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Right. I had my whinge and whine in the previous post, and that’s quite enough of that!. Now lets get back into the swing of things and build this brand.

And why shouldn’t I? The best way to get ahead for the long term is to be known as some one who gives value and if that means to keep feeding all you good people with the best information I can get my hands on, without charging you anything then that’s the way it will be. You already know that I don’t plaster ads everywhere, and even the pop ups are discrete (they’d say ‘’”excuse me please” too if I’d just code it in. PHP is not my strongest language so I’ll let that idea aside, if you don’t mind.

So let’s start with a massive, multi-gigabyte, free give away. Loads of stuff for any marketer, in any niche and includes PLR books, audios and videos, WordPress plug ins, graphics and more stuff than I care to mention. Get it here and fill your boots, as they say in some areas.

Yes, I’ve been inspired. There’s some great blog posts out there, including one I read that reminded me – “It’s not about ME”, written by someone who was sick of seeing people jump on every newbie with ‘buy my offer’ and ‘join my team’ shouts before they’d even introduced themselves. A sure fire way to frighten people off before they even get started! The person who introduced themselves by name and said, “I can see you’re busy at the moment. Give me a call when you’re less inundated”, got the call back a short while later and didn’t introduce her offer until she was asked “What do you do for a living?”, was able to bring the offer naturally into the conversation and was able to gain a friend as well as a customer.

So how do you do in those stakes? Do you introduce yourself with your latest ‘For Sale’ sign and follow up every conversation in the same way? Or do you at least give away one or two bits of introduction before hounding the life out of your new sign up? Or do you wait to be asked and then make it a conversation piece, rather than a conversation stopper?

Do you think it makes a difference which field of internet marketing you’re involved with at the time? I mean, does a CPA marketer care if you’re his friend or not? An affiliate marketer, getting you onto his email list will want you to stay on it, but will you stay once the friendship stops and the selling starts. We know MLM wants you for the long haul (after all, your customers are also a commission for your sponsor and maybe your sponsor’s sponsor too), so they do try and make friends for life, but even they sometimes hit you up for offer after offer sometimes. Where does your IM sub-niche expect you to stand, where would you like to stand and more importantly, do you stand there?

So think about it the next time you see somebody introduce themselves into your social media circle. Introduce yourself. Be a friend. Leave your offers out of sight until you feel it appropriate to introduce one into a conversation. Feel free to reprimand them if they hit you with an offer before telling you who they are. Every person you make a friend is someone who is more likely to trust you and what you have to say, especially if they think about how they were treated beforehand. There will be some that you cannot convert, but they are the people who will probably not be there next year, the ones who say that IM doesn’t work. Meanwhile, you have friends that want your offers and tell you so. Why? Because you’re their friend too.

Getting past the “Is it worth it?” stage

I have to admit, not for the first time, that I am approaching that thought of “Is it all worth it?”. I set my self a target of 2 posts a week, which is not excessive and I should have plenty to write about, even if they’re just product reviews, but since I’m not really cracking on with earnings I really have to wonder am I just wasting my time. My wife certainly thinks so and tells me in no uncertain terms. I read and study some of the material that I’ve got over the years and I’ve even deleted a few gigs worth that is no longer relevant, not because I need the hard drive space, but to save me looking at it again in a few months or years time.

I know I wasn’t expecting instant wealth when I started this site but I was expecting a build up of readership and possibly revenue. I’ve tried helping people, but obviously the help I was giving (for free) wasn’t what the recipients wanted, which was instant gratification of their wealth dreams. Something I tried to put over that if you want a recurrent, sustainable income, wasn’t going to happen overnight. I didn’t have the answers they wanted to hear, so they stopped listening.

This is the time I know a ‘live’ mentor would be telling me to buck my ideas up and have I completed the last project he gave me to do, but although I know I can’t afford NOT to have a mentor, I also know I can’t afford the subscription fees to take on with one. I know some of my problems lie with the limitations of how much I get done compared with how much I should be doing. Making 25 comments a day on other blogs shouldn’t be difficult, or even finding them, but the inspiration is lacking. Writing 500 to 800 words, twice a week isn’t really that hard but I sometimes feel like the get up and go just went without me.

