JV Giveaways Update Report

JV Giveaways Update Report

I have to say that I’ve done quite well out of JV Giveaways this past 4 weeks. Although sales haven’t been huge, I have got a good number of new subscribers and learned a few more lessons myself – especially about checking links after moving domains to new hosting.

I did 2 JV Giveaways, spaced 2 weeks apart, so basically as one finished, the next one began and on the 2nd one I did the paid upgrade ‘thing’ to get more gifts which I did not do on the first.

The first JV Giveaway gained me 6 new subscribers through my 2 gifts and I made one sale of $10. I sent traffic from Herculist for which I am a paid member – meaning I can send to 74,000+ members every day. I won’t say it’s hugely responsive but for $24 for a year, I think it is good value. As I can’t trace the open rate, I don’t know exactly how many people saw it out of the total membership it was emailed to, but given that I got 46 sign-ups to the JV Giveaway site I can guess that somewhere between 500-1000 people read the email and a quarter of those clicked through to the site.

The second JV Giveaway (still in progress as I write – but only for 3 more days) has gifted me 31 more subscribers through my 8 gifts and 2 sales of a $1 product I put up. The upgrade cost me $7, so although I’m not ‘quids-in’, the cost per subscriber has been very cheap. I did come unstuck with one of my gifts as it wasn’t stored where it used to be, so I had a couple of complaints from the JV Giveaway organiser plus the subscribers. However, once I’d corrected the error and told the subscribers about the new location (adding in a bonus gift and thanking them profusely for their patience and understanding) all was good once more. As before, I used Herculist to send visitors.

Moral: Never assume. Check. Even on a long-standing squeeze page.

JV Giveaway marketplace

Words of wisdom:

  1. Go for the upgrade, the extra exposure is worth the tiny amount of money.
  2. WordPress plugins attract a lot of attention. Pick one or two good ones as your gifts.
  3. Based on the above, I suspect that paid WordPress plugins might do better as sales items too.
  4. Apology bonuses for complaints do soothe the savage subscriber. One of the complaints emailed me again afterwards, thanking me (in a surprised tone of email) for the extra gift. Good customer service pays dividends.
  5. Don’t knock safelists as a traffic source. Herculist definitely has its uses.

Using Andy Waring’s KISS document was a great method for setting up a couple of funnels in short order in time to get a full quota of 8 gifts for the 2nd JV Giveaway. With a sales funnel on the other side of them and a  good line up of follow-up emails too, there could well be future sales in line there.

Having set up a non-IM KISS funnel now, I will see how well that does in the next JV Giveaway that I do. Following that, I will try and join a new JV GIveaway each week and use them as my primary list-building source. If you need to know when the next one is, drop me a line at admin@stevenlucasmarketing.com and I’ll let you know dates and locations.

Keep It Stupidly Simple

Keep It Stupidly Simple

It’s an old adage. “Keep It Stupidly Simple” and it’s an old adage because it’s true. Keep things so easy to do so that people who do it cannot fail, no matter how dumb they are. In other words, make your instructions easy to follow and make sure people actually take action. Usually, they can, simply because the instructions were easy.

Andy Waring, otherwise known as The Beginners Friend, has come up with one of those stupidly simple ideas and has released it to his closed Facebook group to try it. As it stands, I and one other member have stated that we have started on the project and we’re now using the low-cost traffic method Andy suggested to see how things go. I’ve also added another low-cost traffic source – Herculist, to see how that plays out too. Keep It Stupidly Simple

So what is the Keep It Stupidly Simple System?

Well if I told you, I’d have to kill you, because Andy would probably come after my blood. After all, he’s a marketer too and wants to make money teaching it, but I’m not letting the cat out of the bag by telling you what it’s not and I can also tell you what you’ll need to get started. Here’s Andy’s KISS Document.

The first thing it’s not is a Big Money Earner, but it’s not designed to be one either. It is designed for the newbie to make their first few dollars. This, in turn, will give them the confidence they need to attempt to go for more, as well as the knowledge and experience of having done, what will turn out to be, a series of complex tasks broken down to keep it easy to follow. Keep It Stupidly Simple, indeed.

