Know, Like and Trust – Why Someone Has To Start

As a marketer, your first ambition with every new visitor to your site, blog or offer is that they get to know, like and trust you. You put a picture of yourself up somewhere so they can see who you are and get to know you. You offer them some free information so that they can get to like you and you make sure that your free information is useful and valuable to the new visitor. Hopefully, during the blog or squeeze page visit process, the visitor has become a subscriber so at least then you will have some more chances to add to the know, like and trust theme.

More about TRUST.

Almost contrary to the above, but still just as important to you, is to get subscribers to become paying customers. Even better, to do so in such a way that they are pleased to offer you their money. So pleased that they’ll want to offer you more for whatever you can find for them, whether it be an affiliate product or something of your own creation. But there is an important proviso to this condition. Do you know, like and trust your potential subscribers? Why should that even matter?

Subscriber, Unhappy customers

Well you must respect your visitors, before they even become subscribers or customers. Treat them like you’d want to be treated. If you’ve ever left a website because you felt belittled or threatened by the text or tone of the copy and you’d heard others had done the same, then take that as something you do not want to do. A lot of people copied the ‘Rich Jerk’  attitude of the late 90’s and while it may have worked for that one guy (perhaps because it was a novelty and the RJ’s techniques worked), it didn’t work for the huge number of copy cats that followed him and it turned the free giveaway into an item of suspicion for a while.

And so began the know, like and trust model, but be aware all you customers out there that it does need to work both ways. Us sellers would like to know you and even many of the super affiliates welcome emails from their buyers telling them the sort of things they like and dislike about the products they offer and the way they’re offered. This sort of thing then helps the seller in the products he chooses to promote and possibly the way they’re promoted. With buyer feedback, the affiliate can then be confident and trust his subscribers (He will already like them if they’re buying from him).

So if you’re on somebody’s subscriber list then let them know what you like and dislike about their products and their newsletters. Build that 2 way know, like and trust and it will be of benefit everybody.

Good Customer Service advice.

Steven Lucas

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