Increase your optin signups

Increase your optin signups

When you first put up an optin signups page and you start telling people about it, you get a small sudden burst of interest which quickly fades away. Is there a way of how you can increase your optin signups to give you more subscribers you can make your offers to?

Of course there is. In fact there’s several, but here’s a rough and ready one that relies on finding some friends in the same niche as you. 2 or 3 friends will be enough although I’ve seen as many as 5.

The technique to increase your optin signups is called click swapping and at this basic level it requires an amount of honesty and equal work between the click swap partners.

First of all, make sure you each have a different give-away. No one is going to sign up to multiple lists giving the same thing away. From each of your friends you need a link to their squeeze page. All you do is place that link on your download page with a message to ‘Check out these extras’, or words to that effect.

Now if all of you are putting the same effort into your own optin signup pages, there is a good chance that each person who gets to your download page will be intrigued enough to click through the other links to see what else is available and your friends will also be sending their signups to you as well. To add an element of tracking you could use a WordPress plugin called Pretty Links to shorten your optin signup page link and create a different link (to the same destination) for each person in your click swap group so you can see who has sent you the most clicks.

When you’re setting up the links on your download page, set them up so that they open in a new tab or browser by adding target =”_blank” within the HTML code, so that it looks like this:

<a href= target=“_blank”>Get this cool report</a>

As I say, this technique requires that your all put the same amount of work into attracting optin signups. This could also serve as an introduction to a technique known as clickbanking. It is almost exactly the same except it is done with more sophisticated tracking software and does not rely on the honesty of individuals. Instead, one person will add a tracked link to their own download page that goes to somebody else’s squeeze page and when a certain number of clicks or signups (whichever is agreed) has been reached, then things work the other way. This is normally done with sending emails to a list rather than relying on other traffic methods, but I’m sure by now that you’re getting the idea – I send to you & you send to me.

Of course, not every one of the optin signups who makes it to your download page will click through to your friend’s optin signups page, but enough will to make a definite increase in the size of your list. All you have to do then is keep them entertained and entranced so that they stay there.