It’s been a quiet month

In fact it’s been way too quiet at least as far as this blog goes. I’ll be getting email enquiries soon asking if I’m still alive and if my domains are up for grabs. No such luck.

Yes I have been quiet on here and I have no excuses really. I’ve got a couple of new products – well derivatives of some quality PLR stuff that have taken a lot of time to get right along with an interesting course I’ve been perusing. So I’ll tell you about them.

First of all I got hold of a Periscope course PLR. Periscope is video Twitter to put it simply. You broadcast live streaming video from your phone and anyone who wants to can pick up the stream and watch. Viewer interaction is by text only. This course is aimed at businesses to use Periscope to interact with their customers either as a sales and advertising tool or customer support, especially in a crisis situation. If you’re interested, there is a free 5 day course that starts HERE and gives you the outline of using Periscope. If you want into the full video course – Periscope Marketing Mastery, here it is. 10 videos for less than $10 and all you need to get started except for a mobile phone and the Periscope download.

The course I’ve been getting into myself is Jimmy Kim’s Build My List 2.0. Now this is an all video course, which are not normally my favourites but I’ll make an exception for this one. As you might expect it’s al about encouraging you to build an email list and the various methods you can use. As part of the course you are offered (as well as the training videos) – an ebook for your subscribers to download implanted with your own affiliate link to the course, several great sources of paid traffic – sources that Jimmy uses himself and are guaranteed high quality, a collection of downloads you can also use to entice your visitors to become subscribers and the real icing on the cake, as far as I’m concerned, is 3 months free use of the Sendlane autoresponder. I don’t know of any other list building course that gives you an autoresponder, which is essential if you’re building a list, as part of the course. There’s a bit more to Build My List 2.0, but I can’t tell you everything now, can I!

Included in Sendlane is a graphical page builder that is quick and intuitive to use and hosting for those pages, although you can self host them too if you want to. It’s way better than Aweber’s and Get Responses page builders, and bear in mind the GR’s is an extra cost add on to your bill. Sendlane also includes basic link tracking and other expected autoresponder features. The prices at the end of the 3 months free trial are reasonable too. Certainly competitive with the other two.

The final thing I’ve been doing in November is working on a software release. Again it’s a PLR package and this one is a WordPress plugin helping blog owners to get their posts shared on Twitter. Called Turbo Tweet Multiplier, it comes in 3 packages (Basic, Pro & RR) which all need setting up with my details as well as the supplied web pages modifying with my details. The idea behind this one is that content is locked until the reader has tweeted about it to their followers. The content can be a download (Basic) or some html which can include an optin form (Pro). The squeeze freebie is also very good. 4 videos and 10 articles on social marketing accessed via a clean looking dashboard.

Because of the number of elements in Turbo Tweet Multiplier ( An optin page, 3 sales pages, 4 download pages, 2 plugins to personalise and all the bonus stuff), setting this all up has taken a good deal of time and brain power. A few of the things that need to do are a bit circular in nature – you can’t set A up until you know the address of B which needs item C in place, the contents of which need to know where A is. The trick here is to set place-holders and remember to go back later and reset them. Then test, test and test again.

Now it’s nearly December and I have a growing list, 2 new products to push, as well as a couple of smaller items I’ve done in between times. All I need now is traffic. Lots of traffic… But then again, don’t we all!

Please feel free to add your comments below or email me directly if you want to. Definitely feel free to share this site on your social links using the buttons provided and I look forward to making contact again with you all soon.

September State of Play

Read to the end to get a free gift from me, for you.

September State of Play

Despite having a few posts and trying a bit to promote them there’s not a great deal been happening apparently although behind the scenes there’s some stuff going on.

The first problem was that I was notified by James Scholes ( that the company who had been dealing with affiliates for his Evergreen Wealth Formula product had stopped forwarding customers, paying affiliates and answering his emails so he has had to move everything across to a new affiliate provider. Evergreen Wealth Formula had been doing well for me as a product (you see the pop up for it in the bottom corner of most of my posts) so I had been a bit disappointed to find that out but now it’s all sorted again I may see a resurgence in sales – which reminds me that I’ll need to go to my review on another page on this site and update the links.