You will need the following:

  • Hosting – it doesn’t have to be paid hosting and a domain, although it will look slightly better on you if it is. This will actually work with free hosting provided it has a decent web page editor or at least, FTP access.
  • Autoresponder – You’re going to be collecting email addresses if you’re sensible and you’ll need a way of re-contacting them over and over again. My recommendation is Get Response or Sendlane. Either one will make it easy for you.
  • An affiliate account – JVZoo, WarriorPlus or Clickbank are easy to get started with. They’re all free to join. Keep It Stupidly Simple is based around Internet Marketing products, based on the traffic methods Andy is sharing, but in the long run, the system will work in any niche so long as you have a good, targeted traffic source.
  • Some time – This goes without saying really. Although you could outsource practically all the work, the assumption is that you’re a newbie on a budget. You trade your time instead of spending your money. 5 to 8 hours per Keep It Stupidly Simple site is more than enough. As Andy himself says, “Imperfect Action is better than inactive perfection”.

Although there are one or two other things you will need, to tell you much more would give the game away. Read the KISS Guide instead.


Keep It Stupidly Simple – Time & Cost

All I will say for now is that my first site is set up and the recommended traffic sources are engaged. It has cost me about 5 hours total in time and $10 in money as I have all of the other requirements already in place. Even if they weren’t already there it wouldn’t have cost me much more than that in money and maybe a few extra hours of time.

Keep a look out for a future post when I’ll let you know how my Keep It Stupidly Simple site has done with my low-cost traffic. Maybe by then, I’ll be in a position to let you know more about what there is to do and some tools to make it easier.

If you want to visit my site it’s here – Business Boom Audios. Yes, it’s a squeeze page but it’s well worth it for you. And I’ll let you know that even though it’s free, there are some bonus items behind the closed doors. Go see for yourself.

How To Start in IM When You Have No Money

How To Start in IM When You Have No Money


“If your product is so good, let me have it for free and I’ll pay you with the profits I make”.

“I want your training but I can’t afford it. Reduce the price for me”.

“I bought your product a week ago and I’m still not rich. When will it all happen for me?”

Product creators or vendors are faced with these and similar questions week in, week out. People who think that internet marketing is instant riches and millionaire lifestyle without work and it’s theirs for the asking.

It’s not going to happen that way.Money

All marketing is a combination of time, effort and money and although most costs are reduced by solely using digital marketing, it doesn’t mean that everything is (or should be) free for the taking.

One of the biggest problems is that you will need money for a domain name and hosting. Yes I know you can get by without these things, but if you’re planning on making a serious income and getting your name known, you will need a place of reference for people, and that means your own website.

For some, dropping a few dollars for a domain name and the hosting to put a site on is not a problem, but for many it can be, so it seems like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place where you need a domain to make money, but you can’t get a domain until you have some money.

What can you do?

The first thing to do is to take stock of your talents. Can you write, draw or some other creative aptitude? Do you have programming skills, are you an organiser or have some other intangible but useful talent? You probably have a sellable skill and your first port of call could be a micro-job site like Fiverr.

Five bucks a job ($4 after the site takes its cut) doesn’t sound very much, but if it only takes you a few minutes to do each task then doing 5 an hour puts you in an above average wage position. Building up to getting an average of 5 tasks an hour will take a bit of time, but you want this income, don’t you?

Once you get a decent reputation you will be able to increase the range of your tasks or have upgrades that cost much more, bringing you consistent income or at least enough to get you started on the path you really want. No one says you have to do micro-tasks forever!

I strongly suggest you don’t go down the clicking ads route unless you have some expert guidance or you know what other clickers are looking for (Hint – it’s traffic to their offers). You can spend an awful lot of time and have little to show for it. Yes, you can earn clicks to a website, but can you earn enough to send people to a place that will earn you money?

The best way to earn from ‘paid to click’ type sites is by taking the paid upgrades and offering more ‘paid to click’ sites to the other clickers. The paid upgrades offer a higher proportion of income or more clicks or shorter view times, but in the end, you’ll spend a lot of time for poor rewards.

