My First JV Giveaway Over

As you may remember from a couple of weeks ago, I told you I’d joined in with a JV Giveaway. I can’t really say it’s be a resounding success despite the number of people I tried to send though that may be down to my traffic sources (10 Herculist posts, 1 Bweeble and 4 other Safelists sendings). I ended up with 5 member signups to the giveaway to my name and 2 people joining my list (signed up to one of my giveaways).

Here’s the stats picture:

JVGiveaway StatsSo 90 JV contributors sent 942 signups to 118 free offers from which there were 20 sales of 2 different types (The site organiser’s OTO and the individual’s OTO). Looking through the remaining stats on that page (which I won’t show because they feature other people’s info) there were many who did far worse and some other interesting information stood out.

First of all, the main organiser also sent most of the traffic – traffic that signed up anyway – about 1/6 of the total traffic as well as 2/3rds of the final sales total. Also only 5 people (including me) signed up to upgraded JV status (that allowed us to have more links to squeeze pages, text ads and a ‘paid for’ offer) and over 80 of the people who signed up to be JVs did not have any JV or member signups at all under them. Whether this means they sent no traffic or their traffic was so unqualified that it wasn’t interested, I cannot tell. However, the figures on show do not paint a good picture for this particular JV Giveaway. I also don’t know whether these figures are typical for this sort of thing or this was just a bad day at the office. It is part of the T&C when you sign up that you will promote it, but this may not be policed so I cannot say who to blame for the shortfall.

With over 100 giveaways up for grabs (and people who sign up as upgraded JVs can have them all without having to go through every squeeze page) you would have thought that this would have been a freebie seekers dream. Perhaps it’s a matter of finding the right places to advertise it?

IM Entrepreneur Giveaway

I will be persisting myself, if only to check up on the stats a bit more. The next one is called IM Entrepreneur’s Giveaway and runs from Tues 14th to 28th April and again there’s around 100 JVs with 86 Giveaways (I guess some people signed up and then realised they had nothing to offer). I’ve signed up again as a JV contributor, but not upgraded this time, which only gives me 2 JV Giveaway slots and no text ads or OTOs. It’s co-hosted by the same guy as the previous one (it’s part of his business model to run these things for people) and 2 other people. It will be interesting to see the stats at the end of this one.

The script that runs these JV Giveaways looks a little dated (very early ’90s) but the idea behind JV Giveaways is quite sound, provided everybody plays their part. I have to say, the main host does, in sending a significant proportion of the sign ups (although they may be from his own lists) and hopefully, the co-hosts will also do their bit. As for whether I look into signing up as a co-host myself sometime, at the moment, I’m not too sure. The JV upgrade take up rate is disappointing really considering the potential benefits, although those benefits have yet to be realised in my eyes.

Maybe I’ll know better after having done a few more.

If anybody wants the link to sign up as a JV contributor to this or future JV Giveaways, drop me an email and I’ll forward you the link.

As always, give me some comments in the area below. Have you participated in JV Giveaways recently, either as a JV Contributor as a member? What was your experience? Would you do it again? Do you want help to join in another one sometime? If so, please ask me. They’re not difficult to set up, especially if you already have a squeeze page or two ready to go. If yo don’t, I will help you with that too.