List Building Secrets Review – Super Training Course

List Building Secrets Review – Super Training Course

We all know that list building is by far one of the best long term income methods going. Having an email list is an ‘on-tap’ method of contact a lot of people who are interested in what you have to say. This is my List Building Secrets review.

List Building Secrets Review

The first thing I have to say in this List Building Secrets review is that this is a very comprehensive course. Over 90 pages closely packed with a ton of useful information. It’s not large font and double spaced and all the info is given to you so that everyone can understand and implement it.

If that was all there was to the ebook, it would be pretty good value for your hard earned money. But there is more.

You get almost full PLR rights to the entire package. This means you are allowed to rewrite and rebrand the entire thing and make it your own. You also get a full website to sell it all from as well as a free report and a squeeze page to give the freebie away from. You can also re-jig the graphics, rewrite the checklist and cheat sheet so that everything in the package is under your brand. The only thing you can’t do is remove Ian Del Carmen, the author, name from the book.

So what will the book teach you? Well list building, obviously, but the route is always of interest so here we go in this List Building Secrets review…

The book starts with explaining what list building is and why you need to do it, then goes on to the basic requirements for list building – an autoresponder and a squeeze page via installing your own WordPress blog. After that, the tutorial moves on to some of the many methods to get readers to come to your blog and engage with your content by offering value. This then encourages them to sign up to your squeeze page. You then keep subscribers on your list by offering more value than sales pitch.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction – What is List Building and Why You Need to Build a List
  • The Challenges of List Building and Internet Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing… What’s it For?
  • Chapter 2: List Building Basics – From Autoresponders to Squeeze Pages
  • Choosing Your Autoresponder
  • Creating Your Landing Page – Tools and Instructions for Faster Results
  • Finding a Hosting Account
  • Domain Name
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating a Squeeze Page
  • Creating Your Blog/Website
  • Adding Your Opt-In Form
  • Using Pop-Overs
  • Chapter 3: The Fundamental Keys to List Building Success
  • The Importance of Value
  • Creating High Value E-Mails
  • Promoting High Value E-Mails
  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Laser Focus
  • Chapter 4: Using Incentives to Generate Leads
  • eBooks and Reports
  • Other Products You Can Use as Incentives
  • Services, Contests, Entry Walls and Other Tricks
  • Using Incentives to Target the Right Kind of Customer and Encourage Engagement
  • Bringing it All Together
  • Chapter 5: How to Write and Design Your Squeeze Page for Maximum Conversions
  • The Role of the Squeeze Page
  • An Introduction to Persuasive Writing
  • An Example Squeeze Page
  • Incorporating Video
  • Split Testing
  • Chapter 6: Delivering the Goods – How to Get E-Mails Opened, Keep Your Subscribers and Get People Excited for Your Content
  • Types of E-Mail Content
  • How to Write E-Mail Subjects So People Read Them
  • Writing Great Quality Content for Your E-Mails
  • The Keys to Writing Great E-Mail Content
  • Using Freebies to Promote Your E-Mails
  • The Question of E-Mail Regularity and Timing
  • Split Testing and Data
  • How to Get Your E-Mails Past the Spam Filter
  • Chapter 7: PPC, CPA, Social Media and Content Marketing – How to Get Leads From Other People’s Content and More!
  • PPC and CPA
  • Social Media Marketing
  • How to Convert Likes and Follows Into Email Subscribers
  • SEO
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Chapter 8: More Strategies and Tricks That Will Get You Leads – Knowing Which Ones to Use
  • Ad Swaps
  • Solo Ads
  • Buying Lists – And How to Value a List
  • Using Existing Contacts and Social Media
  • Asking for Referrals and Using Viral E-Mails
  • Leads from the Real World
  • Chapter 9: Profiting From Your List – How to Create Hypnotic Emails That Sell
  • How to Write Sales E-Mails
  • Building Buzz and Anticipation
  • Second Chances and ‘Upselling’
  • Sales Funnels
  • How to Write Great Autoresponder Sequences
  • Chapter 10: More Ways to Profit From Your List and More Things to Do With It
  • Sell Affiliate Products
  • Crowdsourcing and Surveying
  • Advertising
  • Selling
  • Chapter 11: Your Complete List Building Strategy Summarized

I could go telling you more about the contents, but I’m sure you’re getting the idea by now. List Building Secrets will take you from newbie to expert in the time it takes to read and understand the content. And that is one point that might just concern the newbie. There is a heck of a lot of content, and it’s all written. There’s no video upsell or audio option. I personally hate it when there’s no written option and only 1 or 2 hour videos, although I’m a bit more tolerant towards 10 to 15 minute videos. These days, offering all modes of input (written, video and audio) is practically a ‘must’. Maybe the author will fill the gap sometime, but until then, the gap is certainly there.

I will just mention here that there are in fact 4 different packages available. The cheapest package only gives you resale rights and the next one, master resale rights. Neither of these have PLR rights and you do not get the editable documents. I have reviewed the 2nd highest package – the PLR rights set, where you do get editable versions of the documentation and you can choose whether to keep Ian Del Carmen on the cover, or put your own. The highest level adds the right to keep Ians name on and list yourself as co-author.

Would I recommend the course? I certainly would. In these days of large font, double line-spaced ebooks, this one is a content driven revelation. The sheer fact that it comes in an editable format for users to claim it partially as their own, include their own links and have a website to put it up on makes it a must get AND USE item.

That last point is where many will fail. The information is all there, as it is in many products, but unless you go out and implement what you’re being taught, then nothing will come of your purchase. I know I will be spending the next few days, editing my copy and turning it into a saleable item with my links to autoresponder, hosting, solo ad providers etc. and similarly, the free report will get links to purchasing my copy of List Building Secrets.

The complete system is there, from freebie and squeeze page to first level funnel item. Who knows. Maybe YOU could do a video version as the upsell that is the only thing missing from this otherwise excellent package. This has been my List Building Secrets review.