And you’d rather put any earnings towards a good training course, wouldn’t you?

If you are into your writing, then creating ebooks could bring you some rewards. You can either publish them yourself via Kindle or Smashwords or sell them as PLR (Public Label Rights), so that others can modify them and use them as their own – although you’ll probably need a website for that.

A good halfway house is to put 400-500 word articles onto article directories and use the resource box to link to related affiliate offers. Many of the directories can be quite strict about the type of links you put in the resource box, so it’s not always the easiest or best method, but it’s something to bear in mind.

So if you have a product, course or training in mind and you’re starting from zero, you may have to be creative on how you achieve your goal. Always keep that target in mind and consider any ways you can to bring in small amounts at a time, keeping them mounting towards your target.

JV Giveaway – What Is It?

JV Giveaway – What Is It?

Joining a JV Giveaway is a big thing at the moment. They have had a bit of a revival over the last few months. Even big name marketers are running them, and they must work otherwise why would big names like Reed Floren and Andy Waring even be getting involved with them.

Simply put, a JV Giveaway is when a group of marketers get together and jointly offer a number of freebies from each of them. A short description of each freebie is advertised on a common site and everybody sends traffic to that site. To get the freebie a visitor has to sign up through a squeeze page as normal, but whilst on the site, they will see plenty of free offers from all of the JVs (known as contributors). This gives all the JVs a chance to get new subscribers.

JV Giveaway plans

There are usually extra complexities in that JVs who send more visitors get their giveaways pushed higher up the list, so there is an incentive to get as many people as possible to see the site. JVs who buy an introductory offer (usually only a few dollars) get upgraded to being a ‘paid contributor’ and can usually show more freebies and in some cases, be allowed to display a paid offer through a banner or text ad.

The usual way of running a JV Giveaway is via an established system which runs 2-weekly giveaways and attracts a co-sponsor to be the ‘lead name’ on a giveaway.

The leading system at the moment runs giveaways for 2 weeks and has a new one starting each Tuesday and Friday – in other words, up to 8 giveaways a month with up to 4 running at any one time, assuming there are enough co-sponsors.

How to Become a Contributor

You become a contributor by being invited by either the co-sponsor or another contributor – basically, you have to know someone who’s already ‘inside’. Once you’ve contributed once, you will be contacted by the main system each time a new JV Giveaway is announced (i.e. a new co-sponsor has been found).

Once you’ve been invited into a JV Giveaway, all you need to start with is an existing squeeze page. You’ll be asked to enter various details into a form – the bare basics are a giveaway name, the squeeze page, the direct download page, a short description (up to 50 words) and a long description (up to 300 words). You’ll also be asked for a support email address and a value for the giveaway.

As a free contributor, you’ll only be allowed 1 or 2 giveaways whereas, if you buy the paid product you’re offered when you sign up ($3 to $10), you could be allowed up to 8 giveaways, as well as text ads and banner offers.

If you don’t already have a squeeze page or think you don’t have anything you could use as a giveaway, the co-sponsor will often add some PLR for people to use, but bear in mind that a lot of people could be using the same stuff and to stand out you have to offer something different. This could be time to dig out some PLR or MRR that’s been hiding on your hard drive for a while.

You may see rules about ‘nothing over 2 years old’ or ‘no duplicate offers’, but I have yet to see these strongly enforced. You are also expected to send visitors to the JV Giveaway site and people who send no-one could be expelled from the JV Giveaway, so there are 2 reasons why you need to send traffic – even if you just buy 50 clicks from a solo ad vendor.

A recent idea that being used is that you can pay a small fee and actually buy your way further up the list. For a fee, you can buy a certain number of points and distribute them amongst your giveaways. If you don’t have much of an email list, this is one way to get seen first. The fee also ‘fireproofs’ you from not sending visitors, so there’s a bit of protection there too.

How to be a Member and Get Your Free Giveaways

This is the really easy bit. You have to either know where the giveaway sites are or be invited by a co-sponsor or contributor. As stated before, contributors like inviting new members as it pushes their freebies higher up the list and, as with search engines, the stuff on page one gets the first visibility and therefore the most clicks.

