Fast List Growth plus Profits

Fast List Growth plus Profits

I signed up with 5iphon a year or so ago but never put much thought into it. It was like a lot of other sites I’d signed up to and forgotten. I’m not the first to do that, nor will I be the last, but recently I had a reason to be redirected to the site and i was reminded of what it could do for me and it goes beyond fast list growth.

Primarily 5iphon is an opt-in email fast list growth multiplier site as people who sign up under you for free will send people to their link. However, the first 5 people who they send and sign up will go onto your list. If they sign up and take up the paid membership of $20 per month you will get half of their monthly membership every month, so you win either way. The site converts extremely well as the offers are attractive and the options are well presented. Also, once you are a paid member you have the option of sending new free sign ups to the 5iphon paid membership or to a page of your choice – an affiliate offer of course.

The site integrates with Aweber and Get Response (obviously since you are list building, you will need an autoresponder) directly, so people will go straight onto your email list. To keep them on board make sure to remind them to send traffic to their own 5iphon affiliate link (provided immediately for them, along with pre-written ads and headlines). You can also remind them that their first 5 sign ups will go to you unless they take up paid membership (in which case half their membership money goes to you instead).

Now an ideal way to get started is by sending solo ad traffic to your 5iphon link and an excellent source of solo ad traffic is Safe-Swaps. Again, it will cost you nothing to sign up with them although there is a paid membership option you don’t need it to buy traffic. Pick someone who has a good reputation (lots of thumbs up) and always over delivers (usually by 10%-25%). For 100 clicks this will cost you between $25 to $40 but there is every chance that you will get 30 to 50 sign ups from your 120 clicks (based on average over-delivery) of which 6 to 10 will probably become paid members (maybe more. The offer converts very well). If you (in your first few emails from your autoresponder) convince them to send traffic to their links via the same method I’m laying out here or by any other method (AdWords, FB ads, safelists etc) you will get their first 5 signups (if they haven’t paid for membership) or (if they have paid) they will see the growth in their lists and happily remain a paid 5iphon member (which means you get half their monthly membership fee).

Another source of solo ad clicks is Solo Master Pro. This site is unique in that you can buy clicks from this site for as little as $0.31 each and resell them at whatever price you can get. This is very handy if you want to sell more clicks but don’t have a list of your own or one that would support that many. Your first order each month is also matched (up to certain limits) so you will get an extra tranche of clicks free, each and every month. The clicks are 70% tier 1 (a good percentage) and can be sent to any free offer.

You only need 2 paid members to cover your 5iphon membership and then 3 more will cover your solo ad cost. Of course anything then sold through your list emails is a bonus to you. You should break even from your first solo ad sending each month and then make $40+ per hundred (after solo costs). How many solo ads you send per month is up to you. Also free members might sign up to paid membership later, so don’t give up on them if they don’t buy immediately. Keep giving them your support and encouragement, as well as the odd freebie every now and then.

Once your list gets to a decent size (500+), you can then take a paid membership to Safe-Swaps and start selling solo ads as well. You might have to start at the cheaper end and gain a reputation, but once you have a few solo sales under your belt you will be sought after and be able to charge accordingly. There are sellers who ask for  (and get) $100+ for 100 clicks if they have a tier 1 guaranteed buyers list. (Tier 1 are people from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK – English speaking, high income).

If you are going to sell to your new subscribers, I would suggest Clickbank or JVZoo products in the list building niche.

So the resources are:

There are people turning in a regular profit just through 5iphon alone, let alone what they are adding by selling solo ads and affiliate offers. This is an easy and fast way to grow your list and the offer converts well from the beginning because it starts free and the benefit of being a paid member is also good and explained well.

There’s only one thing left to do… GET STARTED.

Do you have a good traffic method for a free offer that you care to share? Have you found similar schemes that you think are worth telling the world about? Do you have ideas for fast list growth? Let me know in the comments section below.

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