An Adventure in Re-Hosting

Every now and again, a webmaster gets it into is head to change hosts, although the more websites he has on the host he’s changing, the less likely it is to occur. Sometimes there is no reason other than a change of scenery being required and sometimes there are really good reasons. Mine was the latter. I signed up for iPage without checking what I’d be getting for my money – no CPanel, no built in backups and a strange system for registering new domains, plus a 50% increase in annual fees. Seemed like good reasons to me, anyway.

Most of the story has been told here previously, so I’ll just leave the lessons learned

  1. Check your backups are good before you delete everything.
  2. Check that you remembered where you put your backups.
  3. Dropbox is very, very handy. If you’re not using cloud storage, Dropbox is the best for ease of use, speed and security.
  4. DO NOT – attach your domains to your new hosting until you’re sure the old hosting DNS has released them.

This last point was what held me up the most. I thought I was being clever by pointing my domains to the new hosting – because it takes up to 48 hrs for DNS changes to filter their way around the world I thought I’d be saving time by changing them from one host to another all in one fell swoop. NOPE! All it did was create DNS entries for the new domain before it was ready for them. Fortunately, my new hosting have great customer support as they were able to clear the entries out again so I could do things the right way round.

Rule of thumb here: Don’t take short cuts. They’re never as short as you think.

So everything I want back up and running is now doing so – along with scheduled backups that are not costing me any extra. I can now concentrate back on giving marketing advice, product reviews and occasional sales letters. There is also a new domain in my portfolio – and some domains that are being got rid of as they have outgrown what I wanted them for. If anybody wants, or they’re available for $10 each. You’ll need a GoDaddy or Namecheap account for a free transfer to your name or you pay transfer fees if you’d prefer your own Registrar to handle it for you.

Sign up to my email list to get automatic notifications of new blog posts. Feel free to comment below on your experiences with hosting changes and how good your web host’s customer support is. Name names as all these things help other people too. All links from comments are DoFollow and so have just that little more search engine juice – a good thing!

Changing Hosting

This time last year I had got fed up with the down time of my hosting company and decided on a change. It wasn’t too bad then. I had 3 membership sites where the content was pre-set and nobody was actually registered on them at the time – my fault as I wasn’t really promoting them. I also had a few other sites – 3 static HTML, 2 WordPress and I wanted to get some more lined up.

I looked through the various top name hosting companies and came up with iPage to move my sites to and set up my new empire. It required paying for a year up front but that wasn’t a problem so I signed up and began to get stuck in. My first mistake. I didn’t check the facilities available.

The first thing that struck me is that iPage doesn’t use CPanel. Don’t take this useful interface for granted people, especially when you see some of the alternatives! I also learned early on that doing backups from the control panel was a cost extra! Again, this is such a useful feature in CPanel that I didn’t question it until I found it wasn’t there. It’s not difficult finding alternatives for WordPress and static sites can be backed up via a good FTP client, but  it doesn’t have to be done that way if the hosting provides it.

There are a few other things missing from the iPage control panel – cron jobs, easy domain and sub-domain control and in my mind the shortcomings just kept adding up, so I resolved to move from iPage near the end of the year.

Which brings us to this point in time.

Having found a suitable hosting company and ensuring they had CPanel and all the other facilities that I regard as useful it was time to make the break away from iPage. Guess what. That’s not an easy job either. Every bit of information you need is somewhere in the help files, but it’s a bit spread out. There’s also some little nasties in the terms and conditions like – when you leave, make sure you clean up before you go, otherwise they’ll keep charging you rent. I’m glad I found that one!

So I backed up the sites that really needed it, from within for the WordPress sites and via FTP for the whole shebang too (obviously not the SQL databases, but all of the files anyway). then went through iPage’s File Manager and deleted every last one of them – directory by directory since it would allow me to select all and delete. It was there in theory, it just wouldn’t do it!.