Once you’re in, you are free to browse around and look through the list of giveaways to see what you’d like to get. You will have to sign up to a squeeze page and chances are, you may have seen some of the stuff before, but there is also a lot of newer and unseen items on offer.

Some canny marketers use JV Giveaways as a testing ground for new squeeze pages (including A/B testing variations) and newly written freebies. Anything that gets good feedback can then be put out into the wider world.

For the most part, the giveaways tend to be internet marketing oriented, but you will occasionally find stuff for other niches, mindset products and WordPress plugins and themes useful for all marketers. Very often, the giveaways are the whole PLR package and not just the ebook. Once or twice, contributors have offered multi-part video courses so it’s not just old PLR ebooks.

I Want In to the Next JV Giveaway

If you decide you want to join in the next JV Giveaway then please feel free to drop me an email (admin@stevenlucasmarketing.com) and tell me whether you’d like to be a contributor or a member. If you need help to set up a squeeze page, either because you need a product or need help to set a squeeze page up, then I’d be more than willing to help. Again, contact me by email.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Blogging: Introduction to Online Journaling

Blogging: Introduction to Online Journaling

Blogging and social networking are inextricably linked in the sense that both contain certain features and certain properties of one another. Both are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned. Though it is true that blogs can be regulated and kept very private, the main purpose of them is to reach out to a number of people, to have a medium to voice your opinion.

Another similarity is that both these concepts have existed in cyberspace for almost a decade now, but in the initial stages, both were rather exclusive of one another. Only in the recent times have they been merged, and their similarity in motives truly recognised.

Blogging is essentially done to channel your thoughts out onto an online journal. You also want other people to read what you have written.

This way, you go about coming in touch with people from all over the world who you would not have otherwise known. Similar is the function of social networking. It is a hub where the young and the hearty flock. The chances of getting an audience at such a platform are high.

Blogging Workflow

The origination of the term ‘blog’ is interesting. It was initially called a ‘weblog’ meaning a log or a diary or a journal that helps you to record your thoughts on a day to day basis. In that sense, it was rather in its primitive stages and did not turn into an instrument for propaganda immediately. This term was later shortened to blog and this is when free blogging services like Blogger became extremely popular.

As mentioned earlier, blogging today is not restricted to only maintaining a journal. It has truly become a platform where various kinds of people from all walks of life, whether they have the same ideologies or not, conflate, and discuss the matters they think are important to them.

Blogging in the twenty-first century has come to become an important tool for advertising for people who wish to market their products online, for politicians who wish to sell their ideologies, and reach out, to the masses.

Moreover, creating a blog and maintaining it does not require a fortune. Everybody now has a personal blog and it is all free of cost. Also, one does not need to be a computer engineer or a graphic or web designer in order to embellish their blog.

Unlike a website which operates on a different domain, and for which every single template and tab needs to be designed and created from the scratch, blog sites do not need such knowledge. The blogging service providers have their own inbuilt templates and fonts which have to be chosen by the bloggers as per their own tastes and preferences.

Blogging is an ideal way to make new friends and come in contact with more people than you can do in the actual word, from all quarters of the world. Such diverse people will obviously have differing viewpoints. Therefore, this gives scope for a good deal of discussion and debate with all points of view being taken on board.

Blogs can also be for the sole purpose of making new friends and socialising. That is why social networking sites have picked up the clue and in these times social networking and blogging has, to some extent, been combined, and almost become indistinguishable.

It would be interesting to note that the word ‘blog’ is both a noun and a verb. This leads us to the fact that blogging in some sense also helps get rid of hassles of publishing. Though your work will not come out in print, you know that you can publish your work – your articles, pictures, videos, etc – yourself through your blog.

Therefore, it may be your own personal journal that you wish others to read or your works of art in terms of the stories or articles that you write, or the movies that you make. You can share almost any content with the world at large.

It must also be noted that just like you do not have to be a web designer to create your own blog, you need not be a professional writer, a filmmaker or a photographer to publish content on your blog. It is just a space for you to indulge in your own small artistic pursuits and share those moments with others. Blogging must therefore be exploited to its full potential.


