Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

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Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

What is it with enthusiastic Brits and Internet Marketing? Here we have another one – James Scholes and his long standing and still best selling product Evergreen Wealth Formula. For a start you have to think, it’s well established and still selling well, how can it still be fresh and up to date? The answer to that is easy – there’s an enthusiastic Brit behind it. James keeps sending out information, keeping it fresh and what’s more, keeping it real. He doesn’t claim multi-million dollar per year sales, with a huge back-end crew jumping to his whims, but he does tell us that he uses this system himself and pulls thousands per month, keeping him more than comfortable whilst working from a  small room in his home.

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is based around a simple 3 step plan, niche, squeeze, traffic – nothing more complicated than that. It’s not a push button, buy this once and draw in all the money but James does guide you through each step and provides you with the tools you need or tells you where you can get them from, so that you can get started quickly and easily. Then once you’ve done it once (or twice if you’re a slow learner) with hand holding, you can then rinse and repeat, or in other words, do it all again for more income.

Video based course

The course itself is solely video based which may be a bit off putting to anyone who’d rather read a manual (me included), and James is a very enthusiastic talker although he never runs away from a point, nor does he belabour it to stretch out the content. He provides a great video for free which he uses as an introduction to the course and you can get a great deal from watching it. Of course, you’ll have to sign up to the squeeze page to watch the video, but believe me, it is worth it and James does not bombard you with daily or hourly emails demanding you buy his next latest and greatest.

James also adds regularly to Evergreen Wealth Formula so it’s not a static tutorial. It grows as techniques change so you are always kept up to date.

Evergreen Wealth Formula is one of those products that it’s easy to really believe in. James’ email support is great and he does it all himself – how many other product support networks will do that? There are live calls and as much hand holding as you need to really get yourself going, so if you’ve failed at so many other ‘systems’ either because you lacked the self belief or you were left cold by a total lack of mentor support, this should be the last course you’ll ever need to buy. Because this one really works.

The cost is one-off and there are no upsells, so once you’ve paid your $97 you’re in. James does offer personal tutorials for a mentor sized sum (not unreasonably), but you do not have to join a hugely expensive inner circle to make Evergreen Wealth Formula successful for you.


If you’ve had bad experiences with a lack of support, why not let everyone know in the comments below. If you have to name names then I will have to do some research to verify what you’ve said and if I cannot find anything then your comment may be removed. After all, this is an information blog, not a rant site. Speak up and inform your fellow marketers.