This is a good place to mention that if you use a link shortener like Pretty Links in my posts, all I would have needed to do would have updated the link redirect in one place. A lesson learned there.

One last word on James Scholes – He has provided a great free tutorial on copy writing. It’s on his blog, here. I think you’ll like it. If his free stuff is this good, think of the quality of his paid courses!


After QCS3, a group of students off the course got together and decided to put together a better site for helping people. I’ve contributed towards that and hopefully that will be ready to go soon. A long time plan of mine (see blog posts from last year) was to set up my own site helping beginners – in a more structured way than this site – and this is ready, up and running now at  There is a opening offer that I think is hard to resist if you’re one of the first 100 to join and I have big plans for this site and much more material to go up on a regular basis. If I tell you all about it here you won’t go and visit, so just click the link and see for yourself. It opens in a new window or tab so you won’t lose your place here.

Setting up the above site also inspired me to write an ebook about the experience and how you can replicate it yourself. I’ll be sorting out some review copies (that means I’d like you to read it and give me a review or testimonial that I can use) soon. Make sure you tell me in the comments box below.

Sunset in Bude Cornwall United Kingdom

I’ve also just come back of a lovely holiday in Cornwall with my wife. Photos from that trip (we’re both camera mad) will be on my personal blog once we get some time to process them and trim them to more suitable sizes for the web. Multi-megapixel images (2000 to 6000 pixels wide) are overkill for blogs where sizes of 400 – 600 pixels width are fine. Do you trim your image sizes down for your blog? You ought to as it saves storage space and reduces bandwidth for your readers. A faster site gains in SEO terms too.


I was recently sent a link to a video that is well worth watching if you want to set up your own affiliate items on JVZoo. Some people find the process a bit confusing, but if you watch  Aurelius Tjin’s video here it should make it all a bit clearer for you. It’s not a YouTube video so I can’t embed it directly here so just go to the site and see it for yourself there.

Talking of JVZoo, you can now link up your Aweber autoresponder account. You’ve been able to do Get Response for a while which may have been a deciding factor for many people in the ‘which autoresponder’ decision, but now the balance has swung back. I wonder if there’ll be enough pressure to include MailChimp too? Wait and see or jump to Aweber (I’m banned from Get Response)?

One last thing. Social Proof is a great way to demonstrate to potential customers how good a product is but adding that proof to all the places you can is a real chore – as if we didn’t have enough to do already. Brad Callen has come up with an idea that might just reduce that chore by a large amount. See Review Trust here to find out more.

As always with my blog posts I’d love to hear your opinions in the comment boxes below and if you could find it in your hearts to share the post on your own social media using the buttons I’d be very grateful. Don’t forget to comment if you’d like a review copy of the site setup ebook I’ve written too.

P.S. For making it this far, have a free gift: 15 Tips To Maximise Your Profits I do hope it’s useful for you.

What’s Done in July and What’s Coming in September

What’s Done in July and What’s Coming in September

Well here we are, half way through August and there’s a few things to tell you about.

As you might have seen in previous posts, July’s big thing was the Quick Start Challenge. Technically I didn’t learn a lot although I did make a whole heap of new friends and added a slew of new blogs to my RSSOwl list. (See this post for more details about RSSOwl). It will be interesting to see how many are still maintaining their blogs in 3 , 6, 9 and 12 months time.

At least 2 offshoot groups have sprung out of Quick Start Challenge. The first was a 10 member group (that may expand) to continue the mutual help in internet marketing theme – just in case Dean Holland & co decide to kick us all off in preparation for the next QSC and also 6 of us formed another offshoot group to produce a new product between us. The range of experience varies from brand new to ‘we knew the internet when it went screeech’ and between us we’ve come up with a plan to take us forward and which will be a long term provider of training and support. The planning is still in the early stages, but we’re progressing very well for a diverse, world separated group. There will be more here in future, so stay tuned to keep in touch.

