Host Webinars For Free using Hangout on Air

A webinar is a web based seminar and just like the physical ones, a lecturer or series of lecturers chat to the audience on a given topic and usually, the audience are not allowed to talk back except in a very limited way. The online version is pretty much the same except the audience can […]

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How To Solve Keyword Research Using Google – Guest Post by Clive Hooper

How To Solve Keyword Research Using Google Even though SEO and digital marketing are becoming increasingly more complex, there is a single element that is still crucial today and that is keywords. While the use of keywords has altered, the fact is that the requirement for good keywords has not changed. Depending on whether you […]

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7 Secrets To Internet Marketing Success

7 Secrets To Internet Marketing Success I’ve not long finished listening to a webinar featuring Alex Jeffreys and in it he explained that there are only 7 secrets to internet marketing success and I was blown away by how simple it really is. So if you’re struggling to make money online, it may be because […]

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Slideshow product is here

Link Pyramid SEO & Slideshow Product Just over a week ago I promised a free download of a slideshow I’ve been working on – Everything About Internet Marketing. It’s available now on Amazon (for free for a few days) and once the Amazon offer is over then I’ll be sending it out to the people […]

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Getting Web Traffic To Your Posts And Offers – Blogs & Forums

Getting Web Traffic To Your Posts And Offers – Blogs & Forums The downfall of many an offer, blog post or product has been getting enough people to see it. Without eyeballs on the page, the contents mean nothing, so what are the best ways to get people to see what you have for them? […]

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Affiliate Marketing Is Something Some People Don’t Get

Affiliate Marketing Is Something Some People Don’t Get Affiliate Marketing is one of those areas of the internet that some people just don’t seem to ‘get’. They don’t realise that the ads they see down the side  of many websites are earning money not only for the product being advertised and the website owner, but […]

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More On Link Tracking

Experienced online marketers will generally always make use of link tracking within their websites because they fully understand the importance of it. What link tracking means and how it is implemented is as follows. Whenever a visitor to a website clicks on any link within that site, the information is recorded and stored in a […]

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Learning About Tracking

Mentors and gurus always advise us about tracking so that we can know where our visitors and customers come from. So how do we set about tracking? The first thing we need to do is to decide how much tracking we want to do. Google Analytics is free and can provide some basic information and […]

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Value Added Tax (VAT) in Europe is about to get complicated for e-product sales

Readers in the USA, Canada & Australia can tune out – unless you are selling in Europe (in which case, see your accountant). NOTE: This is essentially the same article as I posted on but I wanted to get the message out as widely as possible. European legislation on selling ebooks is about to […]

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New Health Niche Project Under Way – Long Term Project Motivation

We all like to think we look after our health but if we did that half as well as we think we do then there wouldn’t be such a fuss about obesity. Well I’m doing my bit for everybody who wants the assistance. First of all, there’s a free download of some healthy living ebooks […]

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