How To Get Consistent Income

How To Get Consistent Income

What is consistent income?Although it is said that around 95% of people who try internet marketing fail to ever make money online, I’m sure that some of those people have actually made one or two sales. What was actually lacking was consistent income to the point of reliably being able to say, “I will make at least $xxx each month”. It doesn’t matter what the figure is, so long as you can achieve it each and every month.

In theory, the only thing you need to do after that is to increase whatever you did to get to that consistent income point. In practice, especially at the $10 to $100 per month stage is that it’s difficult to know exactly what brought in the earnings.

Was it one or two sales of a launch product? Something evergreen that you wrote a blog post for or a YouTube video that had an affiliate link in the description box? Maybe even a couple of ebook sales on Amazon?

Some things are easier to trace than others.

Amazon sends you emails at the end of the month, telling you how much you’re getting from your book sales. Affiliate networks can tell you as soon as you’ve made a sale – even if you have to wait for 30 days to collect your earnings, but these things may have been the results of somebody randomly finding a link of yours, maybe something you did in the dim and distant past (i.e. more than 2 weeks ago).

How do you discover exactly what got you the money? You want to know because if it worked once, it should work again and you want to concentrate some effort there.

For instance. I made an affiliate sale of a $97 product the other day, totally out of the blue. Now the only place I’m sure of where I have an affiliate link for this product is on one particular site, so in this case, I’m certain that the sale came from there. But could I be really sure?

Nailing down the sale for Consistent Income

Of course, if I had used a tracking link, instead of the raw affiliate link, I could stand a chance of tracing the sale a bit. Had I? I had. It was a Pretty Links (WordPress plugin) link on that site, so it was a simple matter of checking the clicks around the time and date of the sale (which was provided by the affiliate network), so I could confirm that the site had provided the link.

I now know I can spend some time promoting that site and maybe make some more sales.

Could I nail it down to a page?

It turns out that I can – Pretty Links is good enough to tell me the source page of the click (even though the same shortened link is used all over the site). Great. I can promote a single page and I have proved to myself the value of tracking.

So if you want consistent income, my advice is to use a tracking system of some kind.

If you have a domain and hosting, set up a WordPress blog – even just on a sub-domain, and add Pretty Links to it, then make sure that every link to a free or paid product is put through the tracker.

If you don’t have a domain & hosting or the thought of setting up WordPress brings you out in chills, then may I recommend Click Magick. This can do an awful lot more than Prety Links and is a pro choice, but without a pro price!       Click Magick for consistent income

If you want consistent income you need to know where to apply your consistent action. Only link tracking will tell you that, so make a tracking decision early and keep tracking as much as possible.

Steven Lucas – Who Is He?

Steven Lucas

Steven Lucas – Who Is He?

It’s a pretty good question, I suppose. Despite the fact that blogs are supposed to be personal things, I very seldom talk much about Steven Lucas at all. I had always been shy as a child and never been one to blow my own trumpet much and despite trying hard to be a bit more outgoing, it’s still not really ‘me’. Still. The time has come (the Walrus said. “To talk of many things. Of ships and shoes and sealing wax. Of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.” – Lewis Carrol) for me to put some of my personality out there and see where it gets me.

I could tell you about my childhood and early teen years, but I don’t think there’s anything there of great depth, really insightful or of great depth and relevant to the internet marketing field that ever happened to Steven Lucas. I’ve never known great excesses at either end of the scale – could always afford a pot to piss in, even if it was never gold-plated, so I can’t tell you of tremendous struggles or crashing downfalls. In short – an average sort of guy.

As such, I seem the wrong sort of person to be doing internet marketing, I suppose. I haven’t achieved huge successes – I haven’t had a $1000 year yet, let alone a $100 day – but I do tick over enough to cover hosting and a few domains. I won’t say it’s an overall profit, but I’m not deeply out of pocket. I do a lot of the ‘right’ things according to the experts, but I haven’t (yet) achieved anything anywhere close to their levels of success. My email list is growing – I won’t say the rate of growth is spectacular, but there’s more joining than leaving – so I take a positive from that.