Then I detached every domain I’d hung onto the hosting (except for the primary domain that everything was hanging from). I also went over to the domain registrars that these sites were registered at and changed the DNS settings to the new host. When you’ve done all that, it needs 24 hours for those changes to fed around the DNS world.

When I added my primary domain to iPage, they grabbed that domain name and made themselves registrars for it. Again something not made apparent during the sign up process. I wanted that domain name back under my control so I went to the registrar I use the most (Namecheap) and started the process to transfer it back. This meant another trip into iPage’s domain control panel to request an EPP – effectively permission to change registrars. Fortunately this is an easy process from both ends (iPage & Namecheap), at least to get started although it can take up to 5 days to go through. For me this took less than 2 days and that was over a weekend. This means I could detach the primary domain from iPage and move it over to the new hosting.

So to sum up the story so far. I’ve backed up all the files and databases then removed all the domains and files from iPage, changed all the DNS settings (for 15 domains) to point to the new hosts and I’m waiting for everything to go through the DNS system (Tuesday update – still waiting for some DNS settings to update. Getting DNS errors when I try to add some extra domains to CPanel. Might have to go to the respective domain registrars and reset the DNS status of the unattachable domains).

Once all that’s done then I can start to rebuild all the sites and decide what to do with my new site   Will it take over from as the main blog, or go in a different direction? As yet I don’t know, but I will do something with it. Watch this space.

And so into Autumn

Well we’re now on the run up to that dreaded pagan festival nicked by the Christians – the Winter Solstice. Where vast amounts of money are spend on gifts to bribe our family and friends to like us for another year. Yup. I’m in a cynical mood today, which is probably not a good idea when it comes to writing an Internet Marketing blog, but might just be a bit more entertaining than some of the waffle I’ve pushed out lately.

I’ll admit to being lazy sometimes when it comes to writing posts, either digging out old articles or reviews that I did write or finding an informative posting that somebody else did – although I do give them full credit. I might research but I don’t steal! (Research is when you steal a lot of different people’s work at once). So what’s been happening at SLM then?

Not a great deal to be quite honest. The release date for Sales Funnel Mastery has slipped for several reasons – I wanted some good graphics and a guy I was hoping would help has let me down. Time to bite the bullet and move on to someone else. I’ve also been on a few days away and other things of importance needed dealing with. These are all poor excuses, but they’re the only ones I’ve got for today. I’ll research some better ones for next time.

I’ve also been hunted down to do reviews for new products. That strikes me as an honour really. I must be getting a bit of a reputation for  them. Now I’ll admit my reviews can be brutally honest, although I try to be constructive as well. I’m not going to re-write their products for them, but I will say where I think they’re going wrong. I’ve had one or two people who don’t like what I say but for the most part I think (hope) I have given them points to ponder. I would also not be shy of posting reviews, good or bad, on here, so you all will know!

I’ve just finished writing one for a product called Video Mastery by Corey L. Franklin which is not released yet (although real soon, I think) which is well worth a look if you are a beginner to video marketing. It’s more on the setting up of a YouTube account and channel than actual video production although there is some stuff on presentation. Keep your eyes open for it if you think this could be of interest to you. There will be an affiliate link on here once it is released.

My other reason for not doing so much on here is that I’ve been hitting Twitter a lot. A few words of wisdom interspersed with blatant affiliate links and ads for this blog. I’ve actually had a few hits coming from that way and one or two small sales of $80 per day. Nothing to retire on, but an interesting way to market. Bear in mind that no matter how many thousands of followers someone has, not all will see it, care about it or even know that it exists, but nevertheless, it shows that Twitter marketing might just do the business. By the way, $80 per day is a great product to make money without a website. It’s cheap to buy and easy to implement. I’m not going ‘full on’ with it but I can see that it will work quite well. It’s also repeatable, expandable and not limited to any one niche. Well worth buying and trying if you’re looking for funding for another project.

