How a Rebrand PDF Can Help Your Traffic

How a Rebrand PDF Can Help Your Traffic

Are you creating pdf files to give away to promote your site? Normally it can be considered a good thing, especially if you ask other people to pass it on. But do they? Will they really pass your information on to other people? Probably not, but there is a reason for this… There’s nothing in it for them to pass it on apart from mabe a thank you and a warm glow, but they’re marketers too and marketers need an incentive, usually financial, to spend some time offering somebody else’s freebie to all and sundry.

So how can we encourage other people to pass on our free ebook and incentivise them to do so?

The answer is to make at least part of the ebook personal to them. It could be a mention of their name and website on the cover or inside page, but better would be a more monetary incentive in the form of a personalised affiliate link. But how do you get their affiliate link or even just the name and website inside your ebook? You rebrand pdf files with their details.

You could ask every person to email you their details and create a personal edition for everyone who asks, but that is very time consuming for you. What if you got 100 emails in one day. That’s time away from your own marketing efforts. So you need some sort of automation or self help system to assist your readers. It might be easy to pass this on to a virtual assistant or VA to do this for you, but you could be wasting a valuable resource in doing this.

The easy answer to rebrand pdf files is to let people do it themselves and there are several pieces of rebrand pdf software which allow this, but there are 2 things wrong with this option.

The first is having to include a part of the rebrand software with the pdf file. OK this easy to do if you zip everything together and include step by step instructions, but this is where you run into the 2nd problem… People have to take the next step themselves. They have to take some action and even though ultimately it will benefit them as well, another action step might be one too many for some people.

The way around this is to include the rebrand pef software on your own site and let them download an ‘on-the-fly’ rebrand pdf file from you after filling in a simple form. One such piece of rebrand pdf software is Easy Viral PDF Brander. This is easily installed on any website and allows you to mark your rebrand pdf files in certain areas with a shortcode which get replaced by the users details. They fill in a short form, perhaps with their name, website and Clickbank affiliate name then the software produces a new pdf file with the user’s details built in, including a Clickbank link with their affiliate details. If somebody buys the product from the rebrand pdf they’ve passed on, they get the commission.


This will be the incentive they need to pass on the file to other people, because there is now a financial incentive. You get your book – which will still have some of your details in too (or it’s your affiliate product, of course) distributed far beyond what it might have got. An additional bonus might be to mention at the end of the book that anyone can have an edition of the rebrand pdf with their own details in, by going to a link that you provide. This will widen the distribution even further – truly viral. All this definitely means more traffic to your site.

You should start by distributing the rebrand pdf file to all the repository sites that you can, obviously rebranded with your own details but still with the rebrand pdf file link at the end so it can be picked up from there. You can even offer it as a ‘no sign up’ download from a blog post or social media shout or forum signiture link. It is a ‘traffic later’ tactic rather than a traffic now one, but we’re here for the long term and this is a very good long term idea.

Do you have any viral traffic ideas? Do you use a different rebrand pdf system? How good have you found it? Let everyone know in the comments section below.

Steven Lucas

I'm offering a lot of internet marketing information along with product reviews and a few giveaways. Feel free to share your information with me so together we cna help more people become successful.

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