Steven Lucas outside of Internet Marketing

What does Steven Lucas do outside of internet marketing? I’m a flight simulator technician. A flight simulator is a white box, usually on a motion platform that pilots do their training in. When you read about a hero pilot landing his aircraft when one engine had failed, I’ll be the one who’ll tell you that he’s already done it a hundred times before – in the simulator. It’s a routine part of their twice-yearly visit to a sim and he’ll have probably done it in thick fog to an unfamiliar airport. If it’s daylight and he has at least one engine, he ought to be able to land the damn thing without too much trouble. Capt. Sullivan on the Hudson – that sort of thing could never be planned or trained for (except on a few helicopter simulators). He’s a real hero pilot.

Anyway. When the simulator goes wrong – Steven Lucas is a guy who fixes it.

You’d think there’d be some inspiration I could draw on from that, but again, I don’t see it. Too many problems are human error (Pilot complaint – “The radar doesn’t work with the switch fully anti-clockwise”. My reply – “That’s the OFF position, sir”). You know that Fed-Ex gripe sheet that does the rounds every now and again? They’re all true. Pilots are people and can therefore really be that dumb. That doesn’t mean that engineers aren’t stupid, but they do have other engineers watching their backs, especially when pilots are present!

What Else about Steven Lucas?

Outside of internet marketing and my job – I have 2 kids of my own and 3 more inherited from a (third) marriage (I’m divorced once, widowed once, third time very lucky). They’re all adults with families and doing well, so no big fails there. I’m technically an orphan myself, but at 56 that’s not a big thing. I’ve written non-fiction books and put them up on Amazon, I play guitar and pretend I can do bass, drums and keyboards too, but there won’t be a band shouting down the phone that they need some backup, quick. Back on the internet, I’m pretty competent in that I can find my way around HTML & CSS fairly well, although my eye for design stopped somewhere in the 80’s. Fortunately, there’s WordPress and royalty free images so I can make a decent job of things when other people have to look.

My one big plus (that I can see, anyway) is that I can take the technical and make it more understandable to those who aren’t so technically minded. I ought to do more explanatory videos. Instead, I stick to presentation style ones where I don’t talk and just let the page say what’s necessary. They get a few views but they’re never going to go viral. Mostly because I’m not big on promotion.

Steven LucasAnd there, I think, is my lesson to myself. I don’t shout about Steven Lucas. I don’t shout (much) about Steven Lucas’ productions – videos, product releases, blog posts or anything else. Those who can do that seem to do quite well – provided it comes naturally to them. I’ve seen how some people try to force that sort of personality, but it always feels wrong. There are some who can do it and many who can’t. However, the ones who can’t still try and worse still, teach it, usually to others who can’t and it really does fall down. Anyway, I’m not a self-shouter and although I don’t see it as a failing in me, I do think it’s why I haven’t found success as quickly as I’d have liked. I will work on it a bit, but I will not force it.

Reading back through this and looking through some pages belonging to other people, perhaps I can see something in common with them. We all try hard and do the right things, but we’re not finding major success. Perhaps we ought to get together or create a product that drives the mediocre to triumph. Or perhaps we’ll just be happy, sitting in the corner.

Nah! Let’s push on and make something of ourselves and go for it in as big a way as we can. Let’s go!

20 Minute Results Review

20 Minute Results Review

20 Minute Results by Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick is a system for earning $100+ a day from free and low-cost traffic. The system itself is quite easy to understand and although it is complex to set up the first time you do it. When it comes to the ‘rinse and repeat’ phase, you will understand it totally and subsequent set-ups will go much faster.

The really clever bit is that you make money by ‘not selling’ anything directly. As you might guess, 20 Minute Results is an affiliate sales system. It’s a bit difficult to review 20 Minute Results without giving away the nature of what it’s all about. I don’t think I’ll be giving too much away if I tell you that it’s about setting up niche20 Minute Results websites with integrated ads already in place.

The clever bit is that the sites are pre-made and once you discover the source (it’s not EBay) then there will be several hundred more sites to choose from.

