Free WSO – What’s the Point? Discover How The Free WSO can be your friend.

What’s the Point of Selling a Free WSO?

You see free WSO (Warrior Special Offers) quite often if you go in the sales area of the Warrior forum. They are great for collecting the email addresses of known marketers – the very people who use the Warrior forum. For $20 to $40 (they keep changing the price) you can put your ad up and people will hopefully see it before it gets buried under a pile of similar ads. You can bump it up by paying for the privilege and if it’s working for you – getting more than 20 sign ups per pump would probably be a good metric, then it is worth doing. Since Warrior has thousands of visitors daily, you have a good chance of doing some serious list growing business at a reasonable price.

These free WSO are often ‘sold’ through WarriorPlus, an associated site, not controlled by the Warrior Forum, because it makes the whole thing easy to manage and JVZoo doesn’t let you sell stuff without a price tag. The free WSO can be the front end of a managed funnel with WarriorPlus acting as the management system for directing upsells and downsells. All very good for the product creator.

Now these free WSOs can also be of use to you. Don’t have a free product of your own? Build a squeeze page showing the benefits of the free WSO and send your new sign ups to the free WSO offer. If it is at the front of a funnel, then you have a ready-made opportunity. Your actual sales may not be that great as the people will have had to go through 2 squeeze pages to get the offer, but yours was there first, and you can always offer ‘bonuses’ in your follow up emails.

How to find a Free WSO

To find them, sign up with WarriorPlus (if you haven’t already) and 1) go to the Affiliates Tab and 2) select the ‘get links’ sub menu. 3) Next type [FREE_WSO] into the search block and over the other side select 4) Show: All Offers before 5) clicking the orange search button. Ignore the offers highlighted in blue at the top as they are paid advertising (unless they appeal to you, of course).

Here’s some graphical help:

Free WSO As you can see, this brought up 245 items that contain the search term [FREE_WSO]. I can’t promise they will all be gems, but there are often some diamonds of information and just because they’re free doesn’t mean they’re worthless. To request permission to sell a particular item you will need to click a blue ‘Request’ button to the right of the stats. If you already have permission, the button will be green and say ‘Get Links’.

Here’s a video on using your own free WSO to make money:

If nothing else, this will be a great source of information for you but if you offer these to new or existing subscribers, you are giving them another source of quality information and maybe a few sales for yourself. Of course, you could even take it as inspiration to create your own free WSO to grow your list with and for others to promote for you.

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