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I’ve finally completed the last module of Marketing With Alex. I’ve had the product for over 3 months now, but there’s so much of it that it really takes time to watch, review and learn from. Then there’s the bonus material. There’s well over 50 hours of video to get through as well as Powerpoint slides of the essential information, separate mp3 audios and a few ebooks of information too.

However, it’s not information overload. Most of the videos are around 2 to 2 1/2 hours, in half hour chunks, each dedicated to a single topic so it’s easy to absorb. What’s made it a long time for me to get through is because I keep getting inspiration and want to go out and write something – either a blog post or an article or the beginnings of another ebook.

Alex’s style is quite laid back whilst he’s delivering his information although he does get very passionate at times. He knows his stuff, there’s no doubt about that and he is honest about what he doesn’t know, what he outsources and what he passes to his team.

It is Alex’s training that is enabling me to take on being a mentor to students of my own – at the moment they’re coming through Alex’s Facebook groups. These are people who have bought something of Alex’s but don’t quite understand it or are held up at the first stage because of too many options – at least in their minds. I seem to have an understanding of their confusion because I am at a similar level to them but have some technical background which gives me a different level of understanding and enables me to pass on the same information in a slightly different way. Teaching them is also giving me the basis for my own mentoring program when I get to make it up as a product.

So it’s not for everyone. I will admit that. If you’ve got a fixed mindset, if you want to make money absolutely NOW, this is not for you. Alex’s methods are long term, the slow build. He does have some spectacular, almost instant successes amongst his pupils, but I would imagine that most of them (who don’t do his personal access training) do so slowly.

I would say if you are fed up of chasing shiny objects, buying product after product, trying everything and succeeding at nothing then this is for you. If you buy through my link you will have my support too. I’ve done a lot of Alex’s training and I can point you at more things to help you and I will guide you and help you and be your accountability partner. In other words I will help you to be the success you want to be.

Now if you follow the link here to Marketing With Alex it will take you to the Warrior Forum. If you haven’t been there before it looks like a confusing place, so to get to the BUY NOW button you will need to find the first  post (#1) which confusingly will be on the last page. At the top of the posts there is a numbered block including the word ‘Last’. Click on that ‘Last’ and scroll down to the first post – this is Alex’s sales letter. Read it if you like. It gives you a ton of information about the content of the course. Somewhere down there is a Buy Now button. Click it and buy Marketing With Alex. You really won’t be sorry. Then follow the course and be prepared to have your eyes opened and then your wallet filled when you start following the information


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