Media Buying Biz in a Box Review – Why You Must Buy It Now

Media Buying Biz in a Box Review

It seems the whole world is going crazy for ‘Done For You’ products – and it’s not surprising really. It can be a lot of work finding out something about a subject and researching enough to appear an expert, or even if you are already an expert, putting together a package that has good value can be a time consuming experience. Up to 250 hours according to some people. So here’s a solution.

Dr Amit Pareek has put together this package called Media Buying Biz in a Box and this is my review of it.

Media Buying definition: Media buying a sub function of advertising management is the procurement of media real estate at an optimal placement and price. The main task of media buying.… (follow link for full definition)

Media Buying Biz in a Box is a full training package designed to take someone who knows nothing about media buying or why they’d even need such a thing and turn them into, if not an expert, at least someone who could hold their own in a discussion about the subject. But guess what? It’s not just designed for you, the initial buyer. It’s actually a fully fledged system that you can sell on to others – and you keep 100% of the sale price. In other words, it’s PLR or Private Label Rights.

You do the normal PLR tricks – you rewrite a bit, making sure your name (or pseudonym) is prominent, you redo some of the graphics and you turn the whole thing into ‘your’ product.

Now a specialist topic like media buying would probably be attractive to a specialist audience and specialist audiences tend to pay premium prices for their information, so they would probably think that say… $97 for this workbook, cheat sheet and mindmap would be pretty reasonable, leaving you with a handsome income from each sale. But for you the reseller, there’s more.

A selection of sales pages, complete with sales letters and other necessary blurb. A doodle sales video to make sure your potential buyers know all the benefits they’re getting as well as a ton of sales graphics, both static and animated to catch their attention. There are also a selection of sales letters and email swipes as well as the links to other related products and videos so that you can put a full funnel system in place.

Once you have that Media Buying Biz in a Box funnel in place, you could then put your new Media Buying Biz in a Box product on an affiliate site and have a hoard of affiliates driving the traffic to your sales page – and all the help you need to do that is included too.

About the only thing you can’t do with Media Buying Biz in a Box is resell the entire package including the sales parts. The resale rights as far as you, the Media Buying Biz in a Box package buyer is concerned are purely for the training documents mentioned first, but why would you want to? You’d only be creating competitors!

So what’s the price for this amazing Media Buying Biz in a Box PLR package – less than you think. Although it is on a sliding scale – the more that are sold, the more the price of Media Buying Biz in a Box climbs, so it’s best to get in there early. And here’s your link to go to the sales page and check it out for yourself.

Media Buying Biz in a BoxCheck out this Media Buying Made Easy PLR Training package.


Now of course there are upsells available too. The first one actually offers videos, audios and presentations to add to the training material plus some bonuses so you can increase the value of the sale or add it as an upsell yourself. There is a further upsell with 5 more high quality PLR products and one downsell offering the same training material but no bonuses, so you can tailor what you offer to your Media Buying Biz customers.

These upsell and downsell packages are also on a growing price scale, so again it’s beneficial to get in there early if you have real ambitions to use Media Buying Biz in a Box.

So there you have it. A very comprehensive done for you package as described in this Media Buying Biz in a Box review and in a profitable, future proof niche. It is also a niche that would work very well to offline sales where you could ring up a local companies and offer them a full media buying training package. If you study the material well yourself you could even increase the value of the training by doing a live presentation and charge an attendance fee plus a ‘per student’ cost as well, using these materials as your course. Your small investment now could be the gateway to your own training company.