Writing, Write more Letters

I made an appeal within the QSC group for some guest post swaps, where they would write a post for me and I’d write a post for them. I give the following guidelines for a guest post:

  • An original article of 450+ words on any internet marketing topic.
  • 1 to 3 images – must be free for publication use.
  • No more than 2 related affiliate links
  • A reasonable number of external authority links (Wikipedia or known IM blogs or similar)
  • 1 or 2 related videos (does not have to be by the post author)
  • Resource box containing author’s name, contact email and home blog URL

I got a lot of initial interest but people need reminders, so I’ll be posting in the group soon to keep them going. I have also had a request for a guest post from outside of the group. I had a look at the applicant’s site and the latest 20 posts were all reviews which was not what I’d want to see. However going back a little further and I find some good information, so it looks like he will get his chance. Look out for Frank’s post very soon.

Affiliate sales, Affiliate Videos Where Do They Work Best at Affili…
Affiliate sales, Affiliate Videos Where Do They Work Best at Affili…—affiliatesummit (

I’ve made a few more affiliate sales – enough to pay for hosting and an autoresponder but still not enough to retire on, so I’ll keep going, keeping you all informed about good things to do, bad things to avoid and fun to be had on t’internet.

Keep your eyes open for our new product project and for guest posts appearing here in the near future. I’ll also let you know where my guest posts will be appearing too.

Quick Start Challenge Week 4 – The End is in Sight

Quick Start Challenge Week 4 – The End is in Sight

We’re now in the fourth and final week of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge 3 for 2015. Most of the participants – or at least those remaining are now at the stage where they either think – “That’s it. I’m set up now” or (more realistically) “I’m set up. What’s next?”.

There are a number of more experienced people that have taken this course. People like me who’ve got the experience but haven’t quite got the high levels of success that we want. We have taken upon us the role of available mentors, making sure that all those who don’t know, are unsure or just plain dither, have been able to get on. No one has forced the pace although we’ve done our best to help those who need assistance to keep up, including actually giving real hands on support by taking over their website for a bit to complete aspects that some of those challenged have felt to be beyond their skills. Privately, some of us have also said that ths has saved Dean and his team an awful lot of support calls and time, since they have been barely present in the very active Quick start Challenge Facebook group. However, those who have done the extra online support have made their name as mentors, built their own brand and gained in the “know, like and trust” stakes. Those who have been helped will be our supporters and testimonials in time to come.

The final week of the Quick Start Challenge is really – Do more of the same. i.e.: Forum and blog commenting, write posts, make videos and support each other, with one last message of turn up to the final video for an extra bonus. Again, the knowledgable amongst us know that this will probably include a call to join in with Dean’s high price group or something similar. Every webinar seems to end with one these days and we’re sure that this will be no exception.

Those that are left still participating are also starting to become aware of the fact that they know there is more to learn and at the moment, there is no direction for them, which may be another ploy to get them to sign up to the next stage – along the lines of “You’ve done this much. Don’t stop now”. Again, the experienced people are dropping ideas about what to do, like visiting blogs outside the group, investigating paid traffic methods and looking into monetising what’s already been done. Let’s hope that some of the people that are left are investigating those ideas.

Somebody pointed out in the Facebook group that they’d be interested on how many people started this year’s Quick Start Challenge and how many look like they’ll finish it. According to JVZoo there were 500+ sales, so there were between 500 and 999 starters, although there were nothing like that many active in the Facebook group which says it has over 1700 members although that does include Quick Start Challenge 2 members from last year. I’d say there are less than 100 who are active within the group out of maybe 200 that have dipped in at some time or another. We cannot know how many just lurked, feeding off the questions and answers for other people or how many just dropped away at any given stage, feeling it was all too much or not able to give the time necessary to the projects.

So will I recommend Quick Start Challenge 4 when it comes along next year? As an affiliate, I would probably say yes although as a participant it hasn’t been a terribly steep learning curve for me. I’ve actually learned more from Keith, Joe, Kevin and one or two others with whom I’m now part of a private spin-off group. The challenge has got me to tidy up this blog a little bit and add a couple more plug-ins that might be useful as well as revamping the opt-in form on the right (hint, hint If you haven’t already).