I’ve set up squeeze pages with free products and put links for them in relevant places – my usual are IBOToolbox, ApSense, and Twitter as well as through some safelist sites. I know all these are low quality, freebie seeking traffic but they should give better results than Adfly and Clicksense and although my list has grown from 55 to 163 it’s taken me 3 months and when you see people claiming getting thousands per day onto their lists, it does bring you down a bit. The list I have got is totally unresponsive, but that’s not surprising given the sources. I suspect that double opt in may be the key here as it forces subscribers to validate their email and gives you a chance to remind them to add you to their contact list, so you at least stand a chance of being in their inbox as opposed to being caught by their spam filter.

So it it all worth it? Tell me in the comments how you get through these sort of periods. Do you have a friend, mentor or business buddy to help you through. Have you ever just given up for another year, to start again another time?

Otherwise I have about 250Gb of data that might be the only money maker I do. A USB hard drive half full of all the IM stuff I’ve accumulated, along with some domain names that have some age on their side and might be good to someone. The next post might just be asking for offers, if I don’t get some serious self-backside kicking done!

A review of How to Make $80 Per Day Without A Website

Hi there once again. This is my review of ‘How To Make $80 With No Website’, an affiliate product available from

Low cost marketing products sometimes turn out to be low value products too, although there are significant exceptions – After all, Alex Jeffreys specialises in releasing low cost (sub $20) products that are actually well worth far more and then he’ll throw bonus items on top of that too. However, this is NOT one of that Alex’s products.

We’re all in it ultimately for the money. We write, we advertise and we try to do a bit of selling. We know that people who constantly advertise eventually get ignored and become part of the 95% who fail. The internet marketing buying crowd want information too and mostly they want it for free where they can and cheap if they must. There are those who will dig deeper once they know a mentor and his / her reputation, but they first want to build trust and belief in the marketer they’re buying from. So there is a market for low cost products that provide good value. The other side of the same market are the people who think “It’s only a few dollars. I’ll risk it” and will maybe look at the product and maybe not. The one’s who‘ll say, “Tried it. Didn’t work”, when they are the ones who didn’t work!

But on to the review. What do you get for your low outlay? Well the disappointment is that you don’t get instant access to your purchase. You have to wait until the vendor, Alex Malave, has sent you a username and login for the site. This could have been done automatically but wasn’t, for reasons best known to Alex. Instant access to products is taken as a given these days and I suspect this may have led to one or two of the refunds I can see on the affiliate site, before the product has even been seen.

When you do get in, you are faced with an introduction and a menu of 11 options (including logging out), 3 of which are the main meat of the product, one is a ‘done for you’ upgrade, one is an out of date competition and the remainder are extras associated with the main product. You can’t call them bonuses because they are close to essential although it’s not a deal-breaker not to have them, if you see what I mean. The competition may be on-going each month but it doesn’t read that way. It may just be a good idea to fill in the form anyway. There’s nothing to lose by it and maybe $300 of solo ads to gain.

When I was perusing the site prior to actually looking at the course, I feared that the course was a thinly veiled disguise for the vendor to sell his own solo ad business but once I got into it and started reading, I was pleased to find it wasn’t. I won’t give away the main premise of the training except that the title is 100% accurate and it also fills many of the other criteria that a marketer would be looking for. 1) It’s simple to implement, 2) It’s scalable, just rinse and repeat as often as required, 3) It works in any niche and is not limited to the IM market. Also, although you don’t need a website, there’s nothing stopping you from implementing it with one. It’s a simple one page job, if your web page building skills are up to it.

There are no big surprises for anyone who already does this sort of thing and I would say it is value for money if you haven’t seen this trick before or need to be reminded of it. There are email swipe files to help you publicise your money making page, as well as some copy and paste templates to use as ‘P.S.’ in your follow up emails. Also if you sign up as an affiliate, you’ll find the 1st level pay-out to be quite generous.

There are a couple of one time offers and an upsell, none of which a very pricey as these things go. The upsell is an offer of tutorial videos to go with the course and a bit more ‘done for you’ stuff including case studies. The offers are for other products by the same vendor and are still available through the training site, as are the step-by-step videos, so you don’t need to grab any of them straight off the after-sales page.

