JV Giveaways Update Report

JV Giveaways Update Report

I have to say that I’ve done quite well out of JV Giveaways this past 4 weeks. Although sales haven’t been huge, I have got a good number of new subscribers and learned a few more lessons myself – especially about checking links after moving domains to new hosting.

I did 2 JV Giveaways, spaced 2 weeks apart, so basically as one finished, the next one began and on the 2nd one I did the paid upgrade ‘thing’ to get more gifts which I did not do on the first.

The first JV Giveaway gained me 6 new subscribers through my 2 gifts and I made one sale of $10. I sent traffic from Herculist for which I am a paid member – meaning I can send to 74,000+ members every day. I won’t say it’s hugely responsive but for $24 for a year, I think it is good value. As I can’t trace the open rate, I don’t know exactly how many people saw it out of the total membership it was emailed to, but given that I got 46 sign-ups to the JV Giveaway site I can guess that somewhere between 500-1000 people read the email and a quarter of those clicked through to the site.

The second JV Giveaway (still in progress as I write – but only for 3 more days) has gifted me 31 more subscribers through my 8 gifts and 2 sales of a $1 product I put up. The upgrade cost me $7, so although I’m not ‘quids-in’, the cost per subscriber has been very cheap. I did come unstuck with one of my gifts as it wasn’t stored where it used to be, so I had a couple of complaints from the JV Giveaway organiser plus the subscribers. However, once I’d corrected the error and told the subscribers about the new location (adding in a bonus gift and thanking them profusely for their patience and understanding) all was good once more. As before, I used Herculist to send visitors.

Moral: Never assume. Check. Even on a long-standing squeeze page.

JV Giveaway marketplace

Words of wisdom:

  1. Go for the upgrade, the extra exposure is worth the tiny amount of money.
  2. WordPress plugins attract a lot of attention. Pick one or two good ones as your gifts.
  3. Based on the above, I suspect that paid WordPress plugins might do better as sales items too.
  4. Apology bonuses for complaints do soothe the savage subscriber. One of the complaints emailed me again afterwards, thanking me (in a surprised tone of email) for the extra gift. Good customer service pays dividends.
  5. Don’t knock safelists as a traffic source. Herculist definitely has its uses.

Using Andy Waring’s KISS document was a great method for setting up a couple of funnels in short order in time to get a full quota of 8 gifts for the 2nd JV Giveaway. With a sales funnel on the other side of them and a  good line up of follow-up emails too, there could well be future sales in line there.

Having set up a non-IM KISS funnel now, I will see how well that does in the next JV Giveaway that I do. Following that, I will try and join a new JV GIveaway each week and use them as my primary list-building source. If you need to know when the next one is, drop me a line at [email protected] and I’ll let you know dates and locations.

Steven Lucas

I'm offering a lot of internet marketing information along with product reviews and a few giveaways. Feel free to share your information with me so together we cna help more people become successful.

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