A review of How to Make $80 Per Day Without A Website

Hi there once again. This is my review of ‘How To Make $80 With No Website’, an affiliate product available from http://www.stevenlucasmarketing.com/dpd80. Low cost marketing products sometimes turn out to be low value products too, although there are significant exceptions – After all, Alex Jeffreys specialises in releasing low cost (sub $20) products that are […]

Web Traffic – A House of Cards?

“You might say that. I couldn’t possibly comment” – Francis Urquhart’s response to a reporter in the UK political drama – House of Cards. Internet marketing can sometimes revolve around that remark. You can say something, repeating what you’ve read on another site, what you heard in a webinar or saw in a document, but […]

Comments in July

  Here’s some interesting information Thanks to another new plugin – this one’s called MyCommentAuthors by Enstine Muki and available from http://wordpress.org/plugins/mycommentauthors/ (you have to download from this site, then upload it from your WordPress blog) and it tells me who my top commenters are – I’ve removed myself as I reply to as many […]

Does this look any different to you?

Steven Lucas Internet Marketing

This is NOT a ‘does my bum look big in this’ question, but more of a ‘does this look any different’ sort of thing. You see, during the day Monday to Friday, internet access in this place is very slow. frustratingly so at times, so I’m trying this little piece of Microsoft software called Windows […]

The Power of More Than One

When we start marketing we’re almost always alone. At best we start with another friend who may have as little idea as we have. And we struggle. Boy do we struggle. We get easily distracted by the next shiny object, we lose pace because we have no idea what to do next, we lose heart […]

A Short How and Why of Backlinks

Ever since search engines got more sophisticated than ‘just a list of websites’, people have been trying to manipulate the factors that rate and rank their sites – a task made more difficult by the fact that  these factors change on a regular basis. Search engines want to give us exactly what they think we […]

Selling By Fear or Pursuasion By Pleasure?

When you first learn about creating sales pages you are told that you have to write to appeal to a buyers emotions and that the two strongest emotions are fear and love or avoidance of pain and seeking of pleasure, with the strongest being avoidance of pain. Have you ever stopped to consider the psychological […]

In Search of the Perfection of Creation

Are you creating your own products? If you’re into any sort of internet marketing, no matter what your niche, you should certainly consider it, if only to create your own unique give away items. This is the point where many of you will tell me that you don’t think anything you produce would be good […]

Building The Brand of ‘Me’

One of the main reasons for writing blogs – almost any blog really,  is to build the brand of ‘You’, the marketer, the campaigner, the provider of services or goods. Generally, people will only buy from places they know, like and trust and even then they will still need emotional triggers. A blog in general […]