It’s been a quiet month

In fact it’s been way too quiet at least as far as this blog goes. I’ll be getting email enquiries soon asking if I’m still alive and if my domains are up for grabs. No such luck.

Yes I have been quiet on here and I have no excuses really. I’ve got a couple of new products – well derivatives of some quality PLR stuff that have taken a lot of time to get right along with an interesting course I’ve been perusing. So I’ll tell you about them.

First of all I got hold of a Periscope course PLR. Periscope is video Twitter to put it simply. You broadcast live streaming video from your phone and anyone who wants to can pick up the stream and watch. Viewer interaction is by text only. This course is aimed at businesses to use Periscope to interact with their customers either as a sales and advertising tool or customer support, especially in a crisis situation. If you’re interested, there is a free 5 day course that starts HERE and gives you the outline of using Periscope. If you want into the full video course – Periscope Marketing Mastery, here it is. 10 videos for less than $10 and all you need to get started except for a mobile phone and the Periscope download.

The course I’ve been getting into myself is Jimmy Kim’s Build My List 2.0. Now this is an all video course, which are not normally my favourites but I’ll make an exception for this one. As you might expect it’s al about encouraging you to build an email list and the various methods you can use. As part of the course you are offered (as well as the training videos) – an ebook for your subscribers to download implanted with your own affiliate link to the course, several great sources of paid traffic – sources that Jimmy uses himself and are guaranteed high quality, a collection of downloads you can also use to entice your visitors to become subscribers and the real icing on the cake, as far as I’m concerned, is 3 months free use of the Sendlane autoresponder. I don’t know of any other list building course that gives you an autoresponder, which is essential if you’re building a list, as part of the course. There’s a bit more to Build My List 2.0, but I can’t tell you everything now, can I!

Included in Sendlane is a graphical page builder that is quick and intuitive to use and hosting for those pages, although you can self host them too if you want to. It’s way better than Aweber’s and Get Responses page builders, and bear in mind the GR’s is an extra cost add on to your bill. Sendlane also includes basic link tracking and other expected autoresponder features. The prices at the end of the 3 months free trial are reasonable too. Certainly competitive with the other two.

The final thing I’ve been doing in November is working on a software release. Again it’s a PLR package and this one is a WordPress plugin helping blog owners to get their posts shared on Twitter. Called Turbo Tweet Multiplier, it comes in 3 packages (Basic, Pro & RR) which all need setting up with my details as well as the supplied web pages modifying with my details. The idea behind this one is that content is locked until the reader has tweeted about it to their followers. The content can be a download (Basic) or some html which can include an optin form (Pro). The squeeze freebie is also very good. 4 videos and 10 articles on social marketing accessed via a clean looking dashboard.

Because of the number of elements in Turbo Tweet Multiplier ( An optin page, 3 sales pages, 4 download pages, 2 plugins to personalise and all the bonus stuff), setting this all up has taken a good deal of time and brain power. A few of the things that need to do are a bit circular in nature – you can’t set A up until you know the address of B which needs item C in place, the contents of which need to know where A is. The trick here is to set place-holders and remember to go back later and reset them. Then test, test and test again.

Now it’s nearly December and I have a growing list, 2 new products to push, as well as a couple of smaller items I’ve done in between times. All I need now is traffic. Lots of traffic… But then again, don’t we all!

Please feel free to add your comments below or email me directly if you want to. Definitely feel free to share this site on your social links using the buttons provided and I look forward to making contact again with you all soon.