Lots and Lots of Videos–Powtoon Tips

Lots and Lots of Videos – Powtoon Tips

Thanks to Powtoon I’ve been making lots of short animated videos (2 to 3 minutes) on various marketing related topics. You might remember I did a review of the Powtoon  video creation site a few posts back, and I’m pleased to say I’m getting the hang of it now and discovering a few tricks to make the videos a bit more different to the standard. There are also some limitations to work round, making it even more ‘fun’. Here’s a few of my Powtoon tips.

Powtoon Tips

One of the limitations is that you cannot have more than one colour in any one font block. The trick around this is once you have created and edited a text block, no matter what style (text, word by word, letter by letter) you then create an identical size static text block, type a word that you want a different colour, change the colour and overlay it carefully on top of your existing text. If you leave the colour the same, it has the effect of making that word appear bold. Word of warning here. It works with some fonts better than others and it’s better for 1 to 3 words rather than whole sentences as it doesn’t always line up correctly. You can also do this to transition between two different animations of the same character. You just need to play with the timing and make good use of the pop or fade entrances and exits.

So far I haven’t removed the Powtoon outro or tried joining together several clips into a single longer video. The former is not technically difficult and can be done with any free video editor. The latter is because I am quite happy with the video length I’m producing at the moment. I haven’t approached the maximum of 5 minutes (at the free level) yet and for tutorials, 5 minutes is probably quite enough for a single topic. Multiple topics within the same subject will merely require multiple videos. The Powtoon logo in the bottom right corner hasn’t proved much of a limitation either and short of putting a logo of my own as an overlay I’m not sure how else to get round that little issue.

One of my later Powtoon Tips videos

Most of the videos I’m putting up are getting some views and likes through AddMeFast as I had built up a number of points without really using many before, so this is a good way to get some SEO juice into them. I normally go for around 100 views and 50 likes which is not many in the grand scheme of things, but not so many that YouTube will notice anything beyond an initial burst of interest. I’m also sharing the links on various social sites, not more often than once per day per video (except Twitter which gets 3 or 4), although with the number of videos I have I may just be better sharing the channel. When I have posts on a topic or a review then I will also add a video on here as well rather than grabbing a related clip from YouTube.

My early videos (the first week or so) suffered from a lack of branding but I’m remembering to do that now so that this site appears prominently at least at the beginning and end. I will also spend some time doing a couple of clips to use as intros and outros to any other videos I decide to produce although I will, of course, do my best then to make them as ‘my own’ as possible.

I’ve also been through all of my published videos on YouTube and removed the 10 lines of Powtoon advertorial it feels necessary to add to the author’s resource box under the video. Again not a difficult task but one that is unnecessary in my opinion.

One of my early Powtoon videos

I hope you’ve enjoyed these Powtoon tips. If you’ve not started on video making yet, Powtoon is definitely one of the easiest ways to go about it. If you get any great ideas about how to improve the look and feel of the videos that can be made please feel free to share them here. I’d also welcome views and comments on each of the videos and I’ll publish some of them below.  If they help your cause in any way, go ahead and share them on your site or blog as well. In fact, if you ask nicely and provide some basic ideas, I could make a video for you. I would publish it to my YouTube channel, download it and send it to you to do with as you require, then remove it so it didn’t flag as a duplicate if you upload it to your YouTube channel. How’s that for an offer?