It’s one of those products where to tell you more about it would almost negate the need to buy it. Sorry to be so vague but I want to make sales too. Speaking of which, here’s my link again…

Web Traffic – A House of Cards?

“You might say that. I couldn’t possibly comment” – Francis Urquhart’s response to a reporter in the UK political drama – House of Cards.

Internet marketing can sometimes revolve around that remark. You can say something, repeating what you’ve read on another site, what you heard in a webinar or saw in a document, but some people don’t want to be seen believing that it might be true, especially if it might affect their income. However, there are times when it pays to react early to a story or rumour, especially when it comes to getting traffic to your site(s).

We’re told that Facebook is now changing some its algorithms for which posts will be shown to which people on your friends list. Now whilst most people are complaining that they should be the ones choosing what they see, others were just adapting their behaviours so it fitted in with what Facebook wanted, whether they liked the ideas or not. Who now will be making sure that their posts are seen? Not the complainers, that’s for sure.

The big guns control web traffic, and like it or not that will continue to be the case, and all most of us can do is bend to their will or go with traffic that we can control. That would be our email list. Yes we need to pander to their needs, in fact we had better do a good job of it and getting them so that they will open our emails more often would be a great start, better still, open our emails, read them and react to them would be even better. So how best to do that?

Why not try asking them? A little survey perhaps with a reward at the end of a free ebook or 10 minute training video (something you would have given out anyway) is an ideal start. GetResponse users are off to a flying start there as this Email Management Facility (it seems to undersell them to merely call them an autoresponder company) can build them into your messages, or just construct something at and send them there. A good survey offers fixed choices for the most part with a free text comments box at the end, but it will give you plenty of information about what your subscribers want to see from you. There are several marketers who base entire products on what their surveys have discovered, so it can work for you too.

You might argue that you can control traffic from solo ads too, but in the end those emails don’t come from you, even if they’re on your behalf. Until those people sign up to your list, you cannot say that you can cater to their needs.

The other old favourites, forum, blog comment and social media traffic all depend on other people driving traffic to the event or them being found, usually accidentally and they still require an extra click to come your way. All very unreliable.

So stick with your email list. Let them know the good things that can happen to them if they stick with you. Look after them carefully, for they are the lifeblood of your business and while they thrive, you will survive.

And for making it this far, why not have a free ebook on email list building? Just Click Here

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Thanks to another new plugin – this one’s called MyCommentAuthors by Enstine Muki and available from (you have to download from this site, then upload it from your WordPress blog) and it tells me who my top commenters are – I’ve removed myself as I reply to as many as I can, so my stats don’t count and why the numbers at the bottom don’t add up either.

I just saw this and it appealed to my sense of community with a little bit of competition 🙂

The plugin also does another nifty thing in that after a certain number of comments made by an individual, the comments become dofollow as a reward to those who pop by regularly and give me a dose of their wisdom. All comments are read and highly appreciated. I don’t reply to as many as I should, but I do hold you all in high regard and I do visit your sites in return.

I’ll be putting August’s link table up soon. Where will YOU feature?

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Does this look any different to you?

This is NOT a ‘does my bum look big in this’ question, but more of a ‘does this look any different’ sort of thing.

You see, during the day Monday to Friday, internet access in this place is very slow. frustratingly so at times, so I’m trying this little piece of Microsoft software called Windows Live Writer which is supposed to be able to let you blog from your desktop. It’s a lot quicker and more responsive obviously because it’s local to me and once I hit ‘Publish’ it should upload everything to the blog here for the world to see. Failing that I’ll just copy and paste the lot next time I can force the 1200 baud modem to connect!

Yes, it’s silly mood time, but I’m feeling good. If you remember my Big Launch posts a little while ago then if you count the days (30) it means I’ve just been paid out for my efforts. OK. It wasn’t a fortune but it was a nice little extra to the marketing budget. Now for the real updates.

I’ll start with this site. The more observant of you may have noticed a few extra pop ups and boxes here and there, asking for your email address and offering free updates. This is due to a nifty little plugin called AppSumo. This offers a lot of opportunities to join one of my email lists and also helps to track visitors. The base plugin is free as are some of the useful add-ons. Just go to and grab it for yourself. There’s also a growing community behind it which is small at the moment but it’s got to start somewhere.