From a personal point of view, there’s nothing revolutionary about the free traffic sources either, but then again, I’ve been around this business a few years. To somebody who’s totally new or not long tried the make money online niche, the ideas in 20 Minute Results may be quite an eye-opener.

The basic package is 9 short, ‘how-to-do-it’ videos. This is something of a trademark for these two guys. They’re strong believers in keeping it short and simple. This is much better than long and repetitive – something I definitely agree with. They know you can watch a short video again and again. There are some tutorials that repeat the same information time and time again inside one lecture, just to make the video longer (and give it more ‘apparent’ value).

20 Minute Results Upgrades

There are 3 upgrades (you cannot call them one-time offers as they are available through the download page) and certainly the first two 20 Minute Results upgrades are definitely worth having. They do more than just complement the basic package, they add to it considerably.

The first upgrade is additional traffic sources. These are valuable to more than just 20 Minute Results and so the package is worth the money if you already have diverse sources of income that you need to feed with visitors.

The second upgrade is a collection of 50 niche blogs and an instant way of setting them up almost ‘ready-to-go’. The only tweaks would be to add your affiliate links to the pre-populated offers. If you’re sensible, you would re-write the included posts, as well as adding a few more. There’s a further trick that is not overtly stated but saves you from the normal big disadvantage of niche blogs – writing continuous, new content.20 Minute Results

The third upgrade is direct assistance from Paul and Mark and not so essential to someone techy like me, but could be invaluable for the newbie marketer.

Another unstated idea is to set yourself up as a niche blog installer. With the basic 50 sites included in the second upgrade to 20 Minute Results, you could have a nice little earner installing these packages for other people. As I said above, you’ll discover the source of these packages and be able to access a lot more of them.

20 Minute Results Conclusions

The idea of niche blogs is not new although some of the ideas presented are very good, especially the unstated idea (which I only discovered by accident myself) and 20 Minute Results will definitely be of interest to someone who likes the idea of earning by not selling. It’s not totally ‘set and forget’ as you need to work at bringing traffic into the sites, but it’s not dependent on SEO either so you’re never at Google’s mercy. I’m not saying that search engine ranking won’t hurt, but it’s never your sole source of traffic.

It says something that Paul and Mark have sold over 3000 copies of the basic package. It also says something about the buyers that there has not been a major increase in the rate of niche blogs being set up. Too many people buying the product and doing nothing with it, but there’s nothing new in that for any product.

Should you decide to buy and you use my links, there’s my big bonus package to add into the deal. There’s a lot to this package. Some of the content will help you setting up any niche blog and a lot that will help you in other aspects of internet marketing, so there’s something for everyone.

Don’t let this be a ‘buy and forget’ product, though. There’s a lot of good stuff in 20 Minute Results and a lot of value in the upgrades. It’s on a dime-sale which means the price goes up whenever someone buys it, so the sooner you get in there, the cheaper it will be. Don’t delay on your decision for too long.

Internet Marketing for Business – 04

In the last issue, we talked about how using the right keyword phrases can generate more traffic to your business website. In this issue we are going to go over some simple ways you can create a lead in info product to even if you’re not a writer.

One of the best ways to make money online is to create your own info products to sell. No matter what type of business you run, online or offline, there is tremendous potential to earn additional income through selling digital information. It can even be your core business model. But what if you don’t like to write? Don’t worry. There is more than one way to create an info product. And the following ways won’t even cost you a dime in outsourcing.

– Voice to Text

Some people just can’t type quickly or they think better out loud. For those of you who’d rather dictate your thoughts, there is recording software that will translate your voice straight into text. The most popular of these is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Another option is Google Voice. All you’ll need to do afterwards is edit the transcription a bit to make sure there’s no misunderstanding between you and the software!

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– Recorded Interviews

By interviewing a few experts and creating audio recordings of those interviews, you’ll have an instant product that requires very little effort on your part. Many people prefer to download a recording onto their mp3 player and listen to it while they walk or drive in the car. You can also have these recordings transcribed so that people who want to read the interview have that option also. One easy way to record these interviews is through Skype, but there are services for recording over a regular phone line as well.

