New Slideshow Product On It’s Way Soon

New Slideshow Product On It’s Way Soon

I’ve just spent the few days or so on a new presentation for newbie marketers. It’s starting as a slideshow but I feel sure that I will convert it into a video at least and work on a commentary over the top. I need to work on my presentation voice and this will be the ideal vehicle for it. I’ve not decided on a price for it yet or even if it should be a freebie, but it will definitely go out free to my mailing list, so if you’re not on that, join it by adding your details at the top of the screen. There’s plenty more to be gained by joining my lists in that I do more exclusive offers, many of them free downloads. I hate the constant sell, sell, sell mentality of some marketers and I do my best not to follow the trend. Sometimes you do have to if you want to be an internet marketer, but I do feel it’s sometimes overdone.

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Anyway, back to the slideshow. It is a brand new product and it aims to cover many of the questions that newbies often ask and many of the things that don’t occur to them until a little later as well. It’s not in-depth on any one topic but it will be covering as much as I can think of so that anyone introducing themselves to internet marketing will have some ideas of where to start. Anyone who wants a work in progress copy can email me and request one, but as I said above, if you want a free copy of the completed work, just sign up to the email list and you’ll get one.

Also, you might notice the row of social media icons at the bottom of each post. Please feel free to use these to share any content you find interesting on whatever platform you feel would benefit. You get kudos from your friends and followers for letting them see something you found good and I get the benefit of more visitors and more incentive to write more stuff that’s valuable to internet marketers. I’m happy that I have a good readership, but I’d love to have more. What blogger wouldn’t?

So the message of this post is sign up, share and inform. That way we can all be happy.

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I'm offering a lot of internet marketing information along with product reviews and a few giveaways. Feel free to share your information with me so together we cna help more people become successful.

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