End of Year Marketing Update

I admit it. I’m a bad boy. I didn’t post on Friday 5 Dec 2014. I’ll make up for it somewhere along the line!

So your Christmas sales campaigns should be prepared and ready to go to get those last minute ideas lined up in front of your buyers list. What they’re looking for is something with quick gains from small efforts – You’ll have probably noticed that there a few new CPA (Cost per Action) products hitting the streets at the moment which fit this bill nicely.

An alternative is to look for products on JVZoo and WarriorPlus that are instant payout (rather than having to wait 28 days). The danger with these though is that if there’s a claim for refund that claim will eventually end up coming from you as well, so if your reserves are short then beware.

I have to admit that I haven’t been doing a great deal since I spent a weekend setting up a health based funnel and autoresponder sequence (http://www.steven-lucas.com/health). I’ve tried running it on my usual safelists (European, SafeMailServices & Herculist) as well as Bweeble with no responses so far. I may have to start researching to see if there’s solo ad providers who specialise in the health niche.

Good health, Go girl
Good health, Go girl—Gamma Man (Flickr.com)

In the new year, I’m going to start dropping some freebies for download from this site. Most will NOT require going through a squeeze page, although some will if they tie in with a good back end series. I’m also going to work on larger, more convoluted funnels with up and down sells, first of all, to get the experience – so I can pass it on to you and secondly to be able to write up the process, including where to put successive links so it all falls in to place.

Another investigation will be in to tracking links. Every mentor and guru says they’re important and it’s easy to see why, but no one explains it in simplified language, so that will be my aim to you all. I still have a 30 day product creation and sales audio course to set up. I have the audios in somebody else’s voice at the moment – should I redo them in mine or just add value to what already exists? Your thoughts would be very welcome in the comments section or directly emailed to me. Along with this I’m going to write up about split testing using ad rotators and ways of keeping it cheap. This all should keep me busy at least until Easter!

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Just to finish up, here’s a silly video I made by joining a couple of clips I did on my tablet (for no other reason that ‘because’)