To increase the likelihood of sales I’ve been using a place called and trading my time for retweets, mostly by retweeting other people’s ads and additionally by watching 30 seconds of YouTube videos. It doesn’t take a great deal of time or concentration and is good for pushing a message out. AddMeFast is not the only social media repeater (Facebook likes, friends, shares, Twitter tweets, retweets, Vine, Pinterest and other social sites) out there and they all work on similar principles. Either buy a certain number of credits or earn them by pushing out somebody else’s messages. Once you’ve done that 50 times you get some bonus credits too which quickly bumps up the bank. It’s easy and actually quite fun.

As always, feel free to comment below. All comments are now ‘Do Follow’ and spam ones are filtered. I read them and respond when I can. I still enjoy doing this blogging lark and hope to keep sharing good information with you wonderful people.

P.S: If you’re signing up for info then please use the sign ups on the main pages. A lot of people are creating site logins here and then get emails from me asking them to sign up again through my autoresponder. I’ve tried a plugin that’s supposed to do this for me, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Ironically, I get even more signups at my spammy affiliate site Just a shame they’re not buyers though!

New Motivation & Inspiration

Right. I had my whinge and whine in the previous post, and that’s quite enough of that!. Now lets get back into the swing of things and build this brand.

And why shouldn’t I? The best way to get ahead for the long term is to be known as some one who gives value and if that means to keep feeding all you good people with the best information I can get my hands on, without charging you anything then that’s the way it will be. You already know that I don’t plaster ads everywhere, and even the pop ups are discrete (they’d say ‘’”excuse me please” too if I’d just code it in. PHP is not my strongest language so I’ll let that idea aside, if you don’t mind.

So let’s start with a massive, multi-gigabyte, free give away. Loads of stuff for any marketer, in any niche and includes PLR books, audios and videos, WordPress plug ins, graphics and more stuff than I care to mention. Get it here and fill your boots, as they say in some areas.

Yes, I’ve been inspired. There’s some great blog posts out there, including one I read that reminded me – “It’s not about ME”, written by someone who was sick of seeing people jump on every newbie with ‘buy my offer’ and ‘join my team’ shouts before they’d even introduced themselves. A sure fire way to frighten people off before they even get started! The person who introduced themselves by name and said, “I can see you’re busy at the moment. Give me a call when you’re less inundated”, got the call back a short while later and didn’t introduce her offer until she was asked “What do you do for a living?”, was able to bring the offer naturally into the conversation and was able to gain a friend as well as a customer.

So how do you do in those stakes? Do you introduce yourself with your latest ‘For Sale’ sign and follow up every conversation in the same way? Or do you at least give away one or two bits of introduction before hounding the life out of your new sign up? Or do you wait to be asked and then make it a conversation piece, rather than a conversation stopper?

Do you think it makes a difference which field of internet marketing you’re involved with at the time? I mean, does a CPA marketer care if you’re his friend or not? An affiliate marketer, getting you onto his email list will want you to stay on it, but will you stay once the friendship stops and the selling starts. We know MLM wants you for the long haul (after all, your customers are also a commission for your sponsor and maybe your sponsor’s sponsor too), so they do try and make friends for life, but even they sometimes hit you up for offer after offer sometimes. Where does your IM sub-niche expect you to stand, where would you like to stand and more importantly, do you stand there?

So think about it the next time you see somebody introduce themselves into your social media circle. Introduce yourself. Be a friend. Leave your offers out of sight until you feel it appropriate to introduce one into a conversation. Feel free to reprimand them if they hit you with an offer before telling you who they are. Every person you make a friend is someone who is more likely to trust you and what you have to say, especially if they think about how they were treated beforehand. There will be some that you cannot convert, but they are the people who will probably not be there next year, the ones who say that IM doesn’t work. Meanwhile, you have friends that want your offers and tell you so. Why? Because you’re their friend too.

