New Health Niche Project Under Way – Long Term Project Motivation

We all like to think we look after our health but if we did that half as well as we think we do then there wouldn’t be such a fuss about obesity. Well I’m doing my bit for everybody who wants the assistance. First of all, there’s a free download of some healthy living ebooks available from to get you all started. That’s followed up by a 28 (!) email series full of free advice on healthy living, weight loss and diet planning. Something to get your teeth into (pardon the pun).

It’s actually such a strong looking project that it could be worth a domain name of its own using the redirects I talked about in the previous post. For now though I’ll let it run and see if it does OK just on a directory sub-folder. I have used sub-domains before for whole sites and it would probably be alright to redirect the sub-domain in this case – so it looks like this:- but I can always do that later if necessary.

Health advice, An Apple a Day
Health advice, An Apple a Day—jumpinjimmyjava (

What’s taking a while is the need to write the 28 day email series. Of course the good thing is that all you need to really get started is the first 5 to7 days before you start advertising the link. Provided, that is, you have the discipline to keep researching at least 2 or 3 more topics each day, finding good products to affiliate link to the P.S. and then writing it all up into a good package, This is certainly some motivation when creating long term projects. By getting early subscribers to whom you’ve promised a series of a certain length, you set yourself up for a fall if you don’t stay ahead of the game. Miss a day and everyone will know.

You might argue that you shouldn’t release a series until it’s complete, but as a strategy that doesn’t work. After all, you only have to write the series once and since that does take some motivation, knowing that your people are relying on you completing day 8 whilst they are reading day 6 or 7 should be impetus enough to keep you going. When the series is complete you can then go back over it and do any necessary tweaks based on subscriber feedback (which you can and should ask for.)

Is 28 days too long as a series? In many niches it probably is, but something like health is a long term (lifetime) commitment and feeing a bit of new information each day is the best way for people to absorb it. Internet Marketers tend to have a very short attention span and need all the information at once – even though if spoon fed it a bit at a time, they’d probably do better – so a complete manual suits them better than a series of email lessons. So you do need to tailor what you provide to your niche to keep them involved for long enough to put some offers in front of them.

And that’s the killer statement. Too many IM people are 1 or 2 emails of info then it’s offer, offer, offer forever more. Mentors tell us to have a high information to offer ratio – 5 information emails to 2 offers is a typical suggestion, but so much of my inbox is offers that I soon click the unsubscribe link when I start to see all offer and no info. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that.

So are you now off to do some research for a long term autoresponder series? You ought to be. Remember to try to stay 2 or 3 days ahead of your first subscribers. You’ll be surprised then how motivated you are to do the research, get the right offers to match your email of the day. If you’ve written 400 to 800 words for a single email then it can probably stand a single offer right at the end, in the P.S.  If all you done is scrape together 200 words that vaguely make sense then you might want to leave your offer until the next email. Make sure you are giving value to your subscribers. It could be good for your health too.

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