Get Response 50% off Advertising Results

Get Response 50% off Advertising Results This time last week I did a post letting you know that Get Response were doing a Valentines offer for 50% off for 90 days. I did a good bit of free pushing on this through my usual safelists as it seemed a good candidate for that sort of […]

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Lots and Lots of Videos–Powtoon Tips

Lots and Lots of Videos – Powtoon Tips Thanks to Powtoon I’ve been making lots of short animated videos (2 to 3 minutes) on various marketing related topics. You might remember I did a review of the Powtoon  video creation site a few posts back, and I’m pleased to say I’m getting the hang of […]

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Slideshow product is here

Link Pyramid SEO & Slideshow Product Just over a week ago I promised a free download of a slideshow I’ve been working on – Everything About Internet Marketing. It’s available now on Amazon (for free for a few days) and once the Amazon offer is over then I’ll be sending it out to the people […]

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The problem with spammers

The problem with spammers I have a problem with spammers, and that is that they just won’t give up. This blog has been up a fair few months now and I’m clearing out spam comments just about daily. Fortunately it doesn’t take much effort as I trust the spam filter, which would also empty out […]

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James Scholes Rapid Cash System

Hey guys – Got something REALLY cool to share with you today 😉 Just thought I’d give you the heads up on something I stumbled across the other day. It’s completely free and the methods outlined don’t cost you a cent to implement either. I followed the instructions down to a Tee (which was easy […]

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End of Year Marketing Update

I admit it. I’m a bad boy. I didn’t post on Friday 5 Dec 2014. I’ll make up for it somewhere along the line! So your Christmas sales campaigns should be prepared and ready to go to get those last minute ideas lined up in front of your buyers list. What they’re looking for is […]

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Clickbank pays up

Well that was a nice surprise today. A cheque from Clickbank. OK so it was only for $90 but the good thing is, that I only have one site with any Clickbank stuff up on it and I don’t promote that site at all, so it’s all been random people finding it. The site […]

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An Adventure in Re-Hosting

Every now and again, a webmaster gets it into is head to change hosts, although the more websites he has on the host he’s changing, the less likely it is to occur. Sometimes there is no reason other than a change of scenery being required and sometimes there are really good reasons. Mine was the […]

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Changing Hosting

This time last year I had got fed up with the down time of my hosting company and decided on a change. It wasn’t too bad then. I had 3 membership sites where the content was pre-set and nobody was actually registered on them at the time – my fault as I wasn’t really promoting […]

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My name is Steven Lucas and I'm a part time experienced beginner to Internet Marketing. This means I've dabbled a bit now and again, but until recently, didn't put any serious effort into making real money. Now I am doing so and this blog chronicles my adventures, as well as offering advice and reviews.

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