You may also have noticed a little pop up in the bottom right corner too, which changes with the page you’re reading. Another little plug in called Notice Box Ads. This came from and seems an unobtrusive way of delivering an ad without having to slap it in on the sidebar. Yes I’d like to make sales from here, but I want to bring people for the content. Let me know. Are the ads too discrete or too much? Do they get in your way? What about the share bar that drops down with you? Do you ever share good content? I really ought to ask you to share it if you think it worthwhile. What do you do for advertising and sharing. Comments below as always, please.

Work on the September launch of my next product is gathering pace. The manual that goes with the audio training is almost ready. Just need a decent cover for that. I have a mock up that sort of makes a mockery of the word ‘design’. I just threw some graphics at a page and saw what stuck. Need to make it look nicer now.

Also planning a product for late October / early November and this will be a membership site. I have most of the content started but I’ll need to go through it and make up the manual to go with it. Graphics are going to be a big thing for this one as I’ll need a load of related stuff. I have templates, but I really need a joined up approach for this. I have a feeling this one may slip into the new year.

Although it’s not really my field I think getting into training that can be easily carried out on tablets might be a good thing. There’s been a proliferation of 7” sized screen devices and I think there could be a good market for products specifically aimed at that screen size. I’m not sure what just yet. More than just an ebook reader, something interactive and probably web based so it’s easily convertible to iPad and MS Surface formats too. It’s only a glimmer of an idea at the moment. Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll see.

As always though good people, tell me your thoughts. Have I finally gone off the deep end or am I making reasonable sense? You tell me in the comments below.

The Power of More Than One

When we start marketing we’re almost always alone. At best we start with another friend who may have as little idea as we have. And we struggle. Boy do we struggle.

We get easily distracted by the next shiny object, we lose pace because we have no idea what to do next, we lose heart because nothing seems to work or we hit a roadblock because we have a task we know needs doing but we only have a vague idea on how to do it.

So what can we do about it?

We can get a mentor – someone we trust, who has already walked the path we wish to tread. Someone who has already been successful at what we want to do. Now fortunately, this mentor does not have to be in our niche as internet marketing skills are easily transferable. There might be a slightly different set of words to learn about but the principles of marketing people, products and websites are essentially the same.

A mentor not only teaches the principles but will also encourage his pupils and occasionally rant, rave, kick butt and generally motivate them to keep on doing what they should be and not procrastinating or sitting in the corner making excuses. If the pupils come up with their own products, the mentor will also often promote them to his own email list which will probably be considerably larger than the pupil’s, either individually or collectively.

The downside is that the mentor will probably want a large fee – or at least a large seeming fee to the absolute beginner marketer. When you’re starting out on a budget, you probably think it’s bad enough with $10 a month for  hosting, $20 a month for an autoresponder and when an experienced mentor comes along stating he (or she) wants $500 or $1000 a month (or even per week or per day!) and they cannot guarantee the results, you have to wonder if it would all be worth it.

Alright you will get personal attention from the mentor for that fee. It might just be via their personal email and a weekly teleconference call but it will be ‘the name’ that you talk to and get the experience from. Your chances of big success are very high and you will probably learn a system that is scalable all the way up to the same level as the mentor.

Or you can set you sights a little lower and go with somebody who has a little less experience, is making some money – maybe not in the six figures annually class, but has more than a little familiarity with marketing and plenty of hands on experience and more to your point, doesn’t charge quite so much in fees. You can probably still get the benefit of their personal attention for $100 to $300 a month (still a lot for some people), and you may end up doing just as well as them, then when you get to that sort of earning level you can trade up to the highly successful mentor. Remember that a mentor will still only be able to guide you to the highest level that they have achieved.

It’s a bit like like hiring a band for your function. Do you pay up for the big name chart success band or do you pay for the good covers band who almost look and sound the same?

Or do you get together with a bunch of your mates who can play a bit as well and make your own noise? You can make your own sounds, get it mostly right and although you won’t fool the fans, what you can deliver, you can make a good job of. And the same can go as another choice for marketers too. A bunch of you can get together, trade experiences and ideas, encourage each other, support each other’s releases, and that too will start you on the road to more success.