Getting past the “Is it worth it?” stage

I have to admit, not for the first time, that I am approaching that thought of “Is it all worth it?”. I set my self a target of 2 posts a week, which is not excessive and I should have plenty to write about, even if they’re just product reviews, but since I’m not really cracking on with earnings I really have to wonder am I just wasting my time. My wife certainly thinks so and tells me in no uncertain terms. I read and study some of the material that I’ve got over the years and I’ve even deleted a few gigs worth that is no longer relevant, not because I need the hard drive space, but to save me looking at it again in a few months or years time.

I know I wasn’t expecting instant wealth when I started this site but I was expecting a build up of readership and possibly revenue. I’ve tried helping people, but obviously the help I was giving (for free) wasn’t what the recipients wanted, which was instant gratification of their wealth dreams. Something I tried to put over that if you want a recurrent, sustainable income, wasn’t going to happen overnight. I didn’t have the answers they wanted to hear, so they stopped listening.

This is the time I know a ‘live’ mentor would be telling me to buck my ideas up and have I completed the last project he gave me to do, but although I know I can’t afford NOT to have a mentor, I also know I can’t afford the subscription fees to take on with one. I know some of my problems lie with the limitations of how much I get done compared with how much I should be doing. Making 25 comments a day on other blogs shouldn’t be difficult, or even finding them, but the inspiration is lacking. Writing 500 to 800 words, twice a week isn’t really that hard but I sometimes feel like the get up and go just went without me.

I’ve set up squeeze pages with free products and put links for them in relevant places – my usual are IBOToolbox, ApSense, and Twitter as well as through some safelist sites. I know all these are low quality, freebie seeking traffic but they should give better results than Adfly and Clicksense and although my list has grown from 55 to 163 it’s taken me 3 months and when you see people claiming getting thousands per day onto their lists, it does bring you down a bit. The list I have got is totally unresponsive, but that’s not surprising given the sources. I suspect that double opt in may be the key here as it forces subscribers to validate their email and gives you a chance to remind them to add you to their contact list, so you at least stand a chance of being in their inbox as opposed to being caught by their spam filter.

So it it all worth it? Tell me in the comments how you get through these sort of periods. Do you have a friend, mentor or business buddy to help you through. Have you ever just given up for another year, to start again another time?

Otherwise I have about 250Gb of data that might be the only money maker I do. A USB hard drive half full of all the IM stuff I’ve accumulated, along with some domain names that have some age on their side and might be good to someone. The next post might just be asking for offers, if I don’t get some serious self-backside kicking done!

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Thanks to another new plugin – this one’s called MyCommentAuthors by Enstine Muki and available from (you have to download from this site, then upload it from your WordPress blog) and it tells me who my top commenters are – I’ve removed myself as I reply to as many as I can, so my stats don’t count and why the numbers at the bottom don’t add up either.

I just saw this and it appealed to my sense of community with a little bit of competition 🙂

The plugin also does another nifty thing in that after a certain number of comments made by an individual, the comments become dofollow as a reward to those who pop by regularly and give me a dose of their wisdom. All comments are read and highly appreciated. I don’t reply to as many as I should, but I do hold you all in high regard and I do visit your sites in return.

I’ll be putting August’s link table up soon. Where will YOU feature?

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Does this look any different to you?

This is NOT a ‘does my bum look big in this’ question, but more of a ‘does this look any different’ sort of thing.

You see, during the day Monday to Friday, internet access in this place is very slow. frustratingly so at times, so I’m trying this little piece of Microsoft software called Windows Live Writer which is supposed to be able to let you blog from your desktop. It’s a lot quicker and more responsive obviously because it’s local to me and once I hit ‘Publish’ it should upload everything to the blog here for the world to see. Failing that I’ll just copy and paste the lot next time I can force the 1200 baud modem to connect!

Yes, it’s silly mood time, but I’m feeling good. If you remember my Big Launch posts a little while ago then if you count the days (30) it means I’ve just been paid out for my efforts. OK. It wasn’t a fortune but it was a nice little extra to the marketing budget. Now for the real updates.