So Quick Start Challenge 3 for 2015 is about done and so am I for this post. Remember to share it using the social buttons below and do feel free to comment if you agree or disagree with what I’ve said. I’m going to go ahead with my own mentoring site which will rely more on optional affiliate sales rather than an initial charge and will (in the fullness of time) probably cover far more. The Mastermind Group we’ve formed may also come out with a competing product, again going further and hopefully keeping a higher proportion of active participants. Let’s see what the future brings.

Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – To Optin or not to optin

Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – To Optin or not to optin?

Is that really the question?

The Quick Start Challenge this week was to add an optin form to our sites and having gone round 30 or so of the sites this evening I have to say that many seem to have managed it very well.

If you’ve done it before (as I had) then in reality it’s not much of a challenge, but my problem was a little different. A couple of months ago I got kicked off of Get Response because of one bad solo ad. I made the wrong choice as far as providers go and over 80% of the signups took the the freebie and then unsubscribed again. GetResponse took this to be my fault, sending them a load of junk signups (as it was really, I suppose) and told me to pick my window to leave by. Pleading did not get me anywhere although asking nicely did get me 3 zips files containing my last list of subscribers, my autoresponders and my newsletters. Rule number one – be cordial even in the face of adversity and speak nicely.

I tried a couple of other autoresponders but neither had the feel or all of the facilities that GetResponse had, so I had to make a decision – Go to Aweber and start again there or sneak back to GetResponse using a new email address and hope they didn’t notice that their forms were going up on the same IP addresses as before. I chose to stick with the familiar and go back to GetResponse. After all, I wasn’t banned, just had one account closed. I’m sure I’m not the first to do that and neither will I be the last. It was the JVZoo integration that really pulled me back. It makes life so much easier when you can automatically grab a buyer’s email address.

So there’s a new optin form, along with a new giveaway – chosen especially to attract the people who are most likely to be visiting at the moment – my fellow Quick Start Challenge participants. Now my next task will be to go to my other optin forms and redo all of those with the new autoresponder. Here’s a neat article about using an autoresponder to attract and keep customers.

Now hearing about week 4 of the Quick Start Challenge is only 24 hours away as I write this blog. Dean Holland and his co-conspirators will be telling us what they expect of us for our final week along with a ton more encouragement, especially for those who have found this awkward, difficult or tricky from day one. Mind you, you really have to see how far they’ve come – especially those who had never set up a WordPress blog before and even more for those who’s first language is not English. From over 300 starters, more than half are still participating in the challenges and many of those are keeping up with blog commenting and forum posting, as suggested for the Quick Start Challenge week 2, although producing a selfie video was the main part.

Onwards and upwards to Quick Start Challenge week 4.

Quick Start Challenge 3 2015 – Week 2. The video!

Quick Start Challenge 3 2015 – Week 2. The video!

Well that has been fun. The Quick Start Challenge for week 2 was record and publish a video, preferably with yourself as the presenter.

Now, as you may be aware, I’ve done a few Powtoon videos in the past, mainly so that I don’t have to show my face or even blast my voice at the hapless victims who happen to trip over my offerings, but the point of doing a challenge, especially something like the Quick Start Challenge, is to break your own boundaries and do things you hadn’t done before, so, in the spirit of challenge, I’ve done that.

The video ended up a little longer than I thought it would (it’s only 2 and a half minutes – and for most of that, I’m quiet. Honest) and was fun to make. There were no cue cards or prompters, and at times it really sounds like it too. All of the editing was done with free tools like Windows Movie Maker and Avidemux – both very useful. In fact the only commercial video tool I have was more of a hindrance than a help as it didn’t feel instinctive for the basic editing I wanted to do.

Anyway. Without further ado, I present to you, my video for Quick Start Challenge 2015. Enjoy:

As it’s been mentioned in comments, I thought I’d show you the way I got my camera set up when I did the final part of my video. As I said in the video, there’s a roll of paper towels resting on top of a pile of magazines with a pen holding the lens up in position. The things we do for fame (grin).


WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies

WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies

Now don’t get too excited. I’m not going to spend the next few posts giving a WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies tutorial, but having started on the Quick Start Challenge, I’ve seen that a great number of people who are brand new to internet marketing need some help in getting a WordPress blog set up and have the basics of marketing explained to them.

WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo—Phil Oakley (

Now for the people on the training course there were a number of videos in the membership area giving the members all the help they needed, which is great if you have access to the membership area, but not so great if you’ve never heard of the challenge or have found out that it’s months away before the next one starts – or even if it will ever be run again. This is not good for WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies. They need training now.

There’s also a huge number of questions that new marketers ask time and time again – and it’s nearly always the same few questions, or at least the answers will be the same.

My solution to this is a new website that will take over the basic tutorial side of this one. I’ll carry on with more advanced training and ideas here, but will be the place to go for new starters, confused people and ones who want to go back to the basics. I will put support in place for the new site but it won’t be as interactive as this one in that I won’t be allowing comments and once it’s up and running, it won’t need much in the way of maintaining.

I’ll start with a section on WordPress and, as and when I can, I’ll add other basic marketing tips, so that people can come back here or buy more advanced products and begin to have a clue as to what they’re being taught. This will also be a terrific outlet for some of the WordPress PLR I’ve been collecting (once it’s been revamped of course) so I won’t have to write everything from scratch. I’m bound to upset a few people as they have been selling this stuff for years, sometimes at well inflated prices, even though the information is freely available elsewhere – if only new starters knew what to search for. For example…

Hopefully the basics of WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies on won’t take too long to get going – at least the first few videos can go up, even if they’ve got somebody else’s voice on for the moment and I can go over them again later and the same with some tutorial articles. People are going to be directed there from other places so I don’t have to worry too much just yet about Google penalties for duplicate content as I don’t try to rank for SEO. This niche is way too competitive for that. I do want to personalise things so that I do increase brand ‘Steven Lucas’, but I’m more interested in helping people with WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies on this new site than ranking high.

I could do with an assistant though, if somebody wants to offer. You must have good WordPress experience and be happy with FTP. In exchange I’d allow you to put your own affiliate links in the sidebar and if the site gets popular then I’m sure we could arrange something more. What I can’t afford to do is pay or take too much time to do training. It would be for the experience mostly. I bet I don’t get many offers!

Must get cracking. I have an aircraft booked for tomorrow to show off my flying skills whilst recording a video for Quick Start Challenge. I left it too long almost, but I do want to keep up with the challenge, especially since there is a great prize on offer for one of the videos.

One last thing for dedicated readers who have made it this far down the post. Here’s a free report that includes links to 7 (yes seven) training videos on product creation. Just CLICK HERE to download the pdf file and enjoy.

The Quick Start Challenge 3.0 – 2015 and all that

The Quick Start Challenge 3

So what’s all this about then? This is my post regarding The Quick Start Challenge 3, so perhaps I’d better explain what it is and what it’s all about.

Quick Start Challenge 3

The Quick Start Challenge is Dean Holland’s annual newbie starter system and this is the third year he’s run it, this year with the help of Craig Crawford and Robert Phillips. Their aim is to get people to start a blog either around their own name in the Internet Marketing niche or an interest in another niche, then by getting The Quick Start Challenge particpants to support each other blogs with comments and social shares, to increase the traffic going to them, then by adding monetisation systems to the blogs, to produce a small income for the owners.

As we all know, once you can start making a small income consistently, you are then on the path to making a larger income either by rinse and repeat actions in another niche or by increasing traffic to the existing blog.

The main idea is to show that before it is worth while generating traffic you need to have something for your visitors to look at.

So commensing with week one on 6th July, all the Quick StartChallenge 3 particpants were instructed to

  1.  Get a domain name and hosting,
  2. Set up a WordPress blog site
  3. Write their first post
  4. Write an ‘About Me’ page
  5. Tell the Facebook mutual support group about it.

Dean has been good enought to set up a series of videos guiding those who have never done this before through all of the steps required, and there are surprisingly few technical questions being asked. The mutual support is working very well and there are more than a few who are more expert on hand to offer assistance and guidance where required.