How you start doesn’t necessarily determine how you’ll finish. How determined you are is part of that as is how good the guidance you get. Many of the big name mentors have a lower cost, pre-recorded course which contains most of the essential outlines and the more organised ones will have support staff to help run the course. Not quite the top guy’s personal attention, but it will be someone he’s trained.

Part of the motivation for your success will be the amount you’ve put in, in money as well as effort. If you’ve handed over a couple of thousand dollars in one lump sum you’ll find your mind is concentrated wonderfully on making a success. Far more than if you’ve only pushed a couple of hundred – less than you’d spent on your last weekend away.

Whichever path you choose, you are more likely to be a success that if you stay working alone. Having other people in regular contact who will listen to your promises and declarations of intent, and hold you to them is a great boost. Social media groups, even blog posts like this one and others I’ve made, get comments and these comments are incentives to write more to keep the people coming back which, in the end, will make me feel more of a success. Success that I’m willing to share with you.

Thank you, good readers. Please feel free to comment below. Have I inspired you to go out and find a mentor? To be a mentor? Or am I talking pure drivel? Over to you.

A Short How and Why of Backlinks

Ever since search engines got more sophisticated than ‘just a list of websites’, people have been trying to manipulate the factors that rate and rank their sites – a task made more difficult by the fact that  these factors change on a regular basis.

Search engines want to give us exactly what they think we asked for, modified by their chances of making some money for themselves (cynics eye view). We as website owners want roughly the same thing except that any money flowing should come our way.

So what can we do to improve the situation in our favour?

All that used to be necessary to get a top ranking was to get a few backlinks from other sites to ours. Then it became backlinks from relevant sites (same or similar niche to ours). Now there are over 200 factors to take into account and as an non SEO expert I couldn’t begin to know a quarter of them, (so if any SEO expert catches me out then please feel free to comment and let me know. I’m just basing this article I what I perceive to be popular opinion).

External links and their sources are still important, so more weight is given to a link from a website that talks about similar things to what yours does. That doesn’t mean that off-topic backlinks don’t count, they just count less. Also how important the providing website and web page already are in the search engine’s eyes – The site rank and the page rank.

Blog posting and commenting is still good for backlinks, provided the content it relevant. Short comments are not usually given much credence, but longer comments are. Some webmasters try to qualify any backlinks from their comments as ‘no-follow’ which means search engines should not follow them, but since they do anyway it doesn’t seem to achieve much. Perhaps a little more weight is given to a follow backlink (as opposed to the no-follow backlink) but it seems to make far less difference than it used to.

It’s not just where the links come from but also what words are used to link back and sometimes the words around the link. So you can have links that involve keywords as the link or you can just have: For more information on this keyword – Click Here with the ‘click here’ holding the link code.

It is also good for your own page and site rank if you link to external authority sites, for example linking to Wikipedia for an authority definition of a word or phrase. I guess this shows the search engines that you acknowledge other sources of information, which makes you more trustworthy and reliable.

One other way to improve your own site’s status is with internal linking between pages. WordPress is useful here as it isn’t difficult (and it’s usually advisory) to use part of a margin column to hold ‘recent post’ links.

A final thought here is to remind you that if you thought you were clever and set up lots of websites on one hosting account is that you need to know that all the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses will be the same for each one of your sites and although they might have different domain names, search engines may see them as the same place. Bad news if a bunch of friends all got together for mutual backlinking and found they were all on the same host and server. As above, the backlinks wouldn’t necessarily be invalid, just they wouldn’t carry so much weight.

So here you have the briefest of outlines to how search engines rank your site and pages. As always, feel free to comment. I love reading them and try to reply to all of them too. The website that you type into the registration block becomes a backlink from your name, so there’s a bonus for you there, and on this occasion, if there’s a link in your comment too I’ll let it through if I think it adds value to the conversation here.

To get 500 free backlinks to a site or page of your choice (and these are good backlinks, not spammy ones) just visit They’re actually rather good, certainly as good as any you could get on Fiverr and great for boosting individual blog posts up the rankings a bit.

Selling By Fear or Pursuasion By Pleasure?

