Get Response University, Learn List Building Tutorial

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Get Response University, Learn List Building Tutorial

The autoresponder I choose to use is Get Response. No big surprises here as I’ve said it often enough. It’s one of a well known pair, the other being Aweber. I’m not saying there aren’t others or even alternatives, I’ve looked at some and tried some (ListWire and Mail Chimp) but settled on Get Response in the end because the interface felt more comfortable to me. So that’s the way I’ve gone.

GetResponse formerly known as Implix is an email marketing service provider specializing in online solutions and creating landing pages. The company.…

A few weeks ago, Get Response started pushing their Learn List Building University – Getting your list to 1000 subscribers (roughly at the same time that they dropped their ‘buy some subscribers’ packages), so it thought it worth while to enrol (it’s free) and let you know what it’s about and if I think it’s any good.

The first thing to say is that it comes in 2 streams – 90 days or 180 days, depending on how much time you have to put in to the various tasks and assignments that are given to you. I’ve gone for the 180 day plan and I can only assume that on the 90 day plan you either do 2 lessons per day or there is a totally different set of lessons to get you up to the magic number.

The lesson delivery is via a short video – between 3 and 10 minutes, a PDF of the slides used in the video and an extra PDF which gives a synopsis of the spoken tutorial from the video. The voice over is by Pam Neely who has a clear voice and delivers the material at a steady pace, going over the important points and really emphasising what you need to do for the rest of  your hour.

Most of the tasks you are assigned will not take up the full hour although the pace may pick up a bit later (I’m only a quarter of the way through at the moment) and consists of all the basic tasks you’d expect to do. Start a niche blog, write some posts, set up several email capture forms, a squeeze page and a 404 page with a signup form. The phase I’m at presently is preparing a first guest post having found somewhere that will accept it.

As you are only expected to put an hour a day into it (not including weekends) there is a way to go yet before any real attempt is made to get people to your optin form. There are certainly no major traffic driving revelations exposed (yet), so it seems that the slow but sure, tried and tested methods are being used. Everything is explained well and aimed at a non-technical person who just needs more help in growing their list. Get Response have stated that some people using their course methods have gotten up to 10,000 subscribers, so there may be more advanced things to come, although I expect most of it to be repetition of earlier steps.

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The Get Response University learn list building course is a good one, although so far it sticks to the basics, the sort of thing you can find on almost any learn list building advice site, but if it works, why not? There is a reminder on Get Response if you miss any days (Top right hand corner, on the mortar board hat symbol, which is where you access the course). You can also reset your position and start again if you feel you’d rather be on the other time stream, although I don’t know that if you reset again to go back to your original course whether you’d pick up from where you left off or have to restart from scratch.

It’s an interesting diversion for a few minutes a day and although in some ways I’m ahead of the course personally (I’m guest posting where I can and I already have my sites set up pretty much as Get Response have recommended) I’m going to stick with it to see what else it has to offer. I will, of course, pass on any good tips on here.

Have you done any learn list building courses? Have you written one? If you want to chat about it below (no links in the comments though otherwise my spam filter will stop me seeing it) please tell us all in the comment box below.

If you want an exchange guest post, contact me by email It must be something about the IM niche, be not less than 400 words, can include pictures and videos and be original. Drop me a line and we can chat about it.