New Motivation & Inspiration

Right. I had my whinge and whine in the previous post, and that’s quite enough of that!. Now lets get back into the swing of things and build this brand.

And why shouldn’t I? The best way to get ahead for the long term is to be known as some one who gives value and if that means to keep feeding all you good people with the best information I can get my hands on, without charging you anything then that’s the way it will be. You already know that I don’t plaster ads everywhere, and even the pop ups are discrete (they’d say ‘’”excuse me please” too if I’d just code it in. PHP is not my strongest language so I’ll let that idea aside, if you don’t mind.

So let’s start with a massive, multi-gigabyte, free give away. Loads of stuff for any marketer, in any niche and includes PLR books, audios and videos, WordPress plug ins, graphics and more stuff than I care to mention. Get it here and fill your boots, as they say in some areas.

Yes, I’ve been inspired. There’s some great blog posts out there, including one I read that reminded me – “It’s not about ME”, written by someone who was sick of seeing people jump on every newbie with ‘buy my offer’ and ‘join my team’ shouts before they’d even introduced themselves. A sure fire way to frighten people off before they even get started! The person who introduced themselves by name and said, “I can see you’re busy at the moment. Give me a call when you’re less inundated”, got the call back a short while later and didn’t introduce her offer until she was asked “What do you do for a living?”, was able to bring the offer naturally into the conversation and was able to gain a friend as well as a customer.

So how do you do in those stakes? Do you introduce yourself with your latest ‘For Sale’ sign and follow up every conversation in the same way? Or do you at least give away one or two bits of introduction before hounding the life out of your new sign up? Or do you wait to be asked and then make it a conversation piece, rather than a conversation stopper?

Do you think it makes a difference which field of internet marketing you’re involved with at the time? I mean, does a CPA marketer care if you’re his friend or not? An affiliate marketer, getting you onto his email list will want you to stay on it, but will you stay once the friendship stops and the selling starts. We know MLM wants you for the long haul (after all, your customers are also a commission for your sponsor and maybe your sponsor’s sponsor too), so they do try and make friends for life, but even they sometimes hit you up for offer after offer sometimes. Where does your IM sub-niche expect you to stand, where would you like to stand and more importantly, do you stand there?

So think about it the next time you see somebody introduce themselves into your social media circle. Introduce yourself. Be a friend. Leave your offers out of sight until you feel it appropriate to introduce one into a conversation. Feel free to reprimand them if they hit you with an offer before telling you who they are. Every person you make a friend is someone who is more likely to trust you and what you have to say, especially if they think about how they were treated beforehand. There will be some that you cannot convert, but they are the people who will probably not be there next year, the ones who say that IM doesn’t work. Meanwhile, you have friends that want your offers and tell you so. Why? Because you’re their friend too.