February Happenings

February Happenings

It’s the end of another month and time I told you a bit more about what’s been going on.

Not a lot really. I went into animation overdrive and rattled off a load of videos through Powtoon, as I’ve already said in a couple of earlier posts. The only reason I’ve slowed down at the moment is through studying the intricacies of Google+. Needless to say there will be an article on this sometime in March as I’ve been shown some very exciting things that Google+ is not just good for, but is great at. My problem will be keeping the article to less than 5000 words, by which time it becomes a book!

I’ve also taken a different approach to my old Safelist friends with some success. I’ve written an ebook that is available for direct download. There’s no squeeze page and nothing else in the way. If you click on the link, the book downloads in a new tab (if you have Adobe Reader installed). I tell people there is no opt-in, that the book is free for the taking and that they can pass it on or use it unaltered so long as they don’t try to sell it – though how I’d find out, I don’t know!

The book obviously has my affiliate links in, so although I won’t capture emails directly from giving the book away, if the reader takes the first step they will go to a squeeze page and then end up on my list. This way I only get action takers, rather than just freebie seekers. Not quite a buyers list, but certainly one up from tyre kickers. If you want it, CLICK HERE

Talking of buyers list, I have recently discovered a feature I hadn’t realised existed on JVZoo. If you have a Get Response autoresponder account you can automatically integrate it with JVZoo affiliate sales. Now I knew you could do this as a seller, but I didn’t realise that it was available to affiliates too, so I spent a day updating all of my approved products with my Get Response API details and adding a new JVZoo buyers list. Segmenting your list is important, so that you know who is in which niche and who is a buyer. I also added my ebook as a bonus item, although anyone buying off JVZoo is probably not in my target market for my freebie.

Another thing I’ve done is to grab a 4 letter domain name and I’m using it as my own redirect site. The front end is WordPress (as always) and I’m using the Pretty Links plugin to do the redirection. I’ve done this for a few reasons.

  • First of all, stevenlucasmarketing.com is long on its own (20 letters plus the TLD) so it doesn’t really shorten much.
  • Secondly, tinyurl and bit.ly are seen as spammy by many places now and get fewer click throughs than even a longer link.
  • Thirdly, because  it’s a domain that verifies to me, YouTube will accept my live links in video annotations. This is hugely important for affiliate marketing.

All I do is create a Pretty Link to a product through http://sl-m.co (no ‘m’ notice) and once I have verified my YouTube account (done by text message and takes seconds, once only) I can use web links in annotations. Because they go through my Google verified site (set up in Google WebMaster Tools), they are seen as my personal links and not 3rd party affiliate links. Google and YouTube are happy. Definitely a good thing.

One VERY important thing to add is that the next post on this site will be from a successful marketer, Clive Hooper

Clive Hooper
Clive Hooper

(http://www.clivehooper.com). Clive very kindly allowed me to do a guest post swap with him and has given me a terrific article on keyword research. I won’t go into details here, but if you just wait a few days, you’ll be able to read it for yourself.

Guest posting a way of getting your name spread around a different circle of people and I’m all for it. As a web master, I can’t say that it’s saved me time in article preparation as any article needs a certain amount of work to get it from a document onto a WordPress page, especially one like Clive’s where I needed to extract the graphics from the document as they didn’t copy and paste into WordPress. It does mean though that I got several good read throughs of the information Clive has provided and it is stuff that I will be using in future. Don’t forget to come back to read it.

If you need a reminder about when my posts come out, please sign up in one of the boxes on the site, either at the top, on a pop up or in the right hand side bar. Get Response is set up so that new posts from this site go out to everyone on my list. If you have Get Response and WordPress then look at doing this for yourself under RSS to newsletter at the Get Response website.

If you want to do a guest post swap with me, contact me at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you with ideas as well as my terms & conditions (they’re not restrictive, just sensible).

Anything else you’d like to say? Add a comment below.

ANYTHING with links in the body of the comment gets dumped in my spam catcher, which is emptied without me ever seeing it, so save your efforts on that front. Real comments will be seen by me and will get return comments too. If you include a link in your bio box then I will also do a return visit and find nice things to say about your site.

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