What’s Done in July and What’s Coming in September

What’s Done in July and What’s Coming in September Well here we are, half way through August and there’s a few things to tell you about. As you might have seen in previous posts, July’s big thing was the Quick Start Challenge. Technically I didn’t learn a lot although I did make a whole heap […]

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Quick Start Challenge Week 4 – The End is in Sight

Quick Start Challenge Week 4 – The End is in Sight We’re now in the fourth and final week of Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge 3 for 2015. Most of the participants – or at least those remaining are now at the stage where they either think – “That’s it. I’m set up now” or […]

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Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – To Optin or not to optin

Quick Start Challenge Week 3 – To Optin or not to optin? Is that really the question? The Quick Start Challenge this week was to add an optin form to our sites and having gone round 30 or so of the sites this evening I have to say that many seem to have managed it […]

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Quick Start Challenge 3 2015 – Week 2. The video!

Quick Start Challenge 3 2015 – Week 2. The video! Well that has been fun. The Quick Start Challenge for week 2 was record and publish a video, preferably with yourself as the presenter. Now, as you may be aware, I’ve done a few Powtoon videos in the past, mainly so that I don’t have […]

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WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies

WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies Now don’t get too excited. I’m not going to spend the next few posts giving a WordPress & Marketing Training for Newbies tutorial, but having started on the Quick Start Challenge, I’ve seen that a great number of people who are brand new to internet marketing need some help […]

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The Quick Start Challenge 3.0 – 2015 and all that

The Quick Start Challenge 3 So what’s all this about then? This is my post regarding The Quick Start Challenge 3, so perhaps I’d better explain what it is and what it’s all about. The Quick Start Challenge is Dean Holland’s annual newbie starter system and this is the third year he’s run it, this […]

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My First Good Student

I’ve mentioned before that I have started teaching a couple of students in what they need to be doing to make a good long term success on any sort of internet marketing. Unfortunately they sort of drifted by the wayside when they realised that they would have to put their own time, effort and finances […]

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My First JV Giveaway Over

As you may remember from a couple of weeks ago, I told you I’d joined in with a JV Giveaway. I can’t really say it’s be a resounding success despite the number of people I tried to send though that may be down to my traffic sources (10 Herculist posts, 1 Bweeble and 4 other […]

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Have You Tried a JV Giveaway for Email List Building?

I recently picked up a nice little document called Leveraged Traffic Explosion from Aaron Autrey explaining the benefits of JV Giveaways for email list building. The general idea is that someone sets up a JV Giveaway and invites other list builders to join in by offering products to download through their own squeeze pages. It’s […]

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February Happenings

February Happenings It’s the end of another month and time I told you a bit more about what’s been going on. Not a lot really. I went into animation overdrive and rattled off a load of videos through Powtoon, as I’ve already said in a couple of earlier posts. The only reason I’ve slowed down […]

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