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Looks like everything is sorted out now. The domains I want to use have got the information I wanted to add to them. I diverted a couple of nice short domain names to somewhere where they might be useful, so all they need is some promotion, and I’ve decided to get rid of some domain names that are just taking up space in my inventory. I’ve got no intention of using them so I’ll just sell them or let them die. Anyone wants them, just contact me, & Any offers considered.

The domain redirects might be of interest to other people, just through the 2 different ways that they’ve be redirected. One has its redirection from my hosting – so it’s an add-on domain that uses the redirection facility build into CPanel. That’s pretty ordinary and when it redirects, it shows the place it’s redirected to when you get there. As affiliate link hiding goes, it does OK. It hides your affiliate extension and is enough to prevent your affiliate sale from getting stolen – at least until they get to the site.

Here’s how it’s done:-

The other redirection method is more interesting. Firstly, it’s done at the domain registrar – GoDaddy in this case. It’s known as a permanent redirect and actually hides the destination domain even when the person goes to the site. In other words, the domain name stays in the browser address bar, so it hides the actual site name. It’s not recommended if you are in the habit of changing the domain redirects frequently and you will need to put in your own meta data at the registrar but I feel that’s a small price to pay – another 5 minutes work hunting for and using the best keywords to use on the site.

GoDaddy domain redirect.

To see the differences look at which uses the temporary redirect method through my hosting. Especially look at the browser address bar whilst it’s doing its thing. Then look at which uses the permanent domain redirect. Notice how the domain name stays in the address bar.

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