How to make $10,000 a month from writing articles – Part 1

  1. How to make $10,000 a month from writing articles

I used to think that learning how to create regular wealth to the tune of $10,000 monthly was unheard of. Then I recently listened to a webinar that spells out a formula that actually makes sense…

      1. How to Create Wealth: Step One: Getting a Clear Intention…

You need to have a clear intention of how much you want to create. For the purpose of demonstrating this formula, I’m using the figure of $10,000 monthly. You need to spend every day creating internal images by visualizing your self, in the near future, ensuring to concentrate on the sensation that you’ve achieved this amount of earnings and what you’d be doing with it. Will you spend it all, will you save some? Can you imagine yourself, putting some aside and re-investing the rest in growing your business? It must be something real and achievable by you, for when the wealth comes your way.

      1. How to Create Wealth: Second Step: Figure out your End result…

For those who have no clue how what your earnings objective is, it’s impossible for you to reach it. You cannot just think to yourself ‘here’s what I want’ and the hope for the best. You need an agenda – a technique that will take you nearer to your ultimate goal while you improve. And don’t forget, it isn’t always only the end result that makes a difference… it is the journey. The best way to travel is not in the hope of arrival, but in the certainty…

The main reason behind the objective is to make conditions perfect to make individuals complete it. What it really tends to make of you will always be the much better worth than what you’ll get.

– Rick Rohn: United states business owner, writer and inspirational loudspeaker

How to Create Wealth Third Step: Figuring out the amount of Product sales you’ll need…

Go ahead and take monthly figure you would like and separate by 31 to obtain your every day expectancy of making prosperity. Within this instance, $10,000 split by 31 Equals an objective of $322.58 every day (we are able to round this up to $325).

Consider this figure and reverse engineer it to find out how you can create wealth with your products. For instance, within my company, I understand that figures demonstrate that one customer will purchase an item for every 40 individuals who view the product sales video clip, which is a 2.5% customer to viewer ratio.

Now, I should also do some study within my own small business to find my very own upselling figures. Why? Because this will give me concrete figures to move forward with.

While the average person who decides to buy will generate me a $25 commission at the opening product, I also know that one of every three of these people will upgrade to the $100 monthly program, giving me a commission of $125 monthly. One in five of those people will elect to purchase the $500 product, and one in ten will buy the $997 product. Putting these offers in a series like this is known as a marketing funnel.

So to figure out average commissions, let’s function in reverse from a 30-sale point. Thirty product sales Equals ($25 x 30) + ($100 x 10) + ($500 x 6) + ($997 x 3), or $750 + $1000 + $3000 + $2991, or $7741 for 30 product sales, split by 30 Equals $258.03 each. Let’s round that to an average value of $258 commission for each sale.

Judging from this scenario, I would need 38.76 (39 rounded up) product sales a month (or 1.25 product sales every day) to equal a monthly income of $10,000, or an everyday income of $325.

Steven Lucas

I'm offering a lot of internet marketing information along with product reviews and a few giveaways. Feel free to share your information with me so together we cna help more people become successful.

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