I’ll start with this site. The more observant of you may have noticed a few extra pop ups and boxes here and there, asking for your email address and offering free updates. This is due to a nifty little plugin called AppSumo. This offers a lot of opportunities to join one of my email lists and also helps to track visitors. The base plugin is free as are some of the useful add-ons. Just go to and grab it for yourself. There’s also a growing community behind it which is small at the moment but it’s got to start somewhere.

You may also have noticed a little pop up in the bottom right corner too, which changes with the page you’re reading. Another little plug in called Notice Box Ads. This came from and seems an unobtrusive way of delivering an ad without having to slap it in on the sidebar. Yes I’d like to make sales from here, but I want to bring people for the content. Let me know. Are the ads too discrete or too much? Do they get in your way? What about the share bar that drops down with you? Do you ever share good content? I really ought to ask you to share it if you think it worthwhile. What do you do for advertising and sharing. Comments below as always, please.

Work on the September launch of my next product is gathering pace. The manual that goes with the audio training is almost ready. Just need a decent cover for that. I have a mock up that sort of makes a mockery of the word ‘design’. I just threw some graphics at a page and saw what stuck. Need to make it look nicer now.

Also planning a product for late October / early November and this will be a membership site. I have most of the content started but I’ll need to go through it and make up the manual to go with it. Graphics are going to be a big thing for this one as I’ll need a load of related stuff. I have templates, but I really need a joined up approach for this. I have a feeling this one may slip into the new year.

Although it’s not really my field I think getting into training that can be easily carried out on tablets might be a good thing. There’s been a proliferation of 7” sized screen devices and I think there could be a good market for products specifically aimed at that screen size. I’m not sure what just yet. More than just an ebook reader, something interactive and probably web based so it’s easily convertible to iPad and MS Surface formats too. It’s only a glimmer of an idea at the moment. Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll see.

As always though good people, tell me your thoughts. Have I finally gone off the deep end or am I making reasonable sense? You tell me in the comments below.

The Power of More Than One

When we start marketing we’re almost always alone. At best we start with another friend who may have as little idea as we have. And we struggle. Boy do we struggle.

We get easily distracted by the next shiny object, we lose pace because we have no idea what to do next, we lose heart because nothing seems to work or we hit a roadblock because we have a task we know needs doing but we only have a vague idea on how to do it.

So what can we do about it?

We can get a mentor – someone we trust, who has already walked the path we wish to tread. Someone who has already been successful at what we want to do. Now fortunately, this mentor does not have to be in our niche as internet marketing skills are easily transferable. There might be a slightly different set of words to learn about but the principles of marketing people, products and websites are essentially the same.

A mentor not only teaches the principles but will also encourage his pupils and occasionally rant, rave, kick butt and generally motivate them to keep on doing what they should be and not procrastinating or sitting in the corner making excuses. If the pupils come up with their own products, the mentor will also often promote them to his own email list which will probably be considerably larger than the pupil’s, either individually or collectively.

The downside is that the mentor will probably want a large fee – or at least a large seeming fee to the absolute beginner marketer. When you’re starting out on a budget, you probably think it’s bad enough with $10 a month for  hosting, $20 a month for an autoresponder and when an experienced mentor comes along stating he (or she) wants $500 or $1000 a month (or even per week or per day!) and they cannot guarantee the results, you have to wonder if it would all be worth it.

Alright you will get personal attention from the mentor for that fee. It might just be via their personal email and a weekly teleconference call but it will be ‘the name’ that you talk to and get the experience from. Your chances of big success are very high and you will probably learn a system that is scalable all the way up to the same level as the mentor.

Or you can set you sights a little lower and go with somebody who has a little less experience, is making some money – maybe not in the six figures annually class, but has more than a little familiarity with marketing and plenty of hands on experience and more to your point, doesn’t charge quite so much in fees. You can probably still get the benefit of their personal attention for $100 to $300 a month (still a lot for some people), and you may end up doing just as well as them, then when you get to that sort of earning level you can trade up to the highly successful mentor. Remember that a mentor will still only be able to guide you to the highest level that they have achieved.

