My First Good Student

I’ve mentioned before that I have started teaching a couple of students in what they need to be doing to make a good long term success on any sort of internet marketing. Unfortunately they sort of drifted by the wayside when they realised that they would have to put their own time, effort and finances into it and that it was to be a long term goal, not a system to push button riches. Now I seem to have a student who is different.

Drew picked me up on my offer for help on Alex Jeffreys closed Facebook group. He’d picked up Alex’s Superlist 2 product which sort of starts in the middle, leaving him very confused about what he needed for the beginning. Hence he asked a question or two of me, firstly via FB’s chat box and then we have continued via email. We’ve got him set up now with a domain name and hosting and his first couple of posts (in which I get name checked – smarties well chuffed). See for yourself at (I think he’s picked a really cool domain name there!).

This initial progress was quick but has now slowed down a little due to family illness and the nature of his next steps. I have kept in touch to keep encouraging him and it does look like he’s doing well. I’m sure I’ll be adding more updates as we progress. One of my hopes is to turn Drew’s journey into a course and case study (as I’m sure many mentors started out) and also to help me improve my own success rates, which are creeping up slowly.

Email Marketing

I’m also considering a purge of my (admittedly sparse) email list. According to the stats available to me, 5/6 of my list have not opened an email from me in the past 12 months – which is how long I’ve been making more of a serious effort at this marketing lark. (Hampered mostly by my intermittent efforts and ability to mainly use free traffic sources that don’t include SEO). So far I have separated the ‘non-openers’ into a separate list and have emailed them a couple of times with a gentle prod. I will be deleting the non-responders very soon.

As it stands, I am excluding them from my day-to-day emails so that my open stats now look much healthier – albeit to a much reduced number of subscribers. I have been told that even pro marketers with the multi-thousand name lists have this sort of purge every now and again (about every 6 months) as it keeps costs down and delivery rate stats up. Something quite important to ISPs as well as email management (autoresponder) companies.

Another surprising stat to me was the number of ‘incomplete’ subscribers. These are people who have not completed the 2nd phase of a double opt-in sign up (most of my forms are double opt-in). The actual number was 4 times my total list size (including the non-openers). Looking through the list, some of them were obviously fake or disposable addresses but many looked quite genuine. My thank you pages (not the download page – the link to that is in the first proper email after the double opt in) have instructions to look out for the opt-in confirmation, including warnings for Gmail users to check the various mail boxes that are set up by default (and that I disabled as soon as I saw them). I sent a reminder to a few that were less than a month old just in case, but the rest will fall out of the system eventually.

I actually don’t consider these non-double nearly subscribers a loss, since if they can’t be bothered to do a common procedure like a double opt-in, they are unlikely to open emails and follow through on the contents either. Not every one of my emails is a sales plea, but I think some people believe that marketer = constant sales pitches and I believe in giving value in my missives.

If anyone has any good tips on working in Get Response‘s stats and subscribers systems or wants some help themselves, please contact me directly by email or in the comment boxes below.

One last word on comments – I’ve spent the last few days blog hopping and commenting myself. I’ve found some really interesting articles and one or two horrifying stats – like 40% of people never pick up their freebie from a sign up form and 10% never collect a digital item they’ve paid for! The former I can understand a bit – some people sign up and expect to get sent straight to the download page (these days we generally weed them out by sending the link in the first email whether single or double opt-in) but the 2nd stat, where people pay for something and then never download it or view it (if it’s video on a membership site) I really don’t understand. But I guess that’s people for you.

Please feel free to leave your comments below and I am more than happy for you to share this or any other article on social media. Let me know if you have done this and I will certainly visit your website and do the same for you. In fact check it out – I may have even been there first!

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