description should be keyword rich but not just be a keyword list. Sooner or later, YouTube will crack down on these descriptions and if you have a hundred or more videos it could be a right pain to go and edit all of them so that you comply. Treat it like a blog post or comment and write real sentences which make proper sense.

If you have a number of videos to put up, don’t do them all at once. One every few hours – so no more than 4 to 6 a day, spread out. By all means have everything prepared offline – descriptions in documents etc. but don’t make Google and YouTube suspicious that you’re planning a full scale assault.

If you’re putting up PLR videos then take the time to customise them by adding your own intro and / or outro sequence. I’ve had an intro done on Fiverr and I use Windows Movie Maker, which is free, to join it to any video I use. It personalises the video to me then, even if it’s not my voice the viewers hear. Make sure these intros are not more than 5 to 7 seconds long. You don’t want to bore your viewer too soon.

Finally – make good use of annotations at key points of the video. If there’s a lull or a plain bit of screen add a description or link for 8 to 15 seconds and certainly include one at the end. If you confirm yourself with YouTube – a matter of getting a phone call or text from them, you will be allowed to use live, clickable links in your annotations. If you don’t wish to confirm yourself, just use the annotation to tell the viewer that there’s a link in the description box below.

There’s a lot more you can do with YouTube but to find out some more excellent tips follow this link to check out Easy YouTube Marketing – a package that can take your YouTube marketing to the next level and beyond.


Want some more free YouTube Marketing tips? Fill in the form below and get my free ebook:

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How a Rebrand PDF Can Help Your Traffic

How a Rebrand PDF Can Help Your Traffic

Are you creating pdf files to give away to promote your site? Normally it can be considered a good thing, especially if you ask other people to pass it on. But do they? Will they really pass your information on to other people? Probably not, but there is a reason for this… There’s nothing in it for them to pass it on apart from mabe a thank you and a warm glow, but they’re marketers too and marketers need an incentive, usually financial, to spend some time offering somebody else’s freebie to all and sundry.

So how can we encourage other people to pass on our free ebook and incentivise them to do so?

The answer is to make at least part of the ebook personal to them. It could be a mention of their name and website on the cover or inside page, but better would be a more monetary incentive in the form of a personalised affiliate link. But how do you get their affiliate link or even just the name and website inside your ebook? You rebrand pdf files with their details.

You could ask every person to email you their details and create a personal edition for everyone who asks, but that is very time consuming for you. What if you got 100 emails in one day. That’s time away from your own marketing efforts. So you need some sort of automation or self help system to assist your readers. It might be easy to pass this on to a virtual assistant or VA to do this for you, but you could be wasting a valuable resource in doing this.

The easy answer to rebrand pdf files is to let people do it themselves and there are several pieces of rebrand pdf software which allow this, but there are 2 things wrong with this option.

The first is having to include a part of the rebrand software with the pdf file. OK this easy to do if you zip everything together and include step by step instructions, but this is where you run into the 2nd problem… People have to take the next step themselves. They have to take some action and even though ultimately it will benefit them as well, another action step might be one too many for some people.

The way around this is to include the rebrand pef software on your own site and let them download an ‘on-the-fly’ rebrand pdf file from you after filling in a simple form. One such piece of rebrand pdf software is Easy Viral PDF Brander. This is easily installed on any website and allows you to mark your rebrand pdf files in certain areas with a shortcode which get replaced by the users details. They fill in a short form, perhaps with their name, website and Clickbank affiliate name then the software produces a new pdf file with the user’s details built in, including a Clickbank link with their affiliate details. If somebody buys the product from the rebrand pdf they’ve passed on, they get the commission.


This will be the incentive they need to pass on the file to other people, because there is now a financial incentive. You get your book – which will still have some of your details in too (or it’s your affiliate product, of course) distributed far beyond what it might have got. An additional bonus might be to mention at the end of the book that anyone can have an edition of the rebrand pdf with their own details in, by going to a link that you provide. This will widen the distribution even further – truly viral. All this definitely means more traffic to your site.


You should start by distributing the rebrand pdf file to all the repository sites that you can, obviously rebranded with your own details but still with the rebrand pdf file link at the end so it can be picked up from there. You can even offer it as a ‘no sign up’ download from a blog post or social media shout or forum signiture link. It is a ‘traffic later’ tactic rather than a traffic now one, but we’re here for the long term and this is a very good long term idea.

Do you have any viral traffic ideas? Do you use a different rebrand pdf system? How good have you found it? Let everyone know in the comments section below.