It’s a bit like like hiring a band for your function. Do you pay up for the big name chart success band or do you pay for the good covers band who almost look and sound the same?

Or do you get together with a bunch of your mates who can play a bit as well and make your own noise? You can make your own sounds, get it mostly right and although you won’t fool the fans, what you can deliver, you can make a good job of. And the same can go as another choice for marketers too. A bunch of you can get together, trade experiences and ideas, encourage each other, support each other’s releases, and that too will start you on the road to more success.

How you start doesn’t necessarily determine how you’ll finish. How determined you are is part of that as is how good the guidance you get. Many of the big name mentors have a lower cost, pre-recorded course which contains most of the essential outlines and the more organised ones will have support staff to help run the course. Not quite the top guy’s personal attention, but it will be someone he’s trained.

Part of the motivation for your success will be the amount you’ve put in, in money as well as effort. If you’ve handed over a couple of thousand dollars in one lump sum you’ll find your mind is concentrated wonderfully on making a success. Far more than if you’ve only pushed a couple of hundred – less than you’d spent on your last weekend away.

Whichever path you choose, you are more likely to be a success that if you stay working alone. Having other people in regular contact who will listen to your promises and declarations of intent, and hold you to them is a great boost. Social media groups, even blog posts like this one and others I’ve made, get comments and these comments are incentives to write more to keep the people coming back which, in the end, will make me feel more of a success. Success that I’m willing to share with you.

Thank you, good readers. Please feel free to comment below. Have I inspired you to go out and find a mentor? To be a mentor? Or am I talking pure drivel? Over to you.

Sweltering Days and Rainy Nights in August

Well after the excitement of The Money Trigger campaign – from which I got around 50 sign ups (Thanks mostly to a solo ad sent to 150 through I ended up with 4 sales of The Money Trigger, 1 Sale of Marketing With Alex Live and a random sale of Andrew Waring’s DoneFor You  I ended up with a grand total of $31.90. Not a fortune, not a profit (after paying for the solo ad) but enough to show that it can be done. I’m aware that for the same effort I could have promoted something that gave better returns, but I believe in Alex’s products and I also wanted to see what could be done ‘on the cheap’ and what the returns would be. I know I shouldn’t draw conclusions from one campaign but I do feel there’s enough info on this and the previous campaign review page to let me know what to do and not to do next time.

So what am I going to do this month?

I have one product of my own ready to go and one almost ready except for a few tweaks – both are aimed more at the premium end of the novice marketer’s market (target price is $97 each for 4 hours of audio and some pdf ebooks) and each has a front end squeeze page and associated giveaway. Both have been created in association with Sean Mize, an American product creation expert, who gives a lot of advice similar to Alex’s. As you might expect though, some of it is diametrically different but it all makes sense in my head.

The one ready to go is the Content Creation Course, the title of which explains it all. This is a 30 day plan to enable the customer to create enough content to start a good online business and promote it to the world. It works on a 4 hour day, so 20 hours a week and how to use those hours productively, whether creating content or promoting the pages that sell it. Sean Mize is very big on audio and he explains a great deal without getting bogged down in filler material or random information.

My promotion plans for this are some articles in the usual places – including Ezine Articles and Article Base as well as my usual haunts of IBOToolbox and ApSense. A Squidoo lens and HubPages entry won’t be out of the question either. I may push a solo ad at this one too from one of the more premium solo ad sellers (not the 35c a click guys).

The other audio course – (To be named) will be put on JVZoo for affiliates to pick up. To be done before the release though are a PDF file of notes that I’ve taken whilst listening to the course, with my own expansion on some of the ideas, and the JV partner requirements of graphics, email swipes and template articles. I’ve not decided on the JV share but it will be at least 50%. It will have its own sales page and I may repackage it slightly cheaper as a WSO too later on. When it’s ready I will request reviews and testimonials – target date for completion is 15th August (mostly waiting for the graphics). Look out for my request on here and on a few of my Facebook haunts. Anyone who sends a review will also get a copy of ‘How To Be A Social Marketer’, my previous WSO.

I’m still doing some free instruction with a couple of people at the moment as well (and a full time job) hence the longer timelines to completion. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated on the progress of the 2nd project.

So those are plans. Please feel free to comment below. I’m especially interested if you feel you want to comment on my ambitions and pricing points.

Going With A Big Launch

You might have gathered from the amount of posting I’ve been doing here and elsewhere that I’ve put a fair amount of effort into promoting what looks like (on the surface) to be a very small priced item. Alex Jeffreys’ The Money Trigger – a $5 product with a one time offer ($17) and a recurring 2nd offer ($27), doesn’t look like it will be a huge earner but it all depends on who can capture the leads.

I decided to try an experiment – I hadn’t seen it done anywhere else before so I didn’t know how it would go.

As the system stands, if I send a lead to Alex’s sales page and they buy then he gets a ‘known buyer’ lead and I get $5 (100% commission on this item). If they just leave then no one gets anything. So I decided to send them via this squeeze page BEFORE I sent them on to the sales page. That way I’d get a subscriber to my currently scrawny list and then maybe there’d be a sale afterwards. Win-win for me and Alex you’d think. The squeeze page promises nothing that Alex’s sales page doesn’t deliver and there’s no freebie from it (at least not until email 4 from my autoresponder).

This I think was my big mistake.

Because there was no reason to sign up, out of the 2100 clicks that went there, only 12 did and 10 of them were from Lagos, so I don’t expect they’ll be buyers and one of the other sign ups was me testing that it worked. So not a great result.

I’ve learned a few things though (18 hours after my initial launch):

  1. I didn’t put any analytics code on my squeeze page and relied solely on a link. Insufficient data really. I’d sent some safelist ads and analytics would have told me if any visitors came from them.
  2. I should have offered a freebie on the squeeze page. I have several self-written ebooks that would have been good to go with this product.
  3. Squeeze page should have been email only rather than name & email at least for Clicksense captures.
  4. Once I knew what was actually in the product (instead of just info on the JV page) I should have re-written the squeeze page to emphasise the value and benefits. Or at least split tested the two.
  5. Clicksense is a lousy source for paying customers – although maybe I was just unlucky. A free offer might have got signups. It is a cheap source of traffic targetable by region  though and worth trying for that reason. I had some credits left over from another campaign and decided to use them rather than put new funds in. Time of day could have been key there. I got a huge proportion of USA clicks but that was early afternoon their time. WAHM clickers probably.
  6. I spent some time on pre-launch teaser messages on Twitter, LinkedIn, IBOToolbox and ApSense – none of which drew in a damned thing (by elimination of other traffic sources) to this blog’s review, where the pre-launch messages were sending them, or to the squeeze page (post-launch). Articles on the latter two sites do have some interest in them but no click throughs as yet. They will remain there for future potential. At least these were free.
  7. I spent $5 on a Twitter blast through Fiverr. I think that’s where the Lagos signups came from.
  8. I’d forgotten that I’d built up some clicks on a social sharing site, so I still have that as a potential traffic source. Wish I’d used it at the time though. It’s actually quite fun as click for click sites go. Twitter re-tweets are the best way and run a separate ‘Website Hits’ tab in your browser at the same time to gain a few more clicks. Clicks can be bought, but I earned mine by clicking.

My actual stats from JVZoo weren’t too bad. 51 clicks on the JVZoo link directly resulting in 6 visitors and 3 sales of The Money Trigger and one upsell to MarketingWithAlex Live, so purely on those stats it looks good for Alex’s funnel, but my side definitely needs more work! Picture below:

JVZoo screenshot

I have one last chance which is a 125 click solo ad from Safe-Swaps which is due to go on Saturday. Probably should have booked that in advance to catch some launch interest.

We live and learn.

Please comment below – especially where you think I could have done things differently or better, bearing in mind I’m still at the low budget end of spending money although time is something I can spend.