A fair set of tasks for those who have never done it before but, only 4 days into the Quick Start Challenge, many of the participants have set to with a will and produced everthing required. We’re now in the mutual appreciation zone so that lots of people will be visiting lots of the new blogs, adding comments and also doing social sharing – very important for SEO purposes.

So why am I doing the Quick Start Challenge? After all, I’ve been at this internet marketing lark for a long while, even if I only really started making a serious effort at it since April 2014.

Basically, I want this to prove to myself and my wife that it can be done, that it’s not all spam and hussle and that an income can be made from teaching others the basics and beyond. The stage I’m at at the moment is between $50 to $100 a month – enough to pay for me to be online, but hardly income supplementing or replacing. It may take another 6 months or a year, but I’d like to get to the $100 a day stage between passive income and email marketing. Like many others, I don’t need a massive, life-changing income. Just enough to get a nice retirement fund going and keep me entertained in the meantime.

What will next week’s tutorial video bring to us? We’ll have to wait until Monday 13th to find out.

P.S. At the request of some mebers of The Quick Start Challenge, I have removed 2 preceding posts that included blog lists of challengers. For some reason, they didn’t want the publicity! Mine not to reason why.

My First Good Student

I’ve mentioned before that I have started teaching a couple of students in what they need to be doing to make a good long term success on any sort of internet marketing. Unfortunately they sort of drifted by the wayside when they realised that they would have to put their own time, effort and finances into it and that it was to be a long term goal, not a system to push button riches. Now I seem to have a student who is different.

Drew picked me up on my offer for help on Alex Jeffreys closed Facebook group. He’d picked up Alex’s Superlist 2 product which sort of starts in the middle, leaving him very confused about what he needed for the beginning. Hence he asked a question or two of me, firstly via FB’s chat box and then we have continued via email. We’ve got him set up now with a domain name and hosting and his first couple of posts (in which I get name checked – smarties well chuffed). See for yourself at (I think he’s picked a really cool domain name there!).

This initial progress was quick but has now slowed down a little due to family illness and the nature of his next steps. I have kept in touch to keep encouraging him and it does look like he’s doing well. I’m sure I’ll be adding more updates as we progress. One of my hopes is to turn Drew’s journey into a course and case study (as I’m sure many mentors started out) and also to help me improve my own success rates, which are creeping up slowly.

Email Marketing

I’m also considering a purge of my (admittedly sparse) email list. According to the stats available to me, 5/6 of my list have not opened an email from me in the past 12 months – which is how long I’ve been making more of a serious effort at this marketing lark. (Hampered mostly by my intermittent efforts and ability to mainly use free traffic sources that don’t include SEO). So far I have separated the ‘non-openers’ into a separate list and have emailed them a couple of times with a gentle prod. I will be deleting the non-responders very soon.

As it stands, I am excluding them from my day-to-day emails so that my open stats now look much healthier – albeit to a much reduced number of subscribers. I have been told that even pro marketers with the multi-thousand name lists have this sort of purge every now and again (about every 6 months) as it keeps costs down and delivery rate stats up. Something quite important to ISPs as well as email management (autoresponder) companies.

Another surprising stat to me was the number of ‘incomplete’ subscribers. These are people who have not completed the 2nd phase of a double opt-in sign up (most of my forms are double opt-in). The actual number was 4 times my total list size (including the non-openers). Looking through the list, some of them were obviously fake or disposable addresses but many looked quite genuine. My thank you pages (not the download page – the link to that is in the first proper email after the double opt in) have instructions to look out for the opt-in confirmation, including warnings for Gmail users to check the various mail boxes that are set up by default (and that I disabled as soon as I saw them). I sent a reminder to a few that were less than a month old just in case, but the rest will fall out of the system eventually.

I actually don’t consider these non-double nearly subscribers a loss, since if they can’t be bothered to do a common procedure like a double opt-in, they are unlikely to open emails and follow through on the contents either. Not every one of my emails is a sales plea, but I think some people believe that marketer = constant sales pitches and I believe in giving value in my missives.