– Create Screencast Tutorials

Seeing how to do something on screen can be a far more effective way to learn than reading about it. That’s just one of the reasons that there are millions of YouTube tutorials on the web. You can easily create a series of tutorials by recording yourself walking through the steps of a task on the screen. You could use a free screen capture software such as Jing. Camtasia Studio is another popular software for creating and editing these types of videos.

– Slideshow Videos

One of the easiest ways to make a video without a camera is to create a slideshow and then convert it to video format. If you already have PowerPoint on your computer, just pick a pretty template, add some interesting graphics or screen captures, add bullet points for your main points and then record yourself giving the presentation. The free Open Office software can achieve the same thing. In addition, with the free Windows Live Movie Maker, you could just create a slideshow with images, put in some background music, and convert to video.

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– Let the Experts Do It

If you want a written product, another way to make one is to get experts to do it for you for free! Like the audio interview idea, you can ask people questions and have them send back the answers. Many busy experts even prefer this method. It’s easy for them to just respond to a couple questions in an email right away than to start scheduling times to speak live.

Just don’t go overboard with a ton of questions or they won’t necessarily answer you at all. When you have all the answers, all you have to do is compile them into a report with a brief intro and conclusion. You may even want to add your own thoughts.

Don’t let your dislike of writing stop you from creating an info product. Even if you do like to write, creating products in different forms of media will make them more interesting for the user. You’ll end up with a growing supply of content that you can use for sales, giveaways, opt-in incentives, or any other place you need content.

Internet Marketing for Business – 03

In the last issue we talked about increasing online visibility for your business through guest posting. In this issue we are going to talk about how using the right keyword phrases can generate more traffic to your business website.

If you want more people to visit your website, you need to generate targeted traffic. And you don’t just want a little traffic, you want as much as possible. The best way to reach more people is through the search engines. And the best way to show up in the search engine results is to optimize each of your web pages for a specific keyword phrase.

Here is a brief overview of how you can accomplish this:

– Find a keyword phrase

Don’t just sit down and write about any subject that enters your head. If you really want to appeal to people, you need to write about things that they want answers to. Start by finding a good keyword phrase to use in your post. This means it should be a phrase that a decent number of people are searching for, but which has a relatively low number of competing websites. Keywords tools such as Market Samurai and Wordtracker will help you identify these phrases.

– Create your post outline

Once you know what you want to write about, you can start to outline your post. Make sure your title contains your keyword and that your post itself will deliver on the promise of that title. Some people like to also include their keyword in at least one of their header tags (H1,H2), but you need to make sure that you won’t have so many instances of your phrase that Google sees you as a spammer.

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– Write high-quality content

With a good outline in place, you should be able to sit down and write your post quickly. At this point, don’t even think about your keyword phrase, except to make sure that you’re sticking to your topic. You’re writing for people first and search engines second. Once you’re done writing, go back and make sure that you do have the keyword phrase 2 to 3 times in your post, depending on the post length. The last think you want to do is “stuff” your article with a specific keyword. If you find you’ve done that by accident, just go back and vary the phrase a bit or use other words as a substitution.


– Add images

Always add at least one image to your website post. It should be something relevant to the content, naturally, but it should also have your keyword in the alt image tag and image description. You’ll be able to see the places to input these when you click on the button to edit the image in WordPress. Another reason to add a description and tag is that Google can read text, but it cannot read images. By adding a description and alt image tag, you’ve given the search engine something to read.

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– Add links

By creating links within your post to other posts in your site, you create a natural structure that the search engines love. At the same time, you add value for you readers by pointing them to other information that they’ll benefit from.

However, you shouldn’t limit your links to internal ones. That looks suspicious to Google and could even get you pushed down in search results. Link to one or two other sites that add value for your reader and they may even link back to you, bringing in even more traffic.

If you really want people to read your website content, you should always try to start with a keyword phrase that your target readers are looking for. Longtail keywords are the best and they will help you be more specific about what you write. In addition, by using a keyword in the title of the post and strategically throughout it, you’ll be far more likely to rank highly in the search engine results.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about some simple ways you can create a lead in info product to even if you’re not a writer.

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