The REAL TRUTH About Gurus

The  REAL TRUTH About Gurus Most marketers are lost in the fog of information overload. Because of this, they eventually are lured by a guru claiming to have all the answers to their marketing woes. The guru also promises you can make a fortune by just following their advice. Of course that advice comes with […]

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Re-Use PLR – A How To guide

How To Re-Use PLR Private Label Rights or PLR ebooks, presentations and videos could be one of the most valuable things you have on your hard drive, but 99 times out of 100 I’ll bet they are glanced at once (maybe) and then abandoned, never to be seen again. Here’s some words of wisdom on […]

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5 Ideas for Free Website Promotion

5 Ideas for Free Website Promotion In a world where getting and keeping visitor’s attention is money in your bank, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep people where you need them. On your site. You’re always up against big companies with a their big budgets, you’re also competing with many social media sites […]

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Monetizing A Web Site

Monetizing A Web Site After reviewing 5 free internet marketing courses the other week, I noticed they all had one thing in common – after they built the website, there was little attempt at teaching monetizing a web site beyond saying “write articles around keywords”. Now writing keyword laden articles is all very well but […]

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TOP 5 BENEFITS OF landing page optimization

TOP 5 BENEFITS OF landing page optimization Know the top 5 advantages of landing page optimization It is not surprising any more that, irrespective of the size of their business, almost all companies are now willing to make their efforts count on the global platform. We are talking about internet. Yes, the medium has brought […]

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Is Email List Building Worth the Time and Effort?

Is Email List Building Worth the Time and Effort? Almost every guru worth his salt is telling you to “go email list building“, “you must have an email list”, “build an email list and you’ll be made” and then almost assumes that you’ll know why or gives a glib explanation of “because that’s where the […]

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What Are You An Expert At?

What Are You An Expert At? Here’s a thought for you. When it comes to product creation, does it matter what subject you’re an expert in? Here’s my controversial answer. It doesn’t matter a damn. What you need to be is, an expert in discovering solutions to niche expert’s problems. When you’re selling to beginners […]

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Know, Like and Trust – Why Someone Has To Start

As a marketer, your first ambition with every new visitor to your site, blog or offer is that they get to know, like and trust you. You put a picture of yourself up somewhere so they can see who you are and get to know you. You offer them some free information so that they […]

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ReUse, ReCycle, Renew – How to make more use of your blog posts

ReUse, ReCycle, Renew – How to make more use of your blog posts Reuse, recycle, renew. If it sounds familiar, especially to the older generation, it’s because it’s an old wartime slogan, along the lines of ‘make do and mend’, except it can also apply to posts you write on your blog to get more […]

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You Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want

You Get What You Want By Helping Others Get What They Want Sounds a little trite when you hear that phrase at first. The general apparent rule of thumb in the world seems to be “All for one, and the one is ME” which is great if you’re ‘The One’, but not so great if […]

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