If anyone has any good tips on working in Get Response‘s stats and subscribers systems or wants some help themselves, please contact me directly by email or in the comment boxes below.

One last word on comments – I’ve spent the last few days blog hopping and commenting myself. I’ve found some really interesting articles and one or two horrifying stats – like 40% of people never pick up their freebie from a sign up form and 10% never collect a digital item they’ve paid for! The former I can understand a bit – some people sign up and expect to get sent straight to the download page (these days we generally weed them out by sending the link in the first email whether single or double opt-in) but the 2nd stat, where people pay for something and then never download it or view it (if it’s video on a membership site) I really don’t understand. But I guess that’s people for you.

Please feel free to leave your comments below and I am more than happy for you to share this or any other article on social media. Let me know if you have done this and I will certainly visit your website and do the same for you. In fact check it out – I may have even been there first!

My First JV Giveaway Over

As you may remember from a couple of weeks ago, I told you I’d joined in with a JV Giveaway. I can’t really say it’s be a resounding success despite the number of people I tried to send though that may be down to my traffic sources (10 Herculist posts, 1 Bweeble and 4 other Safelists sendings). I ended up with 5 member signups to the giveaway to my name and 2 people joining my list (signed up to one of my giveaways).

Here’s the stats picture:

JVGiveaway StatsSo 90 JV contributors sent 942 signups to 118 free offers from which there were 20 sales of 2 different types (The site organiser’s OTO and the individual’s OTO). Looking through the remaining stats on that page (which I won’t show because they feature other people’s info) there were many who did far worse and some other interesting information stood out.

First of all, the main organiser also sent most of the traffic – traffic that signed up anyway – about 1/6 of the total traffic as well as 2/3rds of the final sales total. Also only 5 people (including me) signed up to upgraded JV status (that allowed us to have more links to squeeze pages, text ads and a ‘paid for’ offer) and over 80 of the people who signed up to be JVs did not have any JV or member signups at all under them. Whether this means they sent no traffic or their traffic was so unqualified that it wasn’t interested, I cannot tell. However, the figures on show do not paint a good picture for this particular JV Giveaway. I also don’t know whether these figures are typical for this sort of thing or this was just a bad day at the office. It is part of the T&C when you sign up that you will promote it, but this may not be policed so I cannot say who to blame for the shortfall.

With over 100 giveaways up for grabs (and people who sign up as upgraded JVs can have them all without having to go through every squeeze page) you would have thought that this would have been a freebie seekers dream. Perhaps it’s a matter of finding the right places to advertise it?

IM Entrepreneur Giveaway

I will be persisting myself, if only to check up on the stats a bit more. The next one is called IM Entrepreneur’s Giveaway and runs from Tues 14th to 28th April and again there’s around 100 JVs with 86 Giveaways (I guess some people signed up and then realised they had nothing to offer). I’ve signed up again as a JV contributor, but not upgraded this time, which only gives me 2 JV Giveaway slots and no text ads or OTOs. It’s co-hosted by the same guy as the previous one (it’s part of his business model to run these things for people) and 2 other people. It will be interesting to see the stats at the end of this one.

The script that runs these JV Giveaways looks a little dated (very early ’90s) but the idea behind JV Giveaways is quite sound, provided everybody plays their part. I have to say, the main host does, in sending a significant proportion of the sign ups (although they may be from his own lists) and hopefully, the co-hosts will also do their bit. As for whether I look into signing up as a co-host myself sometime, at the moment, I’m not too sure. The JV upgrade take up rate is disappointing really considering the potential benefits, although those benefits have yet to be realised in my eyes.

Maybe I’ll know better after having done a few more.

If anybody wants the link to sign up as a JV contributor to this or future JV Giveaways, drop me an email and I’ll forward you the link.

As always, give me some comments in the area below. Have you participated in JV Giveaways recently, either as a JV Contributor as a member? What was your experience? Would you do it again? Do you want help to join in another one sometime? If so, please ask me. They’re not difficult to set up, especially if you already have a squeeze page or two ready to go. If yo don’t, I will help you with that too.