When you first learn about creating sales pages you are told that you have to write to appeal to a buyers emotions and that the two strongest emotions are fear and love or avoidance of pain and seeking of pleasure, with the strongest being avoidance of pain. Have you ever stopped to consider the psychological effects your writing might be having on your potential buyer and how that might affect the long term relationship you have with them?

If you continually tell people that they must have your latest product, that they will definitely fail without it and they will spend the rest of their life in abject misery, you may very well make the sale you have been looking for, but chances are, that you will have upset the customer so much that they may never buy from you again. The idea of getting them onto your list is so that you can keep them as buyers, not to frighten the bejesus out of them.

Yes fear – of loss, of failure, is a powerful selling tool, but it should be used in moderation and with your audience in mind.

Better for their long term state of being is to let them know how good they can feel and how much better their life will be if they would just consider making you happy by just trying out this new widget software you just happened to have discovered for their benefit. You could make it sound like you’re doing mutual favours for each other rather than a buyer / seller relationship. There will be less buyer’s remorse and therefore far fewer refunds when you make your customer feel good about their purchase.

As in all things, and not just marketing, there is always a compromise to be struck, but use the fear factor sparingly. If you set a time based deadline that something must be bought by (using fear based motivation) then stick by that deadline so that you keep your credibility. A clock that resets on each visit also resets your reputation a bit lower (bit of fear there to make you see my point of view).

In the long term the pleasant approach will probably help you keep customers for longer and these customers will trust you more than if you had scared them into a quick sale.

Do you have different ideas? Does you list worry about NOT buying from you or are you sweetness and light itself in your dealings?

As always, I’d love to read your comments and I’ll reply to them and keep a debate or discussion going.

In Search of the Perfection of Creation

Are you creating your own products?

If you’re into any sort of internet marketing, no matter what your niche, you should certainly consider it, if only to create your own unique give away items.

This is the point where many of you will tell me that you don’t think anything you produce would be good enough, that you don’t know enough, that you wouldn’t know where to start or it wouldn’t be perfect. As excuses go, these are pretty poor ones and they all tell me the same thing… That you are afraid of rejection. It’s a very human thing and nothing to be ashamed of, but I’m here to tell you that you can get over it and make something that your market will love and that will help to build the brand of you (See article).

Let’s deal with some of those objections.

Anything you produce wouldn’t be good enough. Are you setting your personal standards too high? I’m sure you’ve read stuff in the past and thought that you could do better. Here’s your chance to prove it. You just write it and let your peers judge it for themselves.

You don’t know enough. If you’ve been doing any sort of marketing for any length of time, you’ll have already discovered loads of things that people who haven’t done marketing don’t know. You don’t have to know vast amounts more than everyone else, a little more is enough. You have that knowledge and they don’t, but they could if you tell them.

You don’t know where to start. You do though. You started somewhere, didn’t you. Tell your own story. Be a real person to your readers. You’re not writing hard science fiction – where the story is reliant on a lot of provable science fact, you’re presenting a ‘how I did it’ guide for others to copy. Jot down a few ideas in a list. Expand each idea into another list of sub-ideas. Write a paragraph or two for each sub idea. You suddenly have a written document that you can use. Read your document into a recorder – you have an audio product. Go back to your ideas list and put them into a presentation program like PowerPoint – there’s another product. Turn your presentation into a movie and overlay your audio – you now have a video. It really is that simple.

It wouldn’t be perfect. People will forgive an awful lot in the way of writing, spelling and grammar if you can make your message full of value. Don’t agonise over details Don’t suffer ‘paralysis by analysis’.

As soon as you make a start you will feel things coming together. The first time you create your list of ideas and make a start on expanding it, it make take you hours. After you’ve done it 4 or 5 times it will get much easier. If you’re making an audio and you stumble or stutter, leave it in. No one will mind in the end. It’s the content that matters.

So get out there and do it. Keep everything too. There’s always a chance you can use it somewhere else, perhaps in another product bundle. The more you do, the easier it will get. The first step might be hard but producing anything is far more valuable than producing nothing.

What’s your approach to content creation? Are you ever paralysed by indecision about whether your ideas are good enough or don’t you think you have any ideas? Comment below or contact me if you need help and inspiration.