Financial Disclaimer

You’re probably already aware of this, but regulations being what they are, I have to let you know anyway…

Many links and banners on this site lead to pages hosted on other websites, most of which offer something for sale. If you’re good enough to buy on these sites after clicking on my links I will receive a financial reward, known as an affiliate commission. It’s basically how I make money online and keep my websites up and running.

You, as a buyer, do not pay any different a price, either higher or lower, as a result of buying through my links, than what you would pay if you went directly to the site and bought the item. The only exception being if I offer a discount voucher or code which will result in you paying a lower price if the code is accepted (codes can expire without warning).

As a result of you finding this page and reading this legalese tripe they make me put up, I’m going to offer you a little extra something… CLICK HERE to go find your free gift.