Monetizing A Web Site

Monetizing A Web Site

After reviewing 5 free internet marketing courses the other week, I noticed they all had one thing in common – after they built the website, there was little attempt at teaching monetizing a web site beyond saying “write articles around keywords”. Now writing keyword laden articles is all very well but unless you’re sticking banners on the article or highlighting keywords and links, then there is a fair chance that any affiliate links might just get overlooked. So what can we do about monetizing a web site?

Certainly one thing to do is emphasise the links somehow – use a bold or larger font, change the colour, put it on a separate line by itself or use a banner or button – even a small 100×50 pixel image will stand out in a sea of text but does that begin to scream of “I’m desperate. Buy from me”? I would say not. If there’s one thing that marketing has taught me, especially recently, is that there is no point in being subtle and when monetizing a website, subtle won’t make sales. Blatant advertising does!

So as much as it goes against my personal grain, and it may well do with yours as well, it does pay to be obvious about your advertising, but there are ways of being obvious and still be discrete too. For instance – you may have noticed a little pop up that’s appeared in the bottom right corner. It’s not ‘in your face’ but it must work for me as it brings me a couple of sales a month.

You might also have noticed a more obvious way of monetizing a web site – the traditional banner ad over on the right hand side. It breaks some rules in that it’s below the fold – in other words you have to scroll down to see it, but it’s a sudden burst of colour on what is usually a rather plain background. My sign up form might be blending in, but my advertising doesn’t!

You can overdo banner ads though and I see far too many sites that are just a field of banners with maybe 100 to 200 word articles almost lost in the middle, practically an afterthought. If the site owners make money from pages like this, I’d be surprised to be quite honest since it sends me away before I even get to see their message. If anyone owns or has tried a site like this, please comment below. I would be glad to hear of your experiences.

Who can you go to to get these banners anyway?

Many affiliate products will supply you with various sized banners, but in many cases especially in the IM niche, affiliate campaigns are short lived and although the product may still be available, it doesn’t enjoy the popularity it did in its first 2 or 3 weeks and after a year on your site the appeal will have faded and it’s really just taking up space.

So perhaps evergreen items may be better. Products or services that are constantly in demand. For these you have to step away from JVZoo and Clickbank and go to a different place.One such location for helping with monetizing a web site is Max Bounty which is a CPA or Cost Per Action network.

Max Bounty offer a variety of links, mostly to services rather than products, some of which pay per sale, but there are interesting ones that pay merely for someone taking some action – normally filling in a form with a name and email, just like the sign up form at the top right of this page. They have a huge selection of items and in various niches so you can offer text links, banners to not only your post readers but also in your emails and social postings too. Not all offers are allowed in all formats or in all locations, but they are clear on letting you know where you can and cannot use their ads and if you put them into a widget, they’re very easy to change on a site-wide basis when a campaign ends.

Now Max Bounty will call you when you apply to join them but this is not a trick interview, it’s just so they can get to know you a little and so long as you sound confident in your abilities and know how you can promote their offers, then there will not be a problem. Some of the offers will be pre-permitted for you to use and some you will need to apply for. The more ‘niche’ the offer, the more likely it is that approval will be required unless you’ve already done something in that niche with them.

So there’s some ideas for you about monetizing a web site. It should be required teaching once you get your site up and running, but it isn’t, hence this little tutorial for you.

As always, I welcome your comments in the boxes below or you can contact me at my usual email I’m always up for a chat and more than willing to offer help where I can. Please feel free to share this article on your social media places too. I’ll be grateful for the exposure. Let me know you’ve done it and I’ll visit and share with you too.