Do Nothing And Nothing Will Happen, But It’s Got To Be The Right Something

A lot of first time entrepreneurs will buy a product or two, read it and think, ‘that’s easy. I’ll do it’, follow the instructions half heartedly or for a couple of days or weeks and then wonder why the money isn’t rolling in. If you’re in the marketing business, you must treat it that way. It’s a business. A shop that doesn’t open will sell no goods and a shop owner that doesn’t follow the rules of sales will not be a success. Just reading a system is never enough. You must take action on a system, all of the actions, all the way through the system. Also if you don’t put full time effort into it, don’t expect full time results. I fully admit that I haven’t put full time effort into my business, but I’m happy for it to grow slowly and to me it’s manageable and what I want to do. If my circumstances changed, I would re-evaluate, but until then, I’m on the slow path – but I’m aware of it. I am doing many of the right somethings, just at a reduced pace.

There’s a good quote, I think it’s from Einstein – “Idiocy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different to happen.” Now I may not have it word for word but it’s something we need to bear in mind now and again. There are so many people, usually after the quick money, who think that grabbing an affiliate offer, off Clickbank or JVZoo, and then plastering it over as many Facebook groups and Twitter feeds as possible will earn them loads of cash. It may get one or two sales, purely on the scattergun approach, but usually barely covers the time and effort and certainly could not be called a living wage. But they’ll do it again and again until their account gets suspended or banned. If it doesn’t work the third time, why expect it work at all? If no attempt is made to cultivate yourself as someone useful to know, then don’t expect people to want to hear what you have to say.

Of course, you experienced marketers who kindly still read this (and often comment), don’t need to be told this and you know how to social market properly, in a friendly manner and one that is sustainable to your business. You offer free advice, ask questions of others and react to events before even posting anything vaguely sales-like. You prove yourself to be a real person first and at most you offer a free gift in return for getting someone to sign up for your list. Selling off the social pages seldom works, but getting a list of interested parties who might be interested in more of what you have to say is likely to have a better response.

A bad hunter hunts, a good hunter waits… And so should you. Wait where your prey will be. Find out where people in your chosen niche hang out. Find the forums, discover the groups, chat rooms, other niche blogs and leave your traces where they can be found. Your traces should be, good answers to questions, challenging questions of your own, statements of fact or opinion where they can be agreed with or challenged, and attached to each of these will be your full name (or the name you want to be known by in your niche) and a link to your website or squeeze page. The former helps visitors to get to know you better, the latter grabs them instantly to your list where they will need more persuasion to become a customer, but at least you can keep trying to talk to them through your list building efforts.

None of these methods are fast but they do make for long term viability of you as a market force. If you really want fast cash you need to enter the far more risky world of online trading – Forex, Binary and the like, of which I only have the vaguest outside view. I do know you need a reasonable amount of cash to start with though and you do run the risk of losing it as well. These methods are pretty close to gambling and you know you should only play with money you can afford to lose. Can’t stand to lose, don’t play those games.

Get yourself in for the long haul. It isn’t hard to do 20-30 comments a day so you will get 100 to 150 links to your page a week. Do this for 8 weeks and you will be drawing them into your pages. They are already interested in what you’ve said and interested people are more likely to be good customers. You’re obeying the proven rules and that’s the way you make a steady income.

Here’s an example of a simple squeeze page – Make $80 a day without a website – Click Here Now Simple layout, a few words on what you’re getting and only one action – fill in the form. It works quite well even though there’s no free giveaway on the other side, it still gets a good number of sign ups each day. Try something similar for yourself. It’s easy to set up and can grow your list. Don’t wait any longer, take action NOW!