Lightning Fast List Building by Arbab Khan

Lightning Fast List Building by Arbab Khan

This is a nice gentle introduction to list building, although it doesn’t follow up with ‘what to do next’. Perhaps that’s for the next book. Of the two tricks revealed, the second is very common and well known, but the first it less known and puts all of the value into the book.

Lightning Fast List Building is written in very clear language, possibly slightly at the expense of not injecting some of the author’s personality into the writing. I’m not saying this is a dry read, it’s not by any means. There is certainly no waffle or filler, the links that could have been affiliated are not (always a good sign of an author confident in their product and how much they’re already making).

Arbab Khan gives us a little of his back story without going into detail. Here’s a guy, like many of us, who have tried things, had the rug pulled from under him by Google banning his AdSense account when things were going reasonably well, tried many other things and pulled himself back up again.

There’s also a little bit of self-help encouragement in the early pages. We all need this sort of thing from time to time and this is done very well, without (like pretty much everything in this book) being rammed down our throats. A good call to pull our socks up and believe in what we do. Self belief can be our biggest downfall when it fails and our biggest lift when we have it, so this is a well written timely reminder.

So would I buy this book, Lightning Fast List Building (I have a review copy, generously given directly by Arbab Khan)? Yes, I believe I would. There is no hyped up language, no overpowering calls to action, not even a warning that if you do nothing, then nothing will happen. The facts are laid out for you, the tips given are easily workable by anyone in any niche and as Arbab points out, the tip cannot get over-saturated with high use.

A recommended short read with a valuable idea.

As far as I know, this will be a WSO – but this is pre-release review so the link doesn’t take you